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Online chat program

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">网络版的聊天程序,DELPHI编写的网络聊天程序,可以供初学者学习-a communication program for Network build by delphi...

delphi usb

eeef = VLSI Customer Testing) "\x00\x00" // Release 0x0000 "\x01" // Manufacturer String Index "\x02" // Model String Index "\x03" // Serial Number String Index "\x01" // Number of configurations...

A Delphi multithreaded HTTP agent

Application background sample: type   TCompletionPort = class   public     FHandle: THandle;     constructor Create(dwNumberOfConcurentThreads: DWORD);     destructor Destroy; override;     function AssociateDevice(h...

Titulo Sockets

space:normal;">TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字...

FTP Server

Segue sistema feito em Delphi que demonstra um FTP Server, este código parece ser bem completo. Peguei este exemplo pela internet em: Segue para todos apreciarem suas funcionalidades....

sockspy for conect sock

Sockspy lets you watch the conversation of a Tcp client and server. Sockspy acts much like a gateway: it waits for a Tcp connection, then connects to the real server. Data from the client is passed onto the server, and data from the server is passed onto the client. Along the way, the d...


testando testando  asda asa  sdsfdsfo]]a ]a ]    ...

HTTP injector INA XL

Application backgroundIndonesian Celllar injector for free internet and bypass data limitKey TechnologyHTTP requst Header with Indy server Component...

SOCKS5 agent

Application backgroundWith this code you can connect to socks5 server in reverse mode. the first part is out machine. we need to start the server listening in localhost. then you can start the other executable in other machine in order to connect to. when connected you can start socks5 tunnel. conf...


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