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CRC calculates a cyclic redundancy code (CRC), known as CRC-16, using
  a byte-wise algorithm.

  (C) Copyright 1989, Earl F. Glynn, Overland Park, KS.  Compuserve 73257,3527.
  All Rights Reserved.  This Turbo Pascal 5.5 UNIT may be freely distributed
  for non-commercial use.

  This UNIT was derived from the CRCT FORTRAN 77 program given in
  "Byte-wise CRC Calculations" by Aram Perez in IEEE Micro, June 1983,
  pp. 40-50.  The constants here are for the CRC-16 generator polynomial,
  X^16 + X^15 + X^2 + 1.  While the constants are specific to the
  CRC-16 polynomial, the algorithm is general and will calculate the
  CRC for whatever set of constants is present.

  This CRC algorithm emphasizes speed at the expense of the 512-byte
  lookup table.


  PROCEDURE CalcCRC (p:  pointer; nbyte:  WORD; VAR CRCvalue:  WORD);
  PROCEDURE CalcFileCRC (FromName:  STRING; VAR CRCvalue:  WORD;
              VAR IOBuffer:  pointer;  BufferSize:  WORD; VAR error:  WORD);


    table:  ARRAY[0..255] OF WORD =

    buffer = ARRAY[1..65521] OF BYTE;  
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