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			function d2 = mctimeder(d, n, f, s)
% Estimates time derivatives of motion capture data. Two options are available, the fast version 
% uses differences between two successive frames and a Butterworth smoothing filter, 
% whereas the accurate version uses derivation with a Savitzky-Golay FIR smoothing filter.
% syntax
% d2 = mctimeder(d);
% d2 = mctimeder(d, n);
% d2 = mctimeder(d, filterparams);
% d2 = mctimeder(d, s);
% d2 = mctimeder(d, n, filterparams);
% d2 = mctimeder(d, n, s);
% d2 = mctimeder(d, n, window, s);
% input parameters
% d: MoCap structure, norm structure, or segm structure
% n: order of time derivative (optional, default = 1). 
% f: 
%   filterparams: order and cutoff frequency for Butterworth smoothing filter (optional, default [2, 0.2])
%   window: window length for Savitzky-Golay FIR smoothing filter (optional, default = 7 for first-order derivative)
% s: fast or accurate version; fast version is default, use 'acc' for accurate version (if no window length is given, the default lengths are used, see comment)% 
% output
% d2: MoCap structure, norm structure, or segm structure
% examples
% d2 = mctimeder(d) % first-order time derivative using the fast version
% d2 = mctimeder(d, [2 .1]); % first-order time derivative using fast version (second order Butterworth 
% filter with 0.1 Hz cutoff frequency)
% d2 = mctimeder(d, 'acc'); % first-order time derivative using the accurate
% version (Savitzky-Golay filter)
% d2 = mctimeder(d, 2, 9, 'acc'); % second-order time derivative with 9-frame
% window using the accurate version (Savitzky-Golay filter)
% comments
% The default parameters for the Butterworth smoothing filter create a second-order zero-phase digital
% Butterworth filter with a cutoff frequency of 0.2 Hz.
% The window length is dependent on the order of the time derivative and the 
% given window length. It is calculated by 4*n+w-4. Thus, if the default
% window length of 7 is used, the window length for the second-order derivative 
% will be 11, and the window length for the third-order derivative will be 15.
% For information about the Savitzky-Golay filter, see help sgolayfilt.
% The function updates the d.timederorder field as follows: d2.timederorder = d.timederorder + order.
% see also
% mcsmoothen, mctimeintegr
%  Part of the Motion Capture Toolbox, Copyright 2008, 
% University of Jyvaskyla, Finland


if nargin==1
    n = 1;
    order = 2;
    cutoff = .2;
    s = '';

if nargin==2
    if isscalar(n)
        order = 2;
        cutoff = .2;
        s = '';
    elseif isvector(n) && ~ischar(n)
        order = n(1);
        cutoff = n(2);
        n = 1;
        s = '';
    elseif strcmp(n, 'acc')
        s = n;
        n = 1;
        f = 7;
        disp([10, 'Warning: Inconsistent input arguments.', 10]);

if nargin==3
    if ischar(f)
        s = f;
        f = 7;
    elseif isvector(f) && ~ischar(f)
        order = f(1);
        cutoff = f(2);
        s = '';
        disp([10, 'Warning: Inconsistent input arguments.', 10]);

if strcmp(s,'acc') %accurate version
    if isfield(d,'type') && (strcmp(d.type, 'MoCap data') || strcmp(d.type, 'norm data'))
        % differentiate MoCap data
        d2 = d;
        d2.data = differentiate(d.data, n, f) * d.freq^n;
        d2.timederOrder = d.timederOrder + n;
    elseif isfield(d,'type') && strcmp(d.type, 'segm data')
        % differentiate segm data
        d2 = d;
        d2.roottrans = differentiate(d.roottrans, n, f) * d.freq^n;
        d2.rootrot.az = differentiate(d.rootrot.az, n, f) * d.freq^n;
        d2.rootrot.el = differentiate(d.rootrot.el, n, f) * d.freq^n;
        for k=1:length(d.segm)
            if ~isempty(d.segm(k).eucl) d2.segm(k).eucl = differentiate(d.segm(k).eucl, n, f) * d.freq^n; end
            if ~isempty(d.segm(k).angle) d2.segm(k).angle = differentiate(d.segm(k).angle, n, f) * d.freq^n; end
            if ~isempty(d.segm(k).quat) d2.segm(k).quat = differentiate(d.segm(k).quat, n, f) * d.freq^n; end
        d2.timederOrder = d.timederOrder + n;
        disp([10, 'This function only works with MoCap, norm, or segment data structures.',])
else %fast version - default option
    if isfield(d,'type') && (strcmp(d.type, 'MoCap data') || strcmp(d.type, 'norm data'))
        % differentiate_fast MoCap data
        d2 = d;
        d2.data = differentiate_fast(d.data, n, order, cutoff) * d.freq^n;
        d2.timederOrder = d.timederOrder +
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mcinitj2spar.m675.00 B2011-10-17|10:24
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mcinitstruct.m3.75 kB2011-10-18|09:28
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mcj2s.m2.20 kB2011-10-17|12:28
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mckinenergy.m2.08 kB2011-12-12|04:04
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mckurtosis.m791.00 B2011-10-17|12:24
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mcm2j.m1.08 kB2011-10-17|12:28
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mcmakedemoparams.m2.39 kB2008-05-13|14:29
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mcmarkerdist.m763.00 B2011-10-17|12:29
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mcmocapgram.m1.89 kB2013-02-01|16:12
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mcnorm.m830.00 B2011-10-18|07:41
._mcnorm.m82.00 B2011-10-18|07:41
mcpcaproj.m2.76 kB2013-02-12|03:16
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mcperiod.m3.21 kB2013-02-12|03:16
._mcperiod.m82.00 B2013-02-12|03:16
mcplotframe.m13.90 kB2013-02-10|11:58
._mcplotframe.m82.00 B2013-02-10|11:58
mcplotphaseplane.m3.38 kB2011-10-18|07:26
._mcplotphaseplane.m82.00 B2011-10-18|07:26
mcplottimeseries.m17.26 kB2013-01-29|08:36
._mcplottimeseries.m82.00 B2013-01-29|08:36
mcplottimeseries_dep.m6.72 kB2013-01-29|08:35
._mcplottimeseries_dep.m82.00 B2013-01-29|08:35
mcpotenergy.m1.69 kB2011-10-18|03:23
._mcpotenergy.m82.00 B2011-10-18|03:23
mcread.m2.44 kB2012-04-13|10:31
._mcread.m312.00 B2012-04-13|10:31
mcreademg.m1.71 kB2011-10-18|03:17
._mcreademg.m331.00 B2011-10-18|03:17
mcreorderdims.m678.00 B2011-10-18|03:04
._mcreorderdims.m82.00 B2011-10-18|03:04
mcresample.m951.00 B2011-10-17|13:01
._mcresample.m82.00 B2011-10-17|13:01
mcrotate.m2.50 kB2011-10-18|03:36
._mcrotate.m330.00 B2011-10-18|03:36
mcs2j.m1.41 kB2011-10-17|13:08
._mcs2j.m82.00 B2011-10-17|13:08
mcs2posture.m541.00 B2011-10-17|13:08
._mcs2posture.m82.00 B2011-10-17|13:08
mcsegmangle.m725.00 B2011-10-17|13:08
._mcsegmangle.m82.00 B2011-10-17|13:08
mcsethares.m3.93 kB2011-10-18|02:59
._mcsethares.m82.00 B2011-10-18|02:59
mcsetmarker.m3.03 kB2013-02-10|11:58
._mcsetmarker.m82.00 B2013-02-10|11:58
mcsimmat.m952.00 B2011-10-18|03:35
._mcsimmat.m82.00 B2011-10-18|03:35
mcskewness.m728.00 B2011-10-19|08:55
._mcskewness.m82.00 B2011-10-19|08:55
mcsmoothen.m3.43 kB2011-10-17|13:17
._mcsmoothen.m82.00 B2011-10-17|13:17
mcspectrum.m1.83 kB2011-10-18|02:53
._mcspectrum.m266.00 B2011-10-18|02:53
mcstatmoments.m707.00 B2011-10-19|08:56
._mcstatmoments.m82.00 B2011-10-19|08:56
mcstd.m649.00 B2011-10-19|08:55
._mcstd.m82.00 B2011-10-19|08:55
mctimeder.m6.67 kB2012-04-12|08:39
._mctimeder.m82.00 B2012-04-12|08:39
mctimeintegr.m1.59 kB2011-10-18|03:37
._mctimeintegr.m82.00 B2011-10-18|03:37
mctranslate.m761.00 B2011-10-17|13:24
._mctranslate.m82.00 B2011-10-17|13:24
mctrim.m2.00 kB2011-10-19|04:44
._mctrim.m82.00 B2011-10-19|04:44
mcvar.m629.00 B2011-10-19|08:56
._mcvar.m82.00 B2011-10-19|08:56
mcvect2grid.m1.38 kB2011-10-19|08:09
._mcvect2grid.m82.00 B2011-10-19|08:09
mcwindow.m3.32 kB2011-10-18|03:37
._mcwindow.m82.00 B2011-10-18|03:37
mcwritetsv.m2.27 kB2012-04-16|05:29
._mcwritetsv.m376.00 B2012-04-16|05:29
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.DS_Store6.00 kB2012-04-12|09:26
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._.DS_Store193.00 B2012-04-12|09:26
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._dir2quat.m193.00 B2008-01-17|18:16
initemptymc.mat127.62 kB2009-11-29|17:45
makecolumn.m257.00 B2007-09-11|13:58
mcica.m1.04 kB2010-05-07|03:59
._mcica.m193.00 B2010-05-07|03:59
mcpca.m829.00 B2008-12-10|13:09
._mcpca.m82.00 B2008-12-10|13:09
mcreadc3d.m1.21 kB2011-09-07|06:28
._mcreadc3d.m82.00 B2011-09-07|06:28
mcreadmat.m2.00 kB2011-09-07|06:26
._mcreadmat.m312.00 B2011-09-07|06:26
mcreadtsv.m3.50 kB2012-04-13|05:38
._mcreadtsv.m82.00 B2012-04-13|05:38
mcreadwii.m1.02 kB2011-09-07|06:26
._mcreadwii.m171.00 B2011-09-07|06:26
mypca.m507.00 B2008-10-21|15:46
._mypca.m82.00 B2008-10-21|15:46
qinv.m106.00 B2008-01-17|18:02
._qinv.m193.00 B2008-01-17|18:02
quatrot.m618.00 B2008-04-18|18:29
._quatrot.m193.00 B2008-04-18|18:29
readc3d.m12.15 kB2013-01-29|15:11
._readc3d.m341.00 B2013-01-29|15:11
readC3dIDL.m14.27 kB2009-11-30|03:02
smoothderiv.m390.00 B2006-05-21|13:26
._smoothderiv.m82.00 B2006-05-21|13:26
validfield.m464.00 B2007-04-30|11:04
._private193.00 B2013-01-31|03:26
._mocaptoolbox193.00 B2013-02-12|03:16
releasenotes_v1.4.txt5.74 kB2013-02-12|03:10
._releasenotes_v1.4.txt171.00 B2013-02-12|03:10
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