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* linux/kernel/signal.c
* (C) 1991 Linus Torvalds

#include 	// ȳͷļṹtask_structʼ0 ݣ
// һЩйúͻȡǶʽຯ䡣
#include 	// ںͷļһЩں˳úԭζ塣
#include 	// βͷļйضμĴǶʽຯ

#include 		// źͷļźŷųźŽṹԼźŲԭ͡

volatile void do_exit (int error_code);	// ǰ޶volatile ҪҪŻ

// ȡǰźλͼ룩
sys_sgetmask ()

  return current->blocked;


// µźλͼSIGKILL ܱΡֵԭźλͼ
sys_ssetmask (int newmask)

  int old = current->blocked;

  current->blocked = newmask & ~(1 << (SIGKILL - 1));
  return old;


// sigaction ݵfs ݶto 
static inline void
save_old (char *from, char *to)

  int i;

  verify_area (to, sizeof (struct sigaction));	// ֤to ڴǷ㹻
  for (i = 0; i < sizeof (struct sigaction); i++)

      put_fs_byte (*from, to);	// Ƶfs ΡһûݶΡ
      from++;			// put_fs_byte()include/asm/segment.h С


// sigaction ݴfs ݶfrom λøƵto 
static inline void
get_new (char *from, char *to)

  int i;

  for (i = 0; i < sizeof (struct sigaction); i++)
    *(to++) = get_fs_byte (from++);


// signal()ϵͳásigaction()ΪָźŰװµźž(źŴ)
// signum --ָźţhandler -- ָľrestorer Cԭǰִеĵַλá
// ԭźž
sys_signal (int signum, long handler, long restorer)

  struct sigaction tmp;

  if (signum < 1 || signum > 32 || signum == SIGKILL)	// źֵҪڣ1-32Χڣ
    return -1;			// ҲSIGKILL
  tmp.sa_handler = (void (*)(int)) handler;	// ָźŴ
  tmp.sa_mask = 0;		// ִʱź롣
  tmp.sa_flags = SA_ONESHOT | SA_NOMASK;	// þֻʹ1 κͻָĬֵ
// źԼĴյ
  tmp.sa_restorer = (void (*)(void)) restorer;	// 淵صַ
  handler = (long) current->sigaction[signum - 1].sa_handler;
  current->sigaction[signum - 1] = tmp;
  return handler;


// sigaction()ϵͳáıյһźʱIJsignum dzSIGKILL κ
// źš[²(action)Ϊ]²װoldaction ָ벻Ϊգԭ
// oldactionɹ򷵻0Ϊ-1
sys_sigaction (int signum, const struct sigaction *action,
	       struct sigaction *oldaction)

  struct sigaction tmp;

// źֵҪڣ1-32ΧڣźSIGKILL Ĵܱı䡣
  if (signum < 1 || signum > 32 || signum == SIGKILL)
    return -1;
// źŵsigaction ṹµIJ
  tmp = current->sigaction[signum - 1];
  get_new ((char *) action, (char *) (signum - 1 + current->sigaction));
// oldaction ָ벻ΪյĻԭָ뱣浽oldaction ָλá
  if (oldaction)
    save_old ((char *) &tmp, (char *) oldaction);
// źԼźžյΪ0αźš
  if (current->sigaction[signum - 1].sa_flags & SA_NOMASK)
    current->sigaction[signum - 1].sa_mask = 0;
    current->sigaction[signum - 1].sa_mask |= (1 << (signum - 1));
  return 0;


// ϵͳжϴźŴkernel/system_call.s,119 У
// öδҪǽźŵĴ뵽ûջУڱϵͳý
// غִźžȻִûij
do_signal (long signr, long eax, long ebx, long ecx, long edx,
	   long fs, long es, long ds,
	   long eip, long cs, long eflags, unsigned long *esp, long ss)

  unsigned long sa_handler;
  long old_eip = eip;
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utsname.h423.00 B02-09-04|13:14
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termios.h13.58 kB02-09-04|13:14
time.h1.81 kB02-09-04|13:14
unistd.h9.21 kB02-09-04|13:14
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tty_ioctl.c10.70 kB02-09-04|13:12
exit.c8.08 kB02-09-04|13:12
fork.c6.78 kB15-07-07|22:10
math0.00 B04-10-07|15:01
Makefile3.21 kB08-01-04|23:01
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mktime.c2.72 kB02-09-04|13:12
panic.c952.00 B02-09-04|13:12
printk.c1.75 kB02-09-04|13:12
sched.c18.57 kB16-07-07|21:23
signal.c5.61 kB02-09-04|13:12
sys.c7.62 kB02-09-04|13:12
system_call.s12.53 kB08-01-04|22:48
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