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Yy video chat software

This is the source code of Yy P2P audio video chat software,  with Server  side and client side video compression....

12306 grab votes aide delphi source

 12306 grab votes aide delphi source code recognition...

CSDN free download source code

CSDN points-free download of Delphi source code, post operation to a built-in account simulation free download...

IOCP gateway Delphi source

Application backgroundIOCP gateway source code, to this is the development of Delphi, with a good performance in the game gateway to improve, is a rare source, a friend can download to download,...

Burn Delphi source code

Burn Delphi source code, supporting segments such as DVD,CD burn,written by Delphi burner DVD/VCD component. -Delphi wrote burner DVD/VCD components....

Delphi to dynamically set IP address

Dynamic IP address settings, IP addresses can be saved to EXCEL, open the programs and load the EXCEL file, the user can select the corresponding IP address after you click OK, it can be used....

Delphi 7 Socket CHAT Example

Delphi 7 Chat using server socket component. First open and then open as a slave server. If there is a server delphi will generate an error connecting socket.    ...

Exemplo Implementação fingerprint

Exemplo de implementação do leitor de digital fingerprint Exemplo de implementação do leitor de digital fingerprint Exemplo de implementação do leitor de digital fingerprint...


征途真彩客户端源代码,内测1.0版本,需要最早的内侧客户端-Journey of true color client source code, closed beta version 1.0, the first inside the client needs...

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