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			Some frequently asked questions:

Q: I think you forgot to include the sources of some programs?
A: No, I just couldn't include some units where I'm unsure about the legal
   issues: they were once published in a magazine and I changed them a bit
   to fit my needs. I didn't want to get into _any_ troubles, so I decided
   not to publish them.

Q: I'd like to understand the AniVGA-source code file ANIVGA.PAS, but
   unfortunately, I don't speak German!
A: Learn German -or- rename ANIVGA.ENG into ANIVGA.PAS --whatever is more
   convenient for you... :-)

Q: GRAB won't popup!
A: As GRAB does disk writes, it can't popup while MSDos is in a critical
   section (unfortunately, MSDos isn't reentrant, as we all do know).
   Sometimes, GRAB doesn't even pop up, if it could. That's because of the
   TSR-unit I use (I think it is because the unit doesn't supply an appropriate
   INT28h-handler). Sorry, but I didn't found a better TSR-unit til now.
   If you have a more radical image grabber, then use that, save the picture
   to disk, use an image viewer program to display it and grab then!

Q: GRAB shows a messed up capture box|screen!
A: The application played some tricks to the VGA-card; reboot and start GRAB
   again, this time supplying "/BIOS" as parameter -- and hope the best!

Q: I can't run MAKES; my machine displays nothing|a mess when I start it!
A: MAKES uses a 640x400x256 video mode only available at SuperVGA cards.
   Although the BGI-driver tries to identify the chip-set of your VGA card,
   it may fail on some, even if your card would supply this mode!
   If it doesn't work even if you do have a SuperVGA card, then please drop
   me a note, specifying which brand of VGA-card you use (especially which
   I have been reported by some people that their SVGA doesn't have a
   640x400x256 mode or that they do have such a mode, but the BGI driver
   doesn't work properly, anyway. For your convenience, I added a command
   line parameter switch "/480" which will invoke MAKES in a 640x480x256
   mode. This mode seems to work on nearly all SVGAs. To compensate the
   different aspect ratio (compared to 640:400 = 320:200), you may use
   your monitor's controller to expand the image accordingly.
   If all else fails, you'll have the (ugly) MAKES of V1.0, sorry!

Q: MAKES sometimes hangs when I start it or repeats an error, when I quit!
A: These are spurious errors I encountered, too. It hangs when trying to
   initialize the mouse driver - I suppose this is a problem of the mouse
   driver! I couldn't track down the other error, sorry. If you find a way
   to reproduce the error, then let me know!

Q: How may I speedup things?
A: Naturally, STATIC background is faster than SCROLLING backgrounds, but you
   can speed up SCROLLING backgrounds, too: make sure that StartVirtualX
   always is a multiple of 4 (that is, StartVirtualX MOD 4 = 0), because then,
   AniVGA can (and will) use the VGA's write mode 1 which is a lot faster than
   normal write mode 0.
   Another idea is to shrink NMAX: if you don't need more than 100 sprites
   (say), then change that constant and recompile AniVGA!
   If you are using windowed animations: make the animation window smaller.

Q: I'm using scrolling backgrounds and would like to display some items|text
   at the same (absolute) screen position.
A: Transform your coordinates, using StartVirtualX and StartVirtualY! See
   EXAMPLE6.PAS for a small example!

Q: I think the {
}-drawing routines don't work; for example, I
   tried a Line(0,0,319,199,PAGE) command but saw no line being drawed!
A: a) Perhaps your line is offscreen?
      The Line()-, PutPixel()- etc. procedures work with virtual coordinates,
      if you really want to draw a diagonal line from the upper left to the
      lower right corner, you'll have to use virtual coordinates instead:
           1-PAGE) should do the job
   b) You used the wrong page!
      Whenever Animate() gets called, it erases the screen. Thus you have to
      plot lines, points and chars *after* Animate() did its job, that is: call
      it *after* having called Animate() and use the _visible_ page "1-PAGE" as
      drawing page!
   c) You are using an animation window, drawed to the area outside that
      window and forgot to update the outer area! A simple way to trigger
      this is to set UpdateOuterArea:=2. However, this will update the
      *complete* outer area, so if you are a hacker, you might come up with
      something better ;-)

Q: Could you send me some more information about your COD-format for sprites?
A: There already _is_ such information: look into the ANIVGA.PAS source, right
   below the IMPLEMENTATION-section.
   If that's not enough for you, the just use DUMP_SPR on a small COD-file
   (you can redirect the program's output into a file for your convenience).

Email FAQs:
Q: I have problems xyz using your AniVGA package
A: V1.0? V1.1? ...

Q: Can you please email me the newest copy of AniVGA?
A: NO WAY! 1) I have an email limit here
           2) I'm paying for email

Q: Can you please snail-mail me the newest copy of AniVGA?
A: Only if *I* have a minimum of work and don't pay for it: neither for
   postage, packaging, handling, disk, duty or whatever!
   Sorry, but there actually _were_ bozos sending me a letter just saying
   "please send me a disk, perhaps I'll send you some bucks, if the new
    version is worth it"
   Such inquiries will be kicked into my dustbin, promised!

Q: What's the best way to get the newest version of AniVGA?
A: FTP it from a Simtel20-mirror in directory ../turbopas/
   or download it from the Fido-BBS I'm on!
   (Note to the latter: 2:241/7451 will be mail-only for some months;
    you can try 2:241/7557 instead. However, as both BBSes did not give
    in to the German FIDO-putsch, you won't find them in the official
    nodelist for a freq. However, normal download are still possible:
    their tel# are +49-7251-87289 / +49-721-757034, respectively.)

Q: How can I access Simtel20?
A: 1) with anonymous FTP:
      Use your nearest site from the list below, issue "FTP" to that address
      (either using the name of the site or its IP-address), login as user
      "anonymous", give your complete email-address as password.
      Use "cd" to change to the dir you want, "dir" or "ls" as usual. If you
      want to download a text file, type "ASCII", if it is a binary file, type
      "BIN". Then type "GET myfile.ext" and you succeed.
      (Some machines distinguish upper-/lowercase!)

        ( Uni Heidelberg (Germany), /pub/msdos/simtel/???
      ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de, tupac-amaru.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
        (    Uni Aachen (Germany), /simtel/msdos/???
        (  Uni Aachen (Germany), /pub/simtel, /pub/msdos,
        (,   Uni Paderborn (Germany), /pcsoft/msdos/???
        (,      New Mexico, USA (GMT-7h), PD1:<MSDOS.???>
        ( dto. (use "cd PD1:<MSDOS.???>")
        (, Michigan, USA, /pub/msdos/???
        (,  Washington University, St. Louis, USA,
        (      /systems/msdos/simtel20/???
        (      /systems/ibmpc/msdos/simtel20/???
        (     dto.
        (, Iowa, USA, /simtel.msdos/???
      sol.deakin.oz.au, sol.deakin.edu.au
        (,    Australia, /pub/PC/simtel-20/???
        (     Australia, /pub/PC/simtel-20/???
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OLDENG.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
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SANSERIF.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SCRIBBLE.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
SCRIPT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SCRIPT2.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SENAPL.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SIDE.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SIMILITE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SMALCAPS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
STRETCH.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SUPER.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
THAI.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
THIN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
THIN8X8.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
_BROADWA.FNT8.01 kB11-02-92|12:06
_OCR.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
GRAB.EXE14.53 kB07-11-93|18:45
GRAB.PAS45.71 kB07-11-93|18:45
07.00 B
AEGYPTEN.COD1.30 kB06-12-92|21:42
BLACK.COD434.00 B06-12-92|21:54
FLOWER.COD3.26 kB03-20-92|14:04
FRACTAL.PAL768.00 B07-03-93|16:12
FRACTAL1.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:12
FRACTAL2.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:13
FRACTAL3.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:13
FRACTAL4.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:14
HANTEL.LIB4.77 kB11-10-91|15:20
MARMOR.COD8.80 kB06-13-92|18:38
RANDOM.PAL768.00 B07-17-92|19:31
TILE2.COD1.30 kB10-20-91|13:57
WHATSNEW.LIB1.72 kB06-12-93|20:09
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APPLE.COD290.00 B10-02-92|05:34
ESP.COD4.55 kB10-05-92|15:06
GAME.EXE43.13 kB07-04-93|12:21
GAME.PAS12.00 kB07-04-93|13:46
LINE.COD1.02 kB09-25-92|18:55
MUSIC.PAS20.14 kB09-24-92|16:52
MUSIC.TPU4.89 kB07-04-93|12:21
QUEST.LIB4.53 kB10-05-92|15:51
README.TXT549.00 B07-04-93|13:47
SMALLNUM.LIB13.00 kB09-27-92|16:24
SPOOK.LIB3.57 kB10-02-92|07:36
STANDARD.PAL768.00 B09-25-92|18:53
MAKE.BAT165.00 B07-11-93|18:45
MAKES.PAS218.08 kB07-11-93|18:45
PCX2COD.DOC852.00 B07-11-93|18:45
PCX2COD.PAS77.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
README.1ST2.87 kB07-11-93|18:45
README.2ND4.12 kB07-11-93|18:45
SHOWPIC.PAS995.00 B07-11-93|18:45
SVGA256.BGI6.19 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNCHAIN.ASM11.60 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNCHAIN.EXE1.20 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNLIB.PAS5.86 kB07-11-93|18:45
WHATSNEW.EXE37.36 kB07-11-93|18:45
WHATSNEW.PAS9.10 kB07-11-93|18:45

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