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       ߰ ܰ                       ߰
        ۰                ۰ 
       ߰                      ߰

                          ANIVGA  (c), 1991..1993           
                    a Sprite-Unit for TurboPascal V6.0     
                             by Kai Rohrbacher              
                                Version 1.2                 

Hi everybody!

Here it is: the new version of my sprite toolkit for TurboPascal 6.0 and the
VGA's 256 color mode!
(Read the file README.2nd for important details how to install or upgrade the
I decided to publish the source code for your convenience, but it still
remains copyrighted by the author (that's me!): these programs are FREEWARE,
_not_ PUBLIC DOMAIN! You are free to copy and give away this program, as long
as you do not omit or change any files from the archive.

To see whether ANIVGA is what you were looking for, here are some of ANIVGA's
capabilities & restrictions:

 - flickerfree animation by a "page-flipping" algorithm and using the
   display enable signal
 - sprite movement in any increments you want
 - arbitrary background image for the animation
 - windowed animations
 - full use of the VGA's 256-color mode
 - several sprite display methods available:
   - sprites can be written normally (covering underlying figures)
   - sprites can be declared to be transparent with regard to the background
     or other sprites pixel by pixel
   - sprites can change their color de
(Please download the complete source code to view)
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Name Size Date
ANIVGA.DOC220.35 kB07-11-93|18:45
ANIVGA.ENG320.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
ANIVGA.PAS318.61 kB07-11-93|18:45
ANIVGA.TUT12.66 kB07-11-93|18:45
BFFFFFFF.PAS2.02 kB07-11-93|18:45
CHANGES.TXT4.76 kB07-11-93|18:45
COMPRESS.PAS38.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
DATEIEN.PAS45.08 kB07-11-93|18:45
DUMP_SPR.PAS10.05 kB07-11-93|18:45
EINGABEN.PAS8.68 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPL12.PAS3.77 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE1.PAS1.58 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE2.PAS1.89 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE3.PAS3.24 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE4.PAS1.64 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE5.PAS2.92 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE6.PAS3.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE7.PAS3.03 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE8.PAS2.82 kB07-11-93|18:45
EXAMPLE9.PAS1.38 kB07-11-93|18:45
FAQ.TXT11.99 kB07-11-93|18:45
07.00 B
2_HEBREW.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
30.FNT3.26 kB11-03-92|10:39
33Q.FNT3.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
36.FNT2.76 kB11-03-92|10:39
44.FNT2.26 kB11-03-92|10:39
8X10.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
8X11SNSF.FNT2.76 kB11-03-92|10:38
8X14.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
ALPS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS10.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS11.FNT2.76 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS6.FNT1.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS7.FNT1.76 kB11-03-92|10:37
ALPS8.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:37
ANTIQUE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
APLS9.FNT2.26 kB11-03-92|10:37
B814.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
BIGSERIF.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BLCKSNSF.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BLOCK.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BOLD.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
BROADWAY.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
CNTDOWN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
COMPUTER.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
COURIER.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
CYRILLIC.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
DEFAULT.FNT1.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
FIRE.FNT52.26 kB11-03-92|18:45
FIRE.PAL768.00 B11-03-92|18:45
FRANKFRT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
FRESNO.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
FUTURE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
GAELIC.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
GEORGIAN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
GREEK.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
HOLLOW.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
HUGE.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
HYLAS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
ITALIC.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ITALICS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ITT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
LCD.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
MEDIEVAL.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:38
MODERNFO.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
OCR.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
OLDENG.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
ROMAN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SANSERIF.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SCRIBBLE.FNT4.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
SCRIPT.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SCRIPT2.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SENAPL.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SIDE.FNT2.51 kB11-03-92|10:37
SIMILITE.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SMALCAPS.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
STRETCH.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
SUPER.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
THAI.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
THIN.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
THIN8X8.FNT2.01 kB11-03-92|10:39
_BROADWA.FNT8.01 kB11-02-92|12:06
_OCR.FNT3.51 kB11-03-92|10:39
GRAB.EXE14.53 kB07-11-93|18:45
GRAB.PAS45.71 kB07-11-93|18:45
07.00 B
AEGYPTEN.COD1.30 kB06-12-92|21:42
BLACK.COD434.00 B06-12-92|21:54
FLOWER.COD3.26 kB03-20-92|14:04
FRACTAL.PAL768.00 B07-03-93|16:12
FRACTAL1.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:12
FRACTAL2.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:13
FRACTAL3.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:13
FRACTAL4.PIC62.50 kB07-03-93|16:14
HANTEL.LIB4.77 kB11-10-91|15:20
MARMOR.COD8.80 kB06-13-92|18:38
RANDOM.PAL768.00 B07-17-92|19:31
TILE2.COD1.30 kB10-20-91|13:57
WHATSNEW.LIB1.72 kB06-12-93|20:09
07.00 B
APPLE.COD290.00 B10-02-92|05:34
ESP.COD4.55 kB10-05-92|15:06
GAME.EXE43.13 kB07-04-93|12:21
GAME.PAS12.00 kB07-04-93|13:46
LINE.COD1.02 kB09-25-92|18:55
MUSIC.PAS20.14 kB09-24-92|16:52
MUSIC.TPU4.89 kB07-04-93|12:21
QUEST.LIB4.53 kB10-05-92|15:51
README.TXT549.00 B07-04-93|13:47
SMALLNUM.LIB13.00 kB09-27-92|16:24
SPOOK.LIB3.57 kB10-02-92|07:36
STANDARD.PAL768.00 B09-25-92|18:53
MAKE.BAT165.00 B07-11-93|18:45
MAKES.PAS218.08 kB07-11-93|18:45
PCX2COD.DOC852.00 B07-11-93|18:45
PCX2COD.PAS77.98 kB07-11-93|18:45
README.1ST2.87 kB07-11-93|18:45
README.2ND4.12 kB07-11-93|18:45
SHOWPIC.PAS995.00 B07-11-93|18:45
SVGA256.BGI6.19 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNCHAIN.ASM11.60 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNCHAIN.EXE1.20 kB07-11-93|18:45
UNLIB.PAS5.86 kB07-11-93|18:45
WHATSNEW.EXE37.36 kB07-11-93|18:45
WHATSNEW.PAS9.10 kB07-11-93|18:45
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