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			/// <summary>************************************************************************
/// Copyright (C) 2001, Patrick Charles and Jonas Lehmann                   *
/// Distributed under the Mozilla Public License                            *
/// http://www.mozilla.org/NPL/MPL-1.1.txt                                *
/// *************************************************************************
/// </summary>
using System;
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using SharpPcap.Packets.Util;
using ArrayHelper = SharpPcap.Packets.Util.ArrayHelper;
using Timeval = SharpPcap.Packets.Util.Timeval;
namespace SharpPcap.Packets

    /// <summary> An ethernet packet.
    /// <p>
    /// Contains link-level header and data payload encapsulated by an ethernet
    /// packet.
    /// <p>
    /// There are currently two subclasses. IP and ARP protocols are supported.
    /// IPPacket extends with ip header and data information.
    /// ARPPacket extends with hardware and protocol addresses.
    /// </summary>
    public class EthernetPacket : Packet, EthernetFields

        /// <summary> Code constants for well-defined ethernet protocols.
        /// <p>
        /// Taken from linux/if_ether.h and tcpdump/ethertype.h
        /// </summary>
        public struct EtherType

            /// <summary> IP protocol.</summary>
            public const int IP = 0x0800;
            /// <summary> Address resolution protocol.</summary>
            public const int ARP = 0x0806;
            /// <summary> Reverse address resolution protocol.</summary>
            public const int RARP = 0x8035;
            /// <summary> Ethernet Loopback packet </summary>
            public const int LOOP = 0x0060;
            /// <summary> Ethernet Echo packet      </summary>
            public const int ECHO = 0x0200;
            /// <summary> Xerox PUP packet</summary>
            public const int PUP = 0x0400;
            /// <summary> CCITT X.25            </summary>
            public const int X25 = 0x0805;
            /// <summary> G8BPQ AX.25 Ethernet Packet   [ NOT AN OFFICIALLY REGISTERED ID ] </summary>
            public const int BPQ = 0x08FF;
            /// <summary> DEC Assigned proto</summary>
            public const int DEC = 0x6000;
            /// <summary> DEC DNA Dump/Load</summary>
            public const int DNA_DL = 0x6001;
            /// <summary> DEC DNA Remote Console</summary>
            public const int DNA_RC = 0x6002;
            /// <summary> DEC DNA Routing</summary>
            public const int DNA_RT = 0x6003;
            /// <summary> DEC LAT</summary>
            public const int LAT = 0x6004;
            /// <summary> DEC Diagnostics</summary>
            public const int DIAG = 0x6005;
            /// <summary> DEC Customer use</summary>
            public const int CUST = 0x6006;
            /// <summary> DEC Systems Comms Arch</summary>
            public const int SCA = 0x6007;
            /// <summary> Appletalk DDP </summary>
            public const int ATALK = 0x809B;
            /// <summary> Appletalk AARP</summary>
            public const int AARP = 0x80F3;
            /// <summary> IPX over DIX</summary>
            public const int IPX = 0x8137;
            /// <summary> IPv6 over bluebook</summary>
            public const int IPV6 = 0x86DD;
            /// <summary> Dummy type for 802.3 frames  </summary>
            public const int N802_3 = 0x0001;
            /// <summary> Dummy protocol id for AX.25  </summary>
            public const int AX25 = 0x0002;
            /// <summary> Every packet.</summary>
            public const int ALL = 0x0003;
            /// <summary> 802.2 frames</summary>
            public const int N802_2 = 0x0004;
            /// <summary> Internal only</summary>
            public const int SNAP = 0x0005;
            /// <summary> DEC DDCMP: Internal only</summary>
            public const int DDCMP = 0x0006;
            /// <summary> Dummy type for WAN PPP frames</summary>
            public const int WAN_PPP = 0x0007;
            /// <summary> Dummy type for PPP MP frames </summary>
            public const int PPP_MP = 0x0008;
            /// <summary> Localtalk pseudo type </summary>
            public const int LOCALTALK = 0x0009;
            /// <summary> Dummy type for Atalk over PPP</summary>
            public const int PPPTALK = 0x0010;
            /// <summary> 802.2 frames</summary>
            public const int TR_802_2 = 0x0011;
            /// <summary> Mobitex (kaz@cafe.net)</summary>
            public const int MOBITEX = 0x0015;
            /// <summary> Card specific control frames</summary>
            public const int CONTROL = 0x0016;
            /// <summary> Linux/IR</summary>
            public const int IRDA = 0x0017;
            // others not yet documented..
            public const int NS = 0x0600;
            public const int SPRITE = 0x0500;
            public const int TRAIL = 0x1000;
            public const int LANBRIDGE = 0x8038;
            public const int DECDNS = 0x803c;
            public const int DECDTS = 0x803e;
            public const int VEXP = 0x805b;
            public const int VPROD = 0x805c;
            public const int N8021Q = 0x8100;
            public const int PPP = 0x880b;
            public const int PPPOED = 0x8863;
            public const int PPPOES = 0x8864;
            public const int LOOPBACK = 0x9000;
            // spanning tree bridge protocol
            public const int STBPDU = 0x0026;
            // intel adapter fault tolerance heartbeats
            public const int INFTH = 0x886d;
            /// <summary> Ethernet protocol mask.</summary>
            public const int MASK = 0xffff;

        /// <summary> Extract the protocol type field from packet data.
        /// <p>
        /// The type field indicates what type of data is contained in the 
        /// packet's data block.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="packetBytes">packet bytes.
        /// </param>
        /// <returns> the ethernet type code. i.e. 0x800 signifies IP datagram.
        /// </returns>
        public static int extractProtocol(byte[] packetBytes)

            // convert the bytes that contain the type code into a value..
            return packetBytes[EthernetFields_Fields.ETH_CODE_POS] << 8 | packetBytes[EthernetFields_Fields.ETH_CODE_POS + 1];

        /// <summary> Fetch the ethernet header length in bytes.</summary>
        virtual public int EthernetHeaderLength


                return _ethernetHeaderLength;

        /// <summary> Fetch the packet ethernet header length.</summary>
        virtual public int HeaderLength


                return EthernetHeaderLength;

        /// <summary> Fetch the ethernet header as a byte array.</summary>
        virtual public byte[] EthernetHeader


                return PacketEncoding.extractHeader(0, EthernetHeaderLength, _bytes);

        /// <summary> Fetch the ethernet header as a byte array.</summary>
        override public byte[] Header


                return EthernetHeader;

        /// <summary> Fetch the ethernet data as a byte array.</summary>
        virtual public byte[] EthernetData


                return PacketEncoding.extractData(0, EthernetHeaderLength, _bytes);


        /// <summary> Fetch the ethernet protocol.</summary>
        /// <summary> Sets the ethernet protocol.</summary>
        virtual public int EthernetProtocol


                return ArrayHelper.extractInteger(_bytes, EthernetFields_Fields.ETH_CODE_POS, EthernetFields_Fields.ETH_CODE_LEN);


                ArrayHelper.insertLong(_bytes, value, EthernetFields_Fields.ETH_CODE_POS, EthernetFields_Fields.ETH_CODE_LEN);


        /// <summary>
        ///  should be overriden by upper classes
        /// </summary>
        public virtual void OnOffsetChanged()


                PcapHeader = new PcapHeader(PcapHeader.Seconds,

        /// <summary> Fetch the timeval containing the time the packet arrived on the 
        /// device where it was captured.
        /// </summary>
        override public Timeval Timeval


                return _timeval;

        /// <summary> Fetch ascii escape sequence of the color associated with this packet type.</summary>
        override public System.String Color


                return AnsiEscapeSequences_Fields.DARK_GRAY;

        override public byte[] Bytes


                return _bytes;
            protected set

                _bytes = value;

        // store the data here, all subclasses can offset into this
        private byte[] _bytes;

        // offset from beginning of byte array where the data payload 
        // (i.e. IP packet) starts. The size of the ethernet frame header.
        protected internal int _ethOffset;

        // time that the packet was captured off the wire
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Int64RangeTest.cs3.41 kB10-08-09|02:39
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IpUtilTest.cs2.12 kB10-08-09|02:39
PacketsTest.cs1.09 kB10-08-09|02:39
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PcapTest.cs313.00 B10-08-09|02:39
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SetFilterTest.cs646.00 B10-08-09|02:39
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Test.csproj6.20 kB10-08-09|02:39
UDPPacketTest.cs1.04 kB10-08-09|02:39
UdpTest.cs2.13 kB10-08-09|02:39
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README827.00 B10-08-09|02:39
arp_request_response.pcap158.00 B10-08-09|02:39
ip_packet_bogus_length.pcap1.53 kB10-08-09|02:39
ipv6_http.pcap3.37 kB10-08-09|02:39
ipv6_icmpv6_packet.pcap110.00 B10-08-09|02:39
tcp.pcap106.00 B10-08-09|02:39
tcp_with_extra_bytes.pcap100.00 B10-08-09|02:39
test_stream.pcap613.00 B10-08-09|02:39
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