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Online chat program

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">网络版的聊天程序,DELPHI编写的网络聊天程序,可以供初学者学习-a communication program for Network build by delphi...

A Delphi multithreaded HTTP agent

Application background sample: type   TCompletionPort = class   public     FHandle: THandle;     constructor Create(dwNumberOfConcurentThreads: DWORD);     destructor Destroy; override;     function AssociateDevice(h...

Titulo Sockets

space:normal;">TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字 TCP IP套接字...

sockspy for conect sock

Sockspy lets you watch the conversation of a Tcp client and server. Sockspy acts much like a gateway: it waits for a Tcp connection, then connects to the real server. Data from the client is passed onto the server, and data from the server is passed onto the client. Along the way, the d...

Delphi network packet sniffer

àäðåñîòïðàâèòåëÿ ; ; ;iph_dest: ; ; ; ;同步; ; ; ;/ / IP -àäðåñíàçíà÷åíèÿ结束了; ;pipheader = ^ tipheader; ;ttcpheader =压缩记录 ; ; ;sourceport:UShort; ...


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