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Yy video chat software

This is the source code of Yy P2P audio video chat software,  with Server  side and client side video compression....

IOCP gateway Delphi source

Application backgroundIOCP gateway source code, to this is the development of Delphi, with a good performance in the game gateway to improve, is a rare source, a friend can download to download,...

CSDN free download source code

CSDN points-free download of Delphi source code, post operation to a built-in account simulation free download...

Delphi to dynamically set IP address

Dynamic IP address settings, IP addresses can be saved to EXCEL, open the programs and load the EXCEL file, the user can select the corresponding IP address after you click OK, it can be used....

VPN development source code

vpn delphi version of the source code, you develop connector has a guiding role. Delphi implementation of VPN based dialer source code, fill in the VPN server IP / domain, the VPN connection is established automatically after the account password, dial-up!...

Delphi 7 Socket CHAT Example

Delphi 7 Chat using server socket component. First open and then open as a slave server. If there is a server delphi will generate an error connecting socket.    ...

Serial communication example SPComm (XE5)

Serial communication example SPComm (XE5) SPCOMM controlling parts Delphi serial communication  Spcomm tandem delivery controls toolbar has many characteristics of Xian Cheng, reception, and goes to give ' data respectively in the number two online ride finished, Xian Cheng received...

My silent flying Edition

This version for business my silent Edition, the server without any restrictions, without missing any documents. Once upon a time, there is a stealth called puppet の hidden once, there is a body called the guardian into GodOnce upon a time, there is a send call Elf の CheungOnce upon a time, ther...

LibUSB-win32 Delphi library

Delphi component for libusb-win32!Very simple library for communication with USB devices via interrupt transfers.HID devices can also be used with the library....

Httpserver address garbage problem

procedure TForm1.httpS_1CommandGet(AContext: TIdContext; ARequestInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo; AResponseInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo); // var // bb : Tb var sRawByte: RawByteString; sAnsi: AnsiString; begin Mm_1.Clear; ARequestInfo.ContentType :='text/html; Charset=UTF-8'; Mm_1.Lines.Add('Con...


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