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Java simple guestbook. Example of a beginner to complete a similar message to th...Original Link
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Guestbook by XdebugX

import*; import*; import java.util.*;

public class guestServer {
	private ServerSocket serverSocket;

	public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    	new guestServer();

	public guestServer() {

		try {
		    serverSocket = new ServerSocket(6541);
            System.out.println("Server Is Runnin			

			... to be continued.

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Project Files

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 guestbook.class8.79 kB15-12-02 01:35
 guestbook.dat1.05 kB15-12-02 04:58
 guestbook.html184.00 B15-12-02 04:57
 guestbook.java9.04 kB15-12-02 01:35
 guestServer.class1.12 kB15-12-02 04:57
 guestServer.java870.00 B15-12-02 04:57
 lock.txt5.00 B15-12-02 04:58
 MyServerThread.class2.32 kB14-12-02 23:43
 MyServerThread.java2.72 kB14-12-02 23:40
 <java留言本>0.00 B17-08-08 22:40

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