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			function data =readc3d(fname,header)
% This function will read a .C3D file and output the data in a structured
% array
% data = readc3d(fname)
% fname = the c3d file and path (as a string) eg: 'c:\documents\myfile.c3d'
% data is a structured array
% see also writec3d.m
% CAUTION: machinetype variable may not be correct for intel or MIPS C3D files.
% This m-file needs to be tested with C3D files of these types.
% This m-file was tested and passed with DEC (VAX PDP-11) C3D files
% CAUTION: only character, integer, and real numbers have been tested.
% see http://www.c3d.org/HTML/default.htm for information
% CAUTION: residuals of 3D data are not handled
%Created by JJ Loh  2006/09/10
%Departement of Kinesiology
%McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Canada
%updated by JJ loh 2008/03/08
%video channels can handle NaN's
%updated by JJ Loh 2008/04/10
%header can be outputed alone
% -------------------------------------------

mtype = getmachinecode(fname);
switch mtype
    case 84  %intel
        machinetype = 'ieee-le';
    case 85 %DEC (VAX PDP-11)
        machinetype = 'vaxd';
    case 86 %MIPS
        machinetype = 'ieee-be';
fid=fopen(fname,'r',machinetype);           % if "DEC" selected in export c3d options in IQ you will get an error, change to PC

%--------------------HEADER SECTION----------------------------------------
%  Reading record number of parameter section
pblock=fread(fid,1,'int8');         %getting the 512 block number where the paramter section is located block 1 = first 512 block of the file
fread(fid,1,'int8');           %code for a C3D file

%  Getting all the necessary parameters from the header record
%                                  word     description
H.ParamterBlockNum = pblock;
H.NumMarkers =fread(fid,1,'int16');             %2      number of markers
H.SamplesPerFrame =fread(fid,1,'int16');        %3      total number of analog measurements per video frame
H.FirstVideoFrame =fread(fid,1,'int16');        %4      # of first video frame
% H.EndVideoFrame =fread(fid,1,'int16');        %5      # of last video frame
H.EndVideoFrame =fread(fid,1,'uint16');         % ES: modified to unsigned (size problem large files)
H.MaxIntGap =fread(fid,1,'int16');              %6      maximum interpolation gap allowed (in frame)
H.Scale =fread(fid,1,'float32');                %7-8    floating-point scale factor to convert 3D-integers to ref system units
H.StartRecord =fread(fid,1,'int16');            %9      starting record number for 3D point and analog data
H.SamplesPerChannel =fread(fid,1,'int16');      %10     number of analog samples per channel
H.VideoHZ =fread(fid,1,'float32');              %11-12  frequency of video data
fseek(fid,2*148,'bof');                         %13-147 reserved for future use
H.LablePointer =fread(fid,1,'int16');           %label and range data pointer

if nargin == 2
    data = H;

%---------------------PARAMETER SECTION-------------------------------------
fseek(fid,(pblock-1)*512,'bof');  %the start of the parameter block

%parameter header
fseek(fid,2,'cof');  %ignore the first two bytes of the header
numpblocks = fread(fid,1,'uint8'); %number of parameter blocks
processor = fread(fid,1,'uint8'); %processor type 84 = intel, 85 = DEC (VAX PDP-11), 86 = MIPS processor (SGI/MIPS)
switch processor
    case 84 %intel
        machinetype = 'ieee-le';
    case 85 %DEC (VAX PDP-11)
        machinetype = 'vaxd';
    case 86 %MIPS
        machinetype = 'ieee-be';
Pheader.NumberOfBlocks = numpblocks;
Pheader.MachineType = processor;
%getting group list
P = struct;
while 1
    numchar = fread(fid,1,'int8');                  %number of characters in the group name
    id = fread(fid,1,'int8');                       %group/parameter id
    gname = char(fread(fid,abs(numchar),'uint8')'); %group/parameter name

    if strcmp(gname,'EndVideoFrame')
    index = ftell(fid);                             %this is the starting point for the offset
    nextgroup = fread(fid,1,'int16');               %nextgroup = offset to the next group/parameter
    if numchar < 0;                                 %a negative character length means the group is locked
        islock = 1;
        islock = 0;
    fld = [];                                   %fld = structured field to add to the output
    fld.id = id;                                %fld has fields id and description   
    fld.islock = islock;
    if id < 0                                       %groups always have id <0 parameters are always >0  
        dnum = fread(fid,1,'uint8');                %number of characters of the desctription
        desc = char(fread(fid,dnum,'uint8')');      %description of the group/parameter
        fld.description = desc;
        P.(gname)=fld;                              %add the field to the variable P
    else %it is a parameter
        dtype = fread(fid,1,'int8');                %what type of data -1 = char 1 = byte  2 = 16 bit integer 3 = 32 bit floating point
        numdim = fread(fid,1,'uint8');              %number of dimensions (0 to 7 dimensions)        
        fld.datatype = dtype;                       %data type of the parameter -1=character, 1=byte, 2=integer, 3= floting point, 4=real
        fld.numberDIM = numdim;                     %number of dimensions (0-7) 0 = scalar, 1=vector, 2=2D matrix,3=3D matrix,...etc 
        fld.DIMsize = fread(fid,numdim,'uint8');    %size of each dimension eg [2,3]= 2d matrix with 2 rows and 3 columns
        dsize = fld.DIMsize';                       %the fread function only reads row vectors
        if isempty(dsize)                           %if dsize is empty then we read a scalar
            dsize = 1;
        if length(dsize) > 2
            dsize = prod(dsize);                    %fread can only handle up to 2 dimensions
        end                                         %if it is greater than 2 dimensions, then just read all data in a single vector.

        switch dtype
            case -1 %character data
                pdata = char(fread(fid,dsize,'uint8'));
            case 1 %byte data  !!!Not tested
                pdata = fread(fid,dsize,'bit8');
            case 2 %16 bit integer
                if strcmp(gname,'FRAMES')
                    pdata = fread(fid,dsize,'uint16',machinetype); % ES: quick and dirty fix for invalid size problem
                    pdata = fread(fid,dsize,'int16',machinetype);
            case 3 %32 bit floating point
                pdata = fread(fid,dsize,'float32',machinetype);
            case 4 %REAL data
                pdata = fread(fid,dsize,'float32',machinetype);
        dnum = fread(fid,1,'uint8');             %number of characters in the description
        desc = char(fread(fid,dnum,'uint8')');      %description string
        fld.description = desc;        
        fld.data = pdata;                            %add data to parameter structured var
        P = setparameter(P,gname,fld);              %add parameter to the appropriate group
    if nextgroup == 0
    fseek(fid,index+nextgroup,'bof');               %go to next group/parameter.

data.Header = H;
data.ParameterHeader = Pheader;
data.Parameter = P;

%------------------------3D & Analog DATA SECTION----------------

%first position
%Analogue data parameters
if isfield(data.Parameter,'ANALOG')
    numAnalogue = data.Parameter.ANALOG.USED.data;
    Alabels = cellstr(data.Parameter.ANALOG.LABELS.data');
    Ascale = data.Parameter.ANALOG.SCALE.data;
   Gscale = data.Parameter.ANALOG.GEN_SCALE.data;
    Aoffset = data.Parameter.ANALOG.OFFSET.data;
%   issigned = data.Parameter.ANALOG.FORMAT.data';            %comment 161, 162,163,164,166 if error
%     if strcmp(issigned,'SIGNED');
%         issigned = 1;
%     else
        issigned = 0;
%   end    

    numAnalogue = 0;
    Alabels = [];
    Ascale = [];
    Gscale = 
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