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     File: main.m
 Abstract: Main source file for UICatalog sample.
  Version: 2.10
 Disclaimer: IMPORTANT:  This Apple software is supplied to you by Apple
 Inc. ("Apple") in consideration of your agreement to the following
 terms, and your use, installation, modification or redistribution of
 this Apple software constitutes acceptance of these terms.  If you do
 not agree with these terms, please do not use, install, modify or
 redistribute this Apple software.
 In consideration of your agreement to abide by the following terms, and
 subject to these terms, Apple grants you a personal, non-exclusive
 license, under Apple's copyrights in this original Apple software (the
 "Apple Software"), to use, reproduce, modify and redistribute the Apple
 Software, with or without modifications, in source and/or binary forms;
 provided that if you redistribute the Apple Software in its entirety and
 without modifications, you must retain this notice and the following
 text and disclaimers in all such redistributions of the Apple Software.
 Neither the name, trademarks, service marks or logos of Apple Inc. may
 be used to endorse or promote products derived from the Apple Software
 without specific prior written permission from Apple.  Except as
 expressly stated in this notice, no other rights or licenses, express or
 implied, are granted by Apple herein, including but not limited to any
 patent rights that may be infringed by your derivative works or by other
 works in which the Apple Software may be incorporated.
 The Apple Software is provided by Apple on an "AS IS" basis.  APPLE
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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
AlertsViewController.h2.70 kB2011-07-08|13:00
AlertsViewController.m12.14 kB2011-07-08|13:00
AppDelegate.h2.75 kB2011-07-08|13:00
AppDelegate.m3.90 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ButtonsViewController.h3.08 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ButtonsViewController.m16.41 kB2011-07-08|13:00
Constants.h2.72 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ControlsViewController.h3.12 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ControlsViewController.m16.35 kB2011-07-08|13:00
01.96 kB
AlertsViewController.xib5.85 kB2011-06-15|17:15
ButtonsViewController.xib5.99 kB2011-06-15|17:15
ControlsViewController.xib6.00 kB2011-06-15|17:15
ImagesViewController.xib10.66 kB2011-06-15|17:15
Localizable.strings1.58 kB2011-06-22|19:12
MainWindow.xib12.54 kB2011-06-15|17:15
PickerViewController.xib31.15 kB2011-06-15|17:15
SearchBarController.xib10.53 kB2011-06-22|19:12
SegmentViewController.xib5.70 kB2011-06-15|17:15
TextFieldController.xib6.78 kB2011-06-15|17:15
TextViewController.xib5.90 kB2011-06-15|17:15
ToolbarViewController.xib28.16 kB2011-06-22|19:12
TransitionViewController.xib10.26 kB2011-06-15|17:15
WebViewController.xib5.62 kB2011-06-15|17:15
01.96 kB
12-6AM.png1.98 kB2011-06-15|17:15
12-6PM.png2.43 kB2011-06-15|17:15
6-12AM.png2.32 kB2011-06-15|17:15
6-12PM.png2.17 kB2011-06-15|17:15
blueButton.png1.43 kB2011-06-15|17:15
bookmarkImage.png1.08 kB2011-06-27|15:44
bookmarkImageHighlighted.png1.04 kB2011-06-27|15:44
Default.png2.07 kB2011-06-15|17:15
divider.png902.00 B2011-06-22|19:12
Icon-72.png1.04 kB2011-06-15|17:15
Icon-Small-50.png992.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
Icon-Small.png918.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
Icon-Small@2x.png1,010.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
Icon.png1,007.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
Icon@2x.png1.22 kB2011-06-15|17:15
iTunesArtwork5.07 kB2011-06-15|17:15
orangeslide.png3.04 kB2011-06-15|17:15
scene1.jpg45.98 kB2011-06-15|17:15
scene2.jpg11.80 kB2011-06-15|17:15
scene3.jpg23.30 kB2011-06-15|17:15
scene4.jpg15.26 kB2011-06-15|17:15
scene5.jpg15.16 kB2011-06-15|17:15
searchBarBackground.png24.66 kB2011-06-22|19:12
segment_check.png510.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
segment_search.png3.69 kB2011-06-15|17:15
segment_tools.png3.79 kB2011-06-15|17:15
segmentedBackground.png24.23 kB2011-06-22|19:33
slider_ball.png868.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
toolbarBackground.png24.66 kB2011-06-22|19:12
UIButton_custom.png655.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
whiteButton.png1.40 kB2011-06-15|17:15
yellowslide.png3.04 kB2011-06-15|17:15
ImagesViewController.h2.69 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ImagesViewController.m5.01 kB2011-07-08|13:00
Info.plist1.13 kB2011-06-22|19:12
main.m2.63 kB2011-07-08|13:00
MainViewController.h2.60 kB2011-07-08|13:00
MainViewController.m11.70 kB2011-07-08|13:00
01.96 kB
CustomPickerDataSource.h2.64 kB2011-07-08|13:00
CustomPickerDataSource.m4.79 kB2011-07-08|13:00
CustomView.h2.67 kB2011-07-08|13:00
CustomView.m3.95 kB2011-07-08|13:00
PickerViewController.h3.44 kB2011-07-08|13:00
PickerViewController.m12.94 kB2011-07-08|13:00
Prefix.pch90.00 B2011-06-15|17:15
ReadMe.txt5.99 kB2011-06-22|19:35
SearchBarController.h2.72 kB2011-07-08|13:00
SearchBarController.m5.56 kB2011-07-08|13:00
SegmentViewController.h2.54 kB2011-07-08|13:00
SegmentViewController.m10.86 kB2011-07-08|13:00
TextFieldController.h2.89 kB2011-07-08|13:00
TextFieldController.m12.72 kB2011-07-08|13:00
TextViewController.h2.60 kB2011-07-08|13:00
TextViewController.m7.19 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ToolbarViewController.h3.37 kB2011-07-08|13:00
ToolbarViewController.m10.58 kB2011-07-08|13:00
TransitionViewController.h2.76 kB2011-07-08|13:00
TransitionViewController.m6.40 kB2011-07-08|13:00
01.96 kB
project.pbxproj44.96 kB2011-06-22|19:33
WebViewController.h2.62 kB2011-07-08|13:00
WebViewController.m6.64 kB2011-07-08|13:00
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main.m (327.19 kB)

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