gprs.h in

GPRS SMS receiving and dispatching source, verify that you can use...Original Link
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#ifndef __GPRS_H__
#define __GPRS_H__

extern char * cmd[];

void gprs_init();
//void gprs_msg(char *number,char *text);
void gprs_msg(char *number, int num);
void gprs_call(char *number, int num);
void gprs_hold();
void gprs_ans();
void gprs_call(char *number, int num);
void gprs_baud(char *baud,int num);
//void gprs_keyuartpoll();

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Project Files

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 gprs.c1.96 kB15-06-08 18:38
 gprs.h361.00 B11-07-06 09:28
 gprs.o2.14 kB09-11-05 16:03
 gprs_ans.vsd15.50 kB23-05-08 19:20
 gprs_call.vsd15.50 kB23-05-08 19:20
 gprs_hold.vsd15.50 kB23-05-08 19:20
 gprs_init.vsd21.00 kB23-05-08 19:19
 gprs_msg.vsd15.50 kB23-05-08 19:21
 gprs_read.vsd20.50 kB23-05-08 19:22
 keyshell.c2.10 kB11-07-06 09:28
 keyshell.o2.67 kB09-11-05 16:03
 keyshell.vsd38.00 kB23-05-08 19:22
 main.c2.49 kB11-07-06 09:29
 main.o2.35 kB09-11-05 16:03
 main.vsd44.00 kB23-05-08 19:43
 Makefile393.00 B19-08-05 01:43
 tty.c4.39 kB11-07-06 09:12
 tty.h190.00 B16-05-05 11:22
 tty.o2.43 kB09-11-05 16:03
 tty_init.vsd20.00 kB23-05-08 19:23
 tty_write.vsd21.00 kB23-05-08 19:23
 tty_writecmd.vsd21.00 kB23-05-08 19:23
 types.h161.00 B16-05-05 11:22
 _desktop.ini10.00 B20-10-06 09:58
 智能家居.vsd13.50 kB23-05-08 11:19
 <08_gprs>0.00 B31-03-10 20:50
 <gprs短信的收发短信的源码>0.00 B31-03-10 20:50

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