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This file is part of SharpPcap.

SharpPcap is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

SharpPcap is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
along with SharpPcap.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
 * Copyright 2005 Tamir Gal <tamir@tamirgal.com>
 * Copyright 2008-2009 Chris Morgan <chmorgan@gmail.com>
 * Copyright 2008-2009 Phillip Lemon <lucidcomms@gmail.com>

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using SharpPcap.Containers;

namespace SharpPcap

    /// <summary>
    /// Summary description for SharpPcap.
    /// </summary>
    public class Pcap

        /// <summary>A delegate for Packet Arrival events</summary>
        public delegate void PacketArrivalEvent(object sender, PcapCaptureEventArgs e);

        /// <summary>
        /// A delegate for delivering network statistics
        /// </summary>
        public delegate void PcapStatisticsEvent(object sender, PcapStatisticsEventArgs e);

        /// <summary>
        /// A delegate for notifying of a capture stopped event
        /// </summary>
        public delegate void PcapCaptureStoppedEvent(object sender, bool error);

        /// <summary>Represents the infinite number for packet captures </summary>
        public const int INFINITE = -1;

        /// <summary>A string value that prefixes avery pcap device name </summary>
        internal const string PCAP_NAME_PREFIX = @"\Device\NPF_";

        /* interface is loopback */
        internal const uint     PCAP_IF_LOOPBACK                = 0x00000001;
        private  const int      MAX_ADAPTER_NAME_LENGTH         = 256;      
        private  const int      MAX_ADAPTER_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH  = 128;
        internal const int      MAX_PACKET_SIZE                 = 65536;
        internal const int      PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE                = 256;
        internal const int      MODE_CAPT                       =   0;
        internal const int      MODE_STAT                       =   1;
        internal const string   PCAP_SRC_IF_STRING              = "rpcap://";

        // Constants for address families
        // These are set in a Pcap static initializer because the values
        // differ between Windows and Linux
        public readonly static int      AF_INET;
        public readonly static int      AF_PACKET;
        public readonly static int      AF_INET6;

        // Constants for pcap loop exit status.
        internal const int LOOP_USER_TERMINATED  = -2;
        internal const int LOOP_EXIT_WITH_ERROR  = -1;
        internal const int LOOP_COUNT_EXHAUSTED  =  0;

        public static string Version



                    return System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi (SafeNativeMethods.pcap_lib_version ());

                    return "pcap version can't be identified, you are either using "+
                        "an older version, or pcap is not installed.";

        private static bool isUnix()

            int p = (int) Environment.OSVersion.Platform;
            if ((p == 4) || (p == 6) || (p 
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AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example02.ArpResolve.csproj4.31 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example03.BasicCap.csproj3.99 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example3.BasicCap.cs2.87 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example04.BasicCapNoCallback.csproj4.02 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example4.BasicCapNoCallback.cs2.65 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example05.PcapFilter.csproj4.00 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example5.PcapFilter.cs3.13 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example06.DumpTCP.csproj3.99 kB10-08-09|02:39
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AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example07.DumpToFile.csproj4.00 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example7.DumpToFile.cs3.18 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example08.ReadFile.csproj3.99 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example8.ReadFile.cs2.54 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example09.SendPacket.csproj4.00 kB10-08-09|02:39
Example9.SendPacket.cs2.92 kB10-08-09|02:39
LICENSE7.46 kB10-08-09|02:39
ReleaseProcess2.10 kB10-08-09|02:39
SharpPcap.sln8.49 kB10-08-09|02:39
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App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.39 kB10-08-09|02:39
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ARPFields.cs4.55 kB10-08-09|02:39
ARPPacket.cs10.30 kB10-08-09|02:39
EthernetFields.cs2.06 kB10-08-09|02:39
EthernetPacket.cs14.43 kB10-08-09|02:39
ICMPFields.cs2.13 kB10-08-09|02:39
ICMPMessage.cs4.84 kB10-08-09|02:39
ICMPMessages.cs4.43 kB10-08-09|02:39
ICMPPacket.cs7.85 kB10-08-09|02:39
IGMPFields.cs2.53 kB10-08-09|02:39
IGMPMessage.cs2.24 kB10-08-09|02:39
IGMPMessages.cs1.26 kB10-08-09|02:39
IGMPPacket.cs5.94 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPPacket.cs18.98 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPPort.cs99.14 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPPorts.cs34.59 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPProtocol.cs7.89 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPv4Fields.cs3.97 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPv4Packet.cs22.01 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPv6Fields.cs3.35 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPv6Packet.cs12.96 kB10-08-09|02:39
LinkLayer.cs7.54 kB10-08-09|02:39
LinkLayers.cs3.23 kB10-08-09|02:39
Packet.cs2.62 kB10-08-09|02:39
PacketEncoding.cs5.01 kB10-08-09|02:39
PacketFactory.cs3.21 kB10-08-09|02:39
RawPacket.cs3.58 kB10-08-09|02:39
TCPFields.cs3.67 kB10-08-09|02:39
TCPPacket.cs23.19 kB10-08-09|02:39
UDPFields.cs2.23 kB10-08-09|02:39
UDPPacket.cs10.09 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
AnsiEscapeSequences.cs5.99 kB10-08-09|02:39
ArrayHelper.cs6.92 kB10-08-09|02:39
ChecksumUtils.cs2.93 kB10-08-09|02:39
HexHelper.cs3.80 kB10-08-09|02:39
Timeval.cs1.97 kB10-08-09|02:39
makefile579.00 B10-08-09|02:39
makefile-test0.00 B10-08-09|02:39
util.csproj4.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
package.html1.07 kB10-08-09|02:39
Pcap.cs5.39 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapAddress.cs2.15 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapDevice.cs24.12 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapDeviceCaptureLoop.cs5.21 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapDeviceList.cs3.96 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapEventArgs.cs1.69 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapException.cs1.45 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapHeader.cs5.91 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapInterface.cs5.18 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapOfflineDevice.cs3.96 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapSendQueue.cs6.61 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapStatistics.cs3.16 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapUnmanagedStructures.cs8.85 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
ARP.cs7.52 kB10-08-09|02:39
Readme.Mono725.00 B10-08-09|02:39
SafeNativeMethods.cs11.41 kB10-08-09|02:39
SharpPcap.csproj8.54 kB10-08-09|02:39
SharpPcap.dll.config492.00 B10-08-09|02:39
Sockaddr.cs4.72 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
Convert.cs3.49 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPAddressRange.cs4.04 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPSubnet.cs2.41 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPUtil.cs8.93 kB10-08-09|02:39
Int64Range.cs1.77 kB10-08-09|02:39
NumberRange.cs5.54 kB10-08-09|02:39
Random.cs2.53 kB10-08-09|02:39
Version.cs1.43 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
SharpPcap.html31.81 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
SharpPcap.png15.47 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
App.ico1.05 kB10-08-09|02:39
ArpPacketTest.cs2.62 kB10-08-09|02:39
AssemblyInfo.cs2.28 kB10-08-09|02:39
CheckFilterTest.cs528.00 B10-08-09|02:39
EthernetPacketTest.cs7.32 kB10-08-09|02:39
Form1.cs2.91 kB10-08-09|02:39
Form1.resx6.83 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPAddressRangeTest.cs3.42 kB10-08-09|02:39
IPSubnetTest.cs599.00 B10-08-09|02:39
IPv6PacketTest.cs4.07 kB10-08-09|02:39
Int64RangeTest.cs3.41 kB10-08-09|02:39
InvalidPacketTest.cs1.25 kB10-08-09|02:39
IpUtilTest.cs2.12 kB10-08-09|02:39
PacketsTest.cs1.09 kB10-08-09|02:39
PcapGetAllDevices.cs781.00 B10-08-09|02:39
PcapTest.cs313.00 B10-08-09|02:39
SendTcpSynExample.cs6.63 kB10-08-09|02:39
SetFilterTest.cs646.00 B10-08-09|02:39
TCPPacketTest.cs3.24 kB10-08-09|02:39
Test.csproj6.20 kB10-08-09|02:39
UDPPacketTest.cs1.04 kB10-08-09|02:39
UdpTest.cs2.13 kB10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
README827.00 B10-08-09|02:39
arp_request_response.pcap158.00 B10-08-09|02:39
ip_packet_bogus_length.pcap1.53 kB10-08-09|02:39
ipv6_http.pcap3.37 kB10-08-09|02:39
ipv6_icmpv6_packet.pcap110.00 B10-08-09|02:39
tcp.pcap106.00 B10-08-09|02:39
tcp_with_extra_bytes.pcap100.00 B10-08-09|02:39
test_stream.pcap613.00 B10-08-09|02:39
udp_dns_request_response.pcap521.00 B10-08-09|02:39
010.00 B
nunit.framework.dll44.00 kB10-08-09|02:39
make_bin_release1.31 kB10-08-09|02:39
make_src_release888.00 B10-08-09|02:39
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