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Development Strategy

Writing a program is something very easy, but writing a good and optimized program requires some level of experience. A good way to start is to learn all the nuances of the language, which in our case involves learning Python. You should know a little bit of everything, and this book helps you learn most of them, including classes, modules, functions, exception handling, dynamic typing, GUI, operator overloading, indentation, and so forth.

Of course, you must know many other important items too.

Nowadays, the most important development efforts are focusing on the Internet. Python offers the basic necessary tools that you might need for your Web projects. Python can be used either for Web-based interface projects or to generate entire back-end frameworks, using tools such as Zope.

Note that by extending Grail, the Web browser written in Python, you can embed your Python application directly on it and distribute a browser to your clients that carries specific and customized interfaces.

Even if you don't use Grail, you can use any browser to provide GUI interfaces for your applications. Have you ever considered delivering information and products through the Web? If so, you can do it using Python.

Python is a perfect language for project prototyping. Python's design allows you to make changes very quickly. Later you can decide whether you will re-implement the code using a compiled language, or stick to Python and continue the development effort using the prototype as a startup. Remember that after spending some time creating a prototype, you probably have a huge amount of code that you do not want to throw away.

Prototyping with Python is very easy. You can, for example, wrap your code in a function inside a module and use a development environment, such as Pythonwin or IDLE, to run the script. To test this application, you just need to save it and execute itvery simple. No intermediate stages are necessary.

Python testing mechanisms also allow you to forge command-line arguments. You can test your command-line scripts by first setting their expected arguments to predefined values using the built-in variable sys.argv.

Along the development stage, you will soon see that Python can be easily used to code entire applications, without discarding the prototyped code.

If speed is a requirement, you can use a compiled language in the back-end side of your application to support the high-demand operations. Python, in this case, can be used as the front end of the application, leaving the hard work to the other language. This kind of implementation allows you to create black boxes of code, which get called by Python, and Python doesn't necessarily need to know what is happening behind the scenes because only the external interface of the compiled language needs to be exposed.

But whenever possible, select just Python. It is good to remember that supporting a scripting language is much easier than supporting a compiled language. The usage of a scripting language makes tasks such as debug the application, fix bugs, and add enhancements look very simple. Because we are not using a compiled language, we don't need to spend time compiling and linking the files. Updating client sites with the latest version of the application is also very easy because we just need to send the file that carries the changed Python module.

As you can see, a lot of thinking is involved in the process of preparing yourself to handle a Python development. Next, we will see some ideas about how to optimize your code, and how to write a program with style. Both are very important things that you must have in mind, not only when using Python, but also when writing in any other language.

Optimizing the Code

To prevent your program from running very slowly, you might consider following some basic Python optimization rules. By designing your application from the start with these guidelines in mind, you will certainly be satisfied with the final overall performance that you will get.

My goal in this section is to provide ways to generate acceptable performance in your Python routines. Note that I don't cover everything, but a good set of basic concepts is covered.

Many things can be done to reduce the processing time of your application. Remember that you have an interpreter being called every time you execute a Python script. Consequently, you need to work on your code in order to compensate that somehow. The fact that it is an interpreted language is a big concern, but by reducing the number of statements that get parsed, you can also reduce the interpreter overhead.

By the way, the Python interpreter has a command-line option (-O, which stands for optimize) that enables you to execute your code in such a way that some of the bytecode operations are not executed. Basically, it is used to remove the comments in the bytecode that give the line number where exceptions occur, and does not compile in the doc strings and a few other things. This flag does not give that much speed increase, and it makes things harder to debug.

Some useful optimization hints are as follows:

  • VariablesDepending on how your variables are defined, the interpreter spends more or less time trying to figure out their values. Python deals with dynamic scope rules when trying to resolve variable names. After it finds a variable in the code, it first tries to discover if the variable is a local variable by looking at the local namespace dictionary. If it finds the variable, it grabs the variable's value. Otherwise, it searches in the global namespace dictionary, and if necessary, in the built-in namespace dictionary. As you can see, local variable lookups are pretty much faster than other types. Consequently, the access to their values is faster too. Also, local variable lookups are much faster because they correspond to indexing into an array, whereas global variable lookups correspond to hash table lookups. A good optimization hint might be that if you are using a global variable a lot in a function, assigning its value to a local variable can help a lot.

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    06fig02.gif58.39 kB28-01-02|08:54
    06fig03.gif48.96 kB28-01-02|08:54
    07fig01.gif47.96 kB28-01-02|08:54
    07fig02.gif8.99 kB28-01-02|08:54
    07fig03.gif9.46 kB28-01-02|08:54
    07fig04.gif11.51 kB28-01-02|08:54
    07fig05.gif8.27 kB28-01-02|08:54
    07fig06.gif31.46 kB28-01-02|08:54
    12fig01.gif34.54 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig01.gif1.30 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig02.gif1.50 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig03.gif5.93 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig04.gif924.00 B28-01-02|08:54
    15fig05.gif1.55 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig06.gif1.62 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig07.gif1.69 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig08.gif1.02 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig09.gif2.54 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig10.gif1.92 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig11.gif2.44 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig12.gif2.48 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig13.gif2.36 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig14.gif5.43 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig15.gif5.51 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig16.gif2.18 kB28-01-02|08:54
    15fig17.gif12.22 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig01.gif28.99 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig02.gif23.02 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig03.gif32.48 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig04.gif17.27 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig05.gif23.88 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig06.gif23.85 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig07.gif36.76 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig08.gif20.66 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig09.gif71.63 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig10.gif23.23 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig11.gif22.97 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig12.gif22.06 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig13.gif49.73 kB28-01-02|08:54
    16fig14.gif60.34 kB28-01-02|08:54
    18fig01.gif63.94 kB28-01-02|08:54
    18fig02.gif24.07 kB28-01-02|08:54
    ccc.gif109.00 B28-01-02|08:54
    spacer.gif41.00 B31-05-02|17:16
    view.gif41.00 B31-05-02|17:16
    0672319942_s.jpg2.91 kB29-01-02|11:29
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