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 * This file is part of Jelie,
 * (c) 2002 Julien Pilet <julien.pilet@epfl.ch> and
 * Stephane Magnenat <stephane.magnenat@epfl.ch>
 * Jelie is free software; you can redistribute it
 * and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License,
 * or (at your option) any later version.
 * Jelie is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with Foobar; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

/*! \file
 * This is the definition of the JTAG controller
 * \author Julien Pilet <julien.pilet@epfl.ch>
 * \author Stephane Magnenat <stephane.magnenat@epfl.ch>

#ifndef __EZUSB_JTAG_H
#define __EZUSB_JTAG_H

#include "ezusb_loader.h"
#include "jtag.h"

//! The implementation of JTAG Control for EzUSB
/*! This class inherits from JTAGControl as it's
	purprose is to implement a JTAG interface.
	It also inherits from EzUSB so all program upload
	facilities are already here. */
class EzUSBJTAG: public EzUSB, public JTAGControl

	//! Method used internally to send and receive a buffer
	void writeAndReadBuffer(unsigned char *buffer, int toWrite, int toRead, unsigned long delay=0);

	//! interneal queu for message queuing
	unsigned char queue[64];

	//! internal position in queu
	int queuePos;

	//! The constructor, call EzUSB's one with empty file name and install signal handlers

	//! The destructor, remove signal handlers
	virtual ~EzUSBJTAG();

	//! Initialize the link with the connection device.
	// \return true on success, false on error.
	virtual bool init(int argc, char **argv);

	//! Read and write the jtag instruction register.
	virtual void ireg(unsigned char *data);

	//! Read and write the jtag data register.
	// \param data a pointer to a buffer which will be exchanged with the
	// JTAG data register.
	// \param length number of bits to read/write.
	virtual void dreg(unsigned char *data, unsigned char length, bool writeOnly=false);

	//! Put the JTAG in run test/idle mode
	virtual void jtagReset(void);

	//! Assert or deassert the cpu reset line.
	virtual void cpuReset(bool state);

	//! Assert or deassert the TRST (the JTAG Reset line)
	virtual void trst(bool state);

	//! Idle for some TCKs in the run test/idle state.
	virtual void idle(unsigned int nbTCK);

	//! Flush the jtag write only command queue
	virtual void flushQueue(void);

	virtual const char *getName(void) const {
 return "ezusb"; 


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源码文件 <><>0.00 B2003-11-03 08:43
code file jelie-1.3/Makefile.inMakefile.in24.05 kB2003-11-03 08:37
code file jelie-1.3/configureconfigure200.74 kB2003-11-03 08:37
源码文件 jelie-1.3/AUTHORSAUTHORS169.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/COPYINGCOPYING17.57 kB2003-10-09 23:27
源码文件 jelie-1.3/INSTALLINSTALL9.02 kB2003-10-09 23:27
code file jelie-1.3/Makefile.amMakefile.am757.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/acinclude.m4acinclude.m45.87 kB2003-11-03 08:29
源码文件 jelie-1.3/aclocal.m4aclocal.m437.16 kB2003-11-03 08:37
源码文件 jelie-1.3/config.h.inconfig.h.in3.90 kB2003-11-03 08:43
code file jelie-1.3/configure.inconfigure.in4.66 kB2003-11-03 08:37
源码文件 jelie-1.3/depcompdepcomp13.54 kB2003-10-09 23:27
源码文件 jelie-1.3/install-shinstall-sh6.96 kB2003-10-09 23:27
源码文件 jelie-1.3/missingmissing10.03 kB2003-10-09 23:27
源码文件 jelie-1.3/mkinstalldirsmkinstalldirs1.94 kB2003-10-09 23:27
code file jelie-1.3/cmdline.cppcmdline.cpp15.69 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/cmdline.hcmdline.h10.38 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/debug.cppdebug.cpp1.79 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/debug.hdebug.h1.63 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/filemanager.cppfilemanager.cpp8.61 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/filemanager.hfilemanager.h2.73 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/gdbremote.cppgdbremote.cpp11.69 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/gdbremote.hgdbremote.h3.00 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtag.hjtag.h2.97 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtag_order.hjtag_order.h1.21 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtagctrl_factory.cppjtagctrl_factory.cpp2.87 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtagctrl_factory.hjtagctrl_factory.h1.76 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtagpxa250.cppjtagpxa250.cpp16.63 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtagpxa250.hjtagpxa250.h7.16 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/main.cppmain.cpp6.93 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/tcp.ctcp.c6.31 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/tcp.htcp.h1.88 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/step.hstep.h47.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/step.cppstep.cpp8.65 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/pp_jtag.cpppp_jtag.cpp6.00 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/pp_jtag.hpp_jtag.h1.89 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/ezusb_jtag.hezusb_jtag.h2.77 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/ezusb_loader.cppezusb_loader.cpp11.60 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/ezusb_loader.hezusb_loader.h2.88 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/ezusb_jtag.cppezusb_jtag.cpp5.16 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/jtag_usb.ihxjtag_usb.ihx5.66 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/jtag_usb.cjtag_usb.c9.74 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/ezusb.hezusb.h22.60 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/bootstrapbootstrap85.00 B2003-11-03 07:41
源码文件 jelie-1.3/LICENSELICENSE14.78 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 <><>0.00 B2003-11-03 08:43
code file jelie-1.3/debugHandler/Makefile.inMakefile.in11.01 kB2003-11-03 08:37
code file jelie-1.3/debugHandler/Makefile.amMakefile.am654.00 B2003-11-03 07:51
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/basic_gpio_init.Sbasic_gpio_init.S4.68 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/debug_handler.Sdebug_handler.S8.04 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/jtag_com.Sjtag_com.S1.57 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/serial.Sserial.S3.15 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/high_vectors.Shigh_vectors.S1.36 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/led.Sled.S1.40 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/loadreg.Sloadreg.S1.11 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/pxa250regs.Spxa250regs.S23.74 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/debugHandler/target_to_host.htarget_to_host.h1.59 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/korebot-conf.Skorebot-conf.S4.26 kB2003-11-03 08:36
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/armonie-conf.Sarmonie-conf.S3.17 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/debugHandler/debug_handler.bindebug_handler.bin1.77 kB2003-11-03 08:36
源码文件 <><>0.00 B2003-11-03 08:43
code file jelie-1.3/doc/Makefile.inMakefile.in6.84 kB2003-11-03 08:37
code file jelie-1.3/doc/Makefile.amMakefile.am41.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/doc/little_endian.figlittle_endian.fig1.86 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/doc/manuel.lyxmanuel.lyx35.02 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 <><>0.00 B2003-11-03 08:43
code file jelie-1.3/freq/Makefile.inMakefile.in11.45 kB2003-11-03 08:37
code file jelie-1.3/freq/Makefile.amMakefile.am483.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/fcs.Sfcs.S1.32 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/turbo.Sturbo.S1.29 kB2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/fcs.binfcs.bin80.00 B2003-11-03 08:34
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/turbo.binturbo.bin80.00 B2003-11-03 08:34
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/chspeedchspeed205.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/loadlinuxloadlinux503.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/loadlinux_turboloadlinux_turbo503.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/freq/goturbogoturbo207.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 <><>0.00 B2003-11-03 08:43
code file jelie-1.3/flash/Makefile.inMakefile.in12.30 kB2003-11-03 08:37
code file jelie-1.3/flash/Makefile.amMakefile.am601.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/flash/bm.Sbm.S243.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/flash/flash.cflash.c5.48 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/flash/serial.cserial.c3.13 kB2003-11-03 07:31
code file jelie-1.3/flash/serial.hserial.h118.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/flash/flash.binflash.bin37.20 kB2003-11-03 08:34
源码文件 jelie-1.3/flash/enp.lnjenp.lnj807.00 B2003-11-03 08:34
源码文件 jelie-1.3/flash/enp.jenp.j820.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
源码文件 jelie-1.3/flash/flashidflashid57.00 B2003-11-03 07:31
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