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			/* The <errno.h> header defines the numbers of the various errors that can
 * occur during program execution.  They are visible to user programs and 
 * should be small positive integers.  However, they are also used within 
 * MINIX, where they must be negative.  For example, the READ system call is 
 * executed internally by calling do_read().  This function returns either a 
 * (negative) error number or a (positive) number of bytes actually read.
 * To solve the problem of having the error numbers be negative inside the
 * the system and positive outside, the following mechanism is used.  All the
 * definitions are are the form:
 *	#define EPERM		(_SIGN 1)
 * If the macro _SYSTEM is defined, then  _SIGN is set to "-", otherwise it is
 * set to "".  Thus when compiling the operating system, the  macro _SYSTEM
 * will be defined, setting EPERM to (- 1), whereas when when this
 * file is included in an ordinary user program, EPERM has the value ( 1).

#ifndef _ERRNO_H		/* check if <errno.h> is already included */
#define _ERRNO_H		/* it is not included; note that fact */

/* Now define _SIGN as "" or "-" depending on _SYSTEM. */
#ifdef _SYSTEM
#   define _SIGN         -
#   define OK            0
#   define _SIGN         

extern int errno;		  /* place where the error numbers go */

/* Here are the numerical values of the error numbers. */
#define _NERROR               70  /* number of errors */  

#define EGENERIC      (_SIGN 99)  /* generic error */
#define EPERM         (_SIGN  1)  /* operation not permitted */
#define ENOENT        (_SIGN  2)  /* no such file or directory */
#define ESRCH         (_SIGN  3)  /* no such process */
#define EINTR         (_SIGN  4)  /* interrupted function call */
#define EIO           (_SIGN  5)  /* input/output error */
#define ENXIO         (_SIGN  6)  /* no such device or address */
#define E2BIG         (_SIGN  7)  /* arg list too long */
#define ENOEXEC       (_SIGN  8)  /* exec format error */
#define EBADF         (_SIGN  9)  /* bad file descriptor */
#define ECHILD        (_SIGN 10)  /* no child process */
#define EAGAIN        (_SIGN 11)  /* resource temporarily unavailable */
#define ENOMEM        (_SIGN 12)  /* not enough space */
#define EACCES        (_SIGN 13)  /* permission denied */
#define EFAULT        (_SIGN 14)  /* bad address */
#define ENOTBLK       (_SIGN 15)  /* Extension: not a block special file */
#define EBUSY         (_SIGN 16)  /* resource busy */
#define EEXIST        (_SIGN 17)  /* file exists */
#define EXDEV         (_SIGN 18)  /* improper link */
#define ENODEV        (_SIGN 19)  /* no such device */
#define ENOTDIR       (_SIGN 20)  /* not a directory */
#define EISDIR        (_SIGN 21)  /* is a directory */
#define EINVAL        (_SIGN 22)  /* invalid argument */
#define ENFILE        (_SIGN 23)  /* too many open files in system */
#define EMFILE        (_SIGN 24)  /* too many open files */
#define ENOTTY        (_SIGN 25)  /* inappropriate I/O control operation */
#define ETXTBSY       (_SIGN 26)  /* no longer used */
#define EFBIG         (_SIGN 27)  /* file too large */
#define ENOSPC        (_SIGN 28)  /* no space left on device */
#define ESPIPE        (_SIGN 29)  /* invalid seek */
#define EROFS         (_SIGN 30)  /* read-only file system */
#define EMLINK        (_SIGN 31)  /* too many links */
#define EPIPE         (_SIGN 32)  /* broken pipe */
#define EDOM          (_SIGN 33)  /* domain error    	(from ANSI C std) */
#define ERANGE        (_SIGN 34)  /* result too large	(from ANSI C std) */
#define EDEADLK       (_SIGN 35)  /* resource deadlock avoided */
#define ENAMETOOLONG  (_SIGN 36)  /* file name too long */
#define ENOLCK        (_SIGN 37)  /* no locks available */
#define ENOSYS        (_SIGN 38)  /* function not implemented */
#define ENOTEMPTY     (_SIGN 39)  /* directory not empty */

/* The following errors relate to networking. */
#define EPACKSIZE     (_SIGN 50)  /* invalid packet size for some protocol */
#define EOUTOFBUFS    (
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utsname.h423.00 B02-09-04|13:14
wait.h1.48 kB02-09-04|13:14
termios.h13.58 kB02-09-04|13:14
time.h1.81 kB02-09-04|13:14
unistd.h9.21 kB02-09-04|13:14
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floppy.c23.49 kB02-09-04|13:12
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ll_rw_blk.c7.59 kB02-09-04|13:12
Makefile4.25 kB08-01-04|22:53
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chr_drv0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
console.c30.91 kB02-09-04|13:12
keyboard.S21.04 kB08-01-04|22:59
Makefile4.81 kB08-01-04|22:59
rs_io.s5.75 kB08-01-04|22:59
serial.c2.91 kB02-09-04|13:12
tty_io.c18.40 kB02-09-04|13:12
tty_ioctl.c10.70 kB02-09-04|13:12
exit.c8.08 kB02-09-04|13:12
fork.c6.78 kB15-07-07|22:10
math0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
Makefile3.21 kB08-01-04|23:01
math_emulate.c2.08 kB02-09-04|13:12
mktime.c2.72 kB02-09-04|13:12
panic.c952.00 B02-09-04|13:12
printk.c1.75 kB02-09-04|13:12
sched.c18.57 kB16-07-07|21:23
signal.c5.61 kB02-09-04|13:12
sys.c7.62 kB02-09-04|13:12
system_call.s12.53 kB08-01-04|22:48
traps.c8.29 kB04-10-07|14:57
vsprintf.c9.96 kB02-09-04|13:12
lib0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
close.c397.00 B02-09-04|13:12
ctype.c1.72 kB02-09-04|13:12
dup.c401.00 B02-09-04|13:12
errno.c66.00 B02-09-04|13:12
execve.c607.00 B02-09-04|13:12
Makefile4.83 kB08-01-04|22:30
malloc.c13.50 kB02-09-04|13:12
open.c1.22 kB02-09-04|13:12
setsid.c382.00 B02-09-04|13:12
string.c199.00 B02-09-04|13:12
wait.c774.00 B02-09-04|13:12
write.c545.00 B02-09-04|13:12
_exit.c616.00 B02-09-04|13:12
Makefile8.58 kB08-01-04|22:21
mm0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
Makefile2.91 kB08-01-04|22:34
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page.s842.00 B08-01-04|22:34
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