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			// Hmm.h: interface for the CHmm class.

#if !defined(AFX_HMM_H__4D16D802_B6C9_4F4E_BCD1_962A048D3044__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_HMM_H__4D16D802_B6C9_4F4E_BCD1_962A048D3044__INCLUDED_

#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER > 1000

class CHmm  

	virtual ~CHmm();

	void SetHmmParam(int iDimA, int iDimB, double **pA, double **pB, double *pPI);
	double Forward(int *pInput, int iInputLen, double **pRltMatrix);
	double Backward(int *pInput, int iInputLen, double **pRltMatrix);
	double Viterbi(int *pInput, int iInputLen, int *pBestPath, double **pRltMatrix, int **plamda);

	int m_iDimA;
	int m_iDimB;

	double **m_pA;
	double **m_pB;
	double *m_pPI;

	int *m_pInput;
	int m_iInputLen;

	double **m_pRltMatrix;
	int **m_plamda;

	double forward_recursion(int iIndex, int j);
	double backward_recursion(int iIndex, int j);
	double viterbi_recursion(int iIndex, int j);


#endif // !defined(AFX_HMM_H__4D16D802_B6C9_4F4E_BCD1_962A048D3044__INCLUDED_)
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hmm_1.cpp2.00 kB20-10-06 09:22
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hmm_1.dsw516.00 B20-10-06 09:22
hmm_1.h1.28 kB20-10-06 09:22
hmm_1.ncb57.00 kB21-09-07 16:02
hmm_1.opt52.50 kB21-09-07 16:02
hmm_1.plg697.00 B20-08-07 09:53
hmm_1.rc4.64 kB21-10-06 21:40
hmm_1Dlg.cpp6.37 kB29-07-07 15:18
hmm_1Dlg.h1.54 kB21-10-06 21:08
ReadMe.txt3.48 kB20-10-06 09:22
hmm_1.ico1.05 kB20-10-06 09:22
hmm_1.rc2397.00 B20-10-06 09:22
Thumbs.db3.00 kB11-09-07 12:11
resource.h775.00 B21-10-06 21:09
StdAfx.cpp207.00 B20-10-06 09:22
StdAfx.h1.03 kB20-10-06 09:22
<Debug>0.00 B08-11-07 10:03
<res>0.00 B11-09-07 12:11
<hmm源码-c>0.00 B21-09-07 16:02
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