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			# ===========================================================================
# Kernel configuration targets
# These targets are used from top-level makefile

PHONY += oldconfig xconfig gconfig menuconfig config silentoldconfig update-po-config

xconfig: $(obj)/qconf

gconfig: $(obj)/gconf

menuconfig: $(obj)/mconf
	$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=scripts/kconfig/lxdialog

config: $(obj)/conf

oldconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -o

silentoldconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -s

update-po-config: $(obj)/kxgettext
	xgettext --default-domain=linux \
          --add-comments --keyword=_ --keyword=N_ \
          --files-from=scripts/kconfig/ \
          --output scripts/kconfig/config.pot
	$(Q)ln -fs Kconfig_i386 arch/um/Kconfig_arch
	$(Q)for i in `ls arch/`; \
	do \
	  scripts/kconfig/kxgettext arch/$$i/Kconfig \
	    | msguniq -o scripts/kconfig/linux_$${
}.pot; \
	$(Q)msgcat scripts/kconfig/config.pot \
	  `find scripts/kconfig/ -type f -name linux_*.pot` \
	  --output scripts/kconfig/linux_raw.pot
	$(Q)msguniq --sort-by-file scripts/kconfig/linux_raw.pot \
	    --output scripts/kconfig/linux.pot
	$(Q)rm -f arch/um/Kconfig_arch
	$(Q)rm -f scripts/kconfig/linux_*.pot scripts/kconfig/config.pot

PHONY += randconfig allyesconfig allnoconfig allmodconfig defconfig

randconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -r

allyesconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -y

allnoconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -n

allmodconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -m

defconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$< -d
	@echo *** Default configuration is based on '$(KBUILD_DEFCONFIG)'

%_defconfig: $(obj)/conf
	$(Q)$< -D $@

# Help text used by make help
	@echo  '  config	  - Update current config utilising a line-oriented program'
	@echo  '  menuconfig	  - Update current config utilising a menu based program'
	@echo  '  xconfig	  - Update current config utilising a QT based front-end'
	@echo  '  gconfig	  - Update current config utilising a GTK based front-end'
	@echo  '  oldconfig	  - Update current config utilising a provided .config as base'
	@echo  '  randconfig	  - New config with random answer to all options'
	@echo  '  defconfig	  - New config with default answer to all options'
	@echo  '  allmodconfig	  - New config selecting modules when possible'
	@echo  '  allyesconfig	  - New config where all options are accepted with yes'
	@echo  '  allnoconfig	  - New config where all options are answered with no'

# ===========================================================================
# Shared Makefile for the various kconfig executables:
# conf:	  Used for defconfig, oldconfig and related targets
# mconf:  Used for the mconfig target.
#         Utilizes the lxdialog package
# qconf:  Used for the xconfig target
#         Based on QT which needs to be installed to compile it
# gconf:  Used for the gconfig target
#         Based on GTK which needs to be installed to compile it
# object files used by all kconfig flavours

hostprogs-y	:= conf mconf qconf gconf kxgettext
conf-objs	:= conf.o
mconf-objs	:= mconf.o
kxgettext-objs	:= kxgettext.o

ifeq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),xconfig)
	qconf-target := 1
ifeq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),gconfig)
	gconf-target := 1

ifeq ($(qconf-target),1)
qconf-cxxobjs	:= qconf.o
qconf-objs	:= kconfig_load.o

ifeq ($(gconf-target),1)
gconf-objs	:= gconf.o kconfig_load.o

clean-files	:= lkc_defs.h qconf.moc .tmp_qtcheck \
		   .tmp_gtkcheck lex.zconf.c zconf.hash.c
subdir- += lxdialog

# Add environment specific flags
HOST_EXTRACFLAGS += $(shell $(CONFIG_SHELL) $(srctree)/$(src)/ $(HOSTCC) $(HOSTCFLAGS))

# generated files seem to need this to find local include files
HOSTCFLAGS_lex.zconf.o	:= -I$(src)	:= -I$(src)


HOSTLOADLIBES_gconf	= `pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0 gmodule-2.0 libglade-2.0`
HOSTCFLAGS_gconf.o	= `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 gmodule-2.0 libglade-2.0` \
                          -D LKC_DIRECT_LINK

$(obj)/qconf.o: $(obj)/.tmp_qtcheck

ifeq ($(qconf-target),1)
$(obj)/.tmp_qtcheck: $(src)/Makefile
-include $(obj)/.tmp_qtcheck

# QT needs some extra effort...
	@set -e; echo "  CHECK   qt"; dir=""; pkg=""; \
	pkg-config --exists qt 2> /dev/null && pkg=qt; \
	pkg-config --exists qt-mt 2> /dev/null && pkg=qt-mt; \
	if [ -n "$$pkg" ]; then \
	  cflags="\$$(shell pkg-config $$pkg --cflags)"; \
	  libs="\$$(shell pkg-config $$pkg --libs)"; \
	  moc="\$$(shell pkg-config $$pkg --variable=prefix)/bin/moc"; \
	  dir="$$(pkg-config $$pkg --variable=prefix)"; \
	else \
	  for d in $$QTDIR /usr/share/qt* /usr/lib/qt*; do \
	    if [ -f $$d/include/qconfig.h ]; then dir=$$d; break; fi; \
	  done; \
	  if [ -z "$$dir" ]; then \
	    echo "*"; \
	    echo "* Unable to find the QT installation. Please make sure that";
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boot0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
bootsect.s12.49 kB08-01-04|21:38
head.s13.22 kB08-01-04|21:38
setup.s12.42 kB08-01-04|21:38
fs0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
bitmap.c8.46 kB02-09-04|13:12
block_dev.c3.95 kB02-09-04|13:12
buffer.c17.71 kB02-09-04|13:12
char_dev.c4.09 kB02-09-04|13:12
exec.c18.90 kB02-09-04|13:12
fcntl.c3.33 kB02-09-04|13:12
file_dev.c4.82 kB02-09-04|13:12
file_table.c209.00 B02-09-04|13:12
inode.c14.92 kB02-09-04|13:12
ioctl.c1.94 kB02-09-04|13:12
Makefile6.80 kB08-01-04|21:45
namei.c37.20 kB02-09-04|13:12
open.c10.00 kB02-09-04|13:12
pipe.c5.42 kB02-09-04|13:12
read_write.c5.86 kB02-09-04|13:12
stat.c2.69 kB02-09-04|13:12
super.c13.57 kB02-09-04|13:12
truncate.c2.46 kB02-09-04|13:12
include0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
a.out.h8.22 kB02-09-04|13:14
asm0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
io.h772.00 B02-09-04|13:14
memory.h1.03 kB08-01-04|22:13
segment.h2.50 kB02-09-04|13:14
system.h4.08 kB02-09-04|13:14
const.h589.00 B02-09-04|13:14
ctype.h1.68 kB02-09-04|13:14
errno.h2.30 kB02-09-04|13:14
fcntl.h3.30 kB02-09-04|13:14
linux0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
config.h2.16 kB02-09-04|13:14
fs.h9.72 kB02-09-04|13:14
hdreg.h2.94 kB02-09-04|13:14
head.h760.00 B02-09-04|13:14
kernel.h1.44 kB02-09-04|13:14
mm.h473.00 B02-09-04|13:14
sched.h13.25 kB02-09-04|13:14
sys.h5.41 kB02-09-04|13:14
tty.h3.93 kB02-09-04|13:14
signal.h4.01 kB02-09-04|13:14
stdarg.h1.77 kB02-09-04|13:14
stddef.h378.00 B02-09-04|13:14
string.h21.75 kB02-09-04|13:14
sys0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
stat.h2.37 kB02-09-04|13:14
times.h377.00 B02-09-04|13:14
types.h1.10 kB02-09-04|13:14
utsname.h423.00 B02-09-04|13:14
wait.h1.48 kB02-09-04|13:14
termios.h13.58 kB02-09-04|13:14
time.h1.81 kB02-09-04|13:14
unistd.h9.21 kB02-09-04|13:14
utime.h392.00 B02-09-04|13:14
init0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
main.c12.52 kB02-09-04|13:12
kernel0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
asm.s5.10 kB08-01-04|22:48
blk_drv0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
blk.h5.69 kB02-09-04|13:14
floppy.c23.49 kB02-09-04|13:12
hd.c17.14 kB02-09-04|13:12
ll_rw_blk.c7.59 kB02-09-04|13:12
Makefile4.25 kB08-01-04|22:53
ramdisk.c6.13 kB02-09-04|13:12
chr_drv0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
console.c30.91 kB02-09-04|13:12
keyboard.S21.04 kB08-01-04|22:59
Makefile4.81 kB08-01-04|22:59
rs_io.s5.75 kB08-01-04|22:59
serial.c2.91 kB02-09-04|13:12
tty_io.c18.40 kB02-09-04|13:12
tty_ioctl.c10.70 kB02-09-04|13:12
exit.c8.08 kB02-09-04|13:12
fork.c6.78 kB15-07-07|22:10
math0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
Makefile3.21 kB08-01-04|23:01
math_emulate.c2.08 kB02-09-04|13:12
mktime.c2.72 kB02-09-04|13:12
panic.c952.00 B02-09-04|13:12
printk.c1.75 kB02-09-04|13:12
sched.c18.57 kB16-07-07|21:23
signal.c5.61 kB02-09-04|13:12
sys.c7.62 kB02-09-04|13:12
system_call.s12.53 kB08-01-04|22:48
traps.c8.29 kB04-10-07|14:57
vsprintf.c9.96 kB02-09-04|13:12
lib0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
close.c397.00 B02-09-04|13:12
ctype.c1.72 kB02-09-04|13:12
dup.c401.00 B02-09-04|13:12
errno.c66.00 B02-09-04|13:12
execve.c607.00 B02-09-04|13:12
Makefile4.83 kB08-01-04|22:30
malloc.c13.50 kB02-09-04|13:12
open.c1.22 kB02-09-04|13:12
setsid.c382.00 B02-09-04|13:12
string.c199.00 B02-09-04|13:12
wait.c774.00 B02-09-04|13:12
write.c545.00 B02-09-04|13:12
_exit.c616.00 B02-09-04|13:12
Makefile8.58 kB08-01-04|22:21
mm0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
Makefile2.91 kB08-01-04|22:34
memory.c25.10 kB02-09-04|13:12
page.s842.00 B08-01-04|22:34
tools0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
build.c8.12 kB02-09-04|13:12
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