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			List of changes:

V1.1 -> V1.2:

o corrected synchronisation correctly to "horizontal enable's" negative logic
o added new fade (Fade_Moiree15)
o MAKES: switched usage of some units to completely self-written ones;
  included sources
o MAKES: correctly disabled mouse call back at the end of the program
o replaced Dispose() by FreeMem() call in routine
o MAKES: inserted missing Close() in SavePalette() procedure
o introduced data compression algorithms into all programs; wrote (de-)compress
  program BFFFFFFF.EXE
o MAKES: made INT33h to save&restore SS:SP, too  (just to be on the safe side)
o MAKES: holding button pressed keeps drawing pixels
o added new LoadFont() routine (and some fonts)
o optimized synchronisation code to squeeze out some CPU cycles
o MAKES: forgot to call AdjustMouse() in routine ShowCursorDaten()
o MAKES: corrected workarea box from (0..320,0..200) to (0..319,0..199)
o MAKES: enhanced user interface; last used dir will be default for next input
o MAKES: used newest SVGA-driver
o added Colin Buckley's excellent UNCHAIN utility to enable proper debugging
  in tweaked graphic modes
o introduced windowed animations: SetAnimateWindow(), UpdateOuterArea, Win*
o added routine FreeSpriteMem() to get rid of no more used sprites; moved
  SpriteAd[] into IMPLEMENTATION-section therefore.
  Introduced two internal tables (SpriteSize[] & SpritePTR[]) and changed
  LoadSprite() and InitRoutines() accordingly
o moved BACKGNDPAGE to EMS/RAM-memory, introduced BACKGNADR as pointer to it
o uniformly made page-parameter "pa" of type WORD everywhere
o added routine CopyVRAMtoVRAM()
o changed PutPixel- and Line-routines to clip to animation window if wanted;
  introduced variable WinClip for this purpose
o added SetSplitIndex() & GetSplitIndex(), to support selective clipping for
  sprites, too
o added MakeSpriteText()-routine
o added MakeTileArea() for simplified background tiling
o added fade in's, fade out's (and more) by FadeToPalette()
o MAKES: added command line switch "/480" to use 640x480x256 as graphic mode
o added FindFile() routine to improve file name handling
o omitted TRANSLAT-utility from the package and added a pre-translated
  English version ANIVGA.ENG to the package
o changed last column handling in sprite saving routines


V1.0 -> V1.1:

o Added compiler switches $G-,$I-,$F-,$X-,$N-,$L+ for completeness
o changed code so that it works for code generation with $G+
o changed page flipping; ANIVGA now synchronizes to "display enable" (instead
  of vertical retrace)
o killed a few documentation flaws
o completely rewrote GRAB: may use either BIOS or built-in screen access
  routines, supports mouse
o rewrote ANIVGA code to use 16 bit screen accesses whereever it made sense
  (note that there are situations where it is *really* faster to work with 8
   bit accesses!)
o moved types PaletteEntry, Palette and PalettePtr into the interface-section
o constant DefaultColors, too
o rewrote SetShadowTab() completely - should be 5x faster now
o added new display mode Display_SHADOWEXACT
o added SetPalette() and GetPalette()

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ANIVGA.DOC220.35 kB07-11-93|18:45
ANIVGA.ENG320.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
ANIVGA.PAS318.61 kB07-11-93|18:45
ANIVGA.TUT12.66 kB07-11-93|18:45
BFFFFFFF.PAS2.02 kB07-11-93|18:45
CHANGES.TXT4.76 kB07-11-93|18:45
COMPRESS.PAS38.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
DATEIEN.PAS45.08 kB07-11-93|18:45
DUMP_SPR.PAS10.05 kB07-11-93|18:45
EINGABEN.PAS8.68 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPL12.PAS3.77 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE1.PAS1.58 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE2.PAS1.89 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE3.PAS3.24 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE4.PAS1.64 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE5.PAS2.92 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE6.PAS3.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE7.PAS3.03 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE8.PAS2.82 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE9.PAS1.38 kB07-11-93|18:45
FAQ.TXT11.99 kB07-11-93|18:45
07.00 B
2_HEBREW.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
30.FNT3.26 kB11-03-92|10:39
33Q.FNT3.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
36.FNT2.76 kB11-03-92|10:39
44.FNT2.26 kB11-03-92|10:39
8X10.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
8X11SNSF.FNT2.76 kB11-03-92|10:38
8X14.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
ALPS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS10.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS11.FNT2.76 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS6.FNT1.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS7.FNT1.76 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS8.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:37
ANTIQUE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
APLS9.FNT2.26 kB11-03-92|10:37
B814.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
BIGSERIF.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BLCKSNSF.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BLOCK.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BOLD.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BROADWAY.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
CNTDOWN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
COMPUTER.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
COURIER.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
CYRILLIC.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
DEFAULT.FNT1.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
FIRE.FNT52.26 kB11-03-92|18:45
FIRE.PAL768.00 B11-03-92|18:45
FRANKFRT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
FRESNO.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
FUTURE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
GAELIC.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
GEORGIAN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
GREEK.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
HOLLOW.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
HUGE.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
HYLAS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
ITALIC.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ITALICS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ITT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
LCD.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
MEDIEVAL.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
MODERNFO.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
OCR.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
OLDENG.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ROMAN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SANSERIF.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SCRIBBLE.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
SCRIPT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SCRIPT2.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SENAPL.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SIDE.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SIMILITE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SMALCAPS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
STRETCH.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SUPER.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
THAI.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
THIN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
THIN8X8.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
_BROADWA.FNT8.01 kB11-02-92|12:06
_OCR.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
GRAB.EXE14.53 kB07-11-93|18:45
GRAB.PAS45.71 kB07-11-93|18:45
07.00 B
AEGYPTEN.COD1.30 kB06-12-92|21:42
BLACK.COD434.00 B06-12-92|21:54
FLOWER.COD3.26 kB03-20-92|14:04
FRACTAL.PAL768.00 B07-03-93|16:12
FRACTAL1.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:12
FRACTAL2.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:13
FRACTAL3.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:13
FRACTAL4.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:14
HANTEL.LIB4.77 kB11-10-91|15:20
MARMOR.COD8.80 kB06-13-92|18:38
RANDOM.PAL768.00 B07-17-92|19:31
TILE2.COD1.30 kB10-20-91|13:57
WHATSNEW.LIB1.72 kB06-12-93|20:09
07.00 B
APPLE.COD290.00 B10-02-92|05:34
ESP.COD4.55 kB10-05-92|15:06
GAME.EXE43.13 kB07-04-93|12:21
GAME.PAS12.00 kB07-04-93|13:46
LINE.COD1.02 kB09-25-92|18:55
MUSIC.PAS20.14 kB09-24-92|16:52
MUSIC.TPU4.89 kB07-04-93|12:21
QUEST.LIB4.53 kB10-05-92|15:51
README.TXT549.00 B07-04-93|13:47
SMALLNUM.LIB13.00 kB09-27-92|16:24
SPOOK.LIB3.57 kB10-02-92|07:36
STANDARD.PAL768.00 B09-25-92|18:53
MAKE.BAT165.00 B07-11-93|18:45
MAKES.PAS218.08 kB07-11-93|18:45
PCX2COD.DOC852.00 B07-11-93|18:45
PCX2COD.PAS77.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
README.1ST2.87 kB07-11-93|18:45
README.2ND4.12 kB07-11-93|18:45
SHOWPIC.PAS995.00 B07-11-93|18:45
SVGA256.BGI6.19 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNCHAIN.ASM11.60 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNCHAIN.EXE1.20 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNLIB.PAS5.86 kB07-11-93|18:45
WHATSNEW.EXE37.36 kB07-11-93|18:45
WHATSNEW.PAS9.10 kB07-11-93|18:45
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