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Implemented by means of a multithreaded TCP connections, TThread,TCP client,2 binary data transmission, can facilitate the realization of various industrial control protocol MODBUS TCP, the program is not stuck...

TCP Server-Client Library

Packaged for TCP server and client, is extremely practical, with very high reference value...

delphi usb

//Descriptors for WinUSB demo for the VS1000B const u_int32 mySerialNumber = 0x0000001; const u_int16 myDeviceDescriptor [] = "\p" //Descriptor as Packed String "\x12" // Length "\x01" // Descriptor type: Device "\x10\x01" //USB Specification Release Number "\x00" // Class: Undefined "...

FTP Server

Segue sistema feito em Delphi que demonstra um FTP Server, este código parece ser bem completo. Peguei este exemplo pela internet em: Segue para todos apreciarem suas funcionalidades....

HTTP injector INA XL

Application backgroundIndonesian Celllar injector for free internet and bypass data limitKey TechnologyHTTP requst Header with Indy server Component...

HTTP server multi thread in Delphi

Application background Enjoy sample... library ListFiles; { Important note about DLL memory management: ShareMem must be the   first unit in your library's USES clause AND your project's (select   Project-View Source) USES clause if your DLL exports any procedures or &...


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