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			Release Notes 

The Motion Capture Toolbox, Copyright 漏2008-2011, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Version 1.1

New functions
mcbandpass: band pass filter MoCap data
mceigenmovement: generates eigenmovements from PCA
mchilbert: performs a Hilbert transform
mcicaproj: performs an ICA on MoCap data
mcpcaproj: performs a PCA on MoCap data
mcs2j: performs a segment-to-joint mapping
mcs2posture: creates a posture representation form segm data
mcsethares_mb: performs an m-best Sethares transform
mcsethares_s2l: performs a small-to-large Sethares transform
mcsimmat: calculates similarity matrix
mcvect2grid: converts MoCap structure vector to MoCap structure with three orthogonal views
PCA example added in the Examples section

Bug fixes
mcicaproj: fix a bug to allow to handle cases when not all ica's converge
mcmissing: allow to use norm data as input


Version 1.2

New features
mccreateconnmatrix: creates a connection matrix using QTM label list files (for plotting)
mchilberthuang: performs a Hilbert-Huang transform
mcreademg: read in emg data (Mega EMG system, recorded into QTM)
mcsethares: combines mcsethares_mb and mcsethares_s2l in one function
mcvar: calculates the variance of (MoCap) data
mcdemo8: demo added on how to use colors in plotting and animations
mcdemo9: demo added on how to use PCA on movement data

Bug fixes
mcbandpass: add gaussian weighting as a method
mcfillgaps: fill gaps in the beginning and end with the first/last recorded values
mcgetmarker: allow to use norm data as input
mcplotframe, mcinitanimpar: individual colors for markers, traces, connectors, and numbers for plotting and animations
mcread: handling of the various .tsv export options of QTM and faster .c3d import (including marker names as well)
mcresample: allow to use norm data as input


Version 1.2.1

Bug fixes
mcplotframe: plotting frame numbers, no stats toolbox for animations
mcmerge: concatenates marker and trace color strings (if both animations shall have the same colors)


Version 1.2.2

Bug fixes
mcfillgaps: filling of begin and end with first or last recorded marker ('fillall') fixed. New option ('nobefill') that fills gaps during recording, but gaps in start and end are set to NaN instead of 0
mcm2j: number of markers set correctly in the joint representation
mcplottimeseries: frame scale when plotting norm data 
mcplottimeseries: plot more than one time series in the same plot using different colors
mcplotframe: frame numbers issue fixed
mc2frontal: change marker direction to left to right


Version 1.3

New functions
mcboundrect: calculates the bounding rectangle
mccut: cuts two MoCap structures to the length of the shorter one
mcfilteremg: filters emg data
mcinitstruct: initializes mocap or norm structure
mcreadmat: reads in .mat files as exported from QTM
mcsegmangle: calculates the angles between two markers 
mcsetmarker: replaces a subset of markers in an existing mocap or norm structure
mcspectrum: Calculates the amplitude spectrum of mocap time series

Bug fixes
mcanimate (1), mcplotframe (1), mcinitanimpar (1): perspective projection implemented
mccumdist: also for data that has already norm structure
mcdemo9: demo on how to use perspective projection in animations
mcfillgaps: bug fixed regarding empty markers/trajectories (being ignored now), bug fixed on input parameter 
mcmerge: now also for norm data
mcperiod: option for either first or highest peak value of autocorrelation 
mcplotframe: png output format when creating animation
mcplottimeseries: plotting of more than one time series in the same plot also possible for norm data (that 'combined' option is very probably not working for segment data) 
mcread: opportunity to read in .mat files as exported from QTM
mcreadc3d: number of frames issue solved (though see note for mcread)
mcreadwii: can handle 6-dof data (order: X Y Z Roll Pitch Yaw) if we publish WiiDataCapture for the motionPlus extension
mcrotate: bug fixed regarding missing markers
mcsmoothen: Butterworth filter smoothing implemented
mctimeder (1): polynomial order and window length dependent on the order of the derivative
mctimeder (2): implementation of faster version based on differences of successive frames
mcwindow: extended for mcvar


Version 1.4

New functions
mcc3d2tsv: converts c3d into tsv file
mcconcatenate: concatenates markers from different MoCap or norm data structure
mcmocapgram: plots mocapgram
mcwritetsv: saves a mocap structure as tsv file 

Bug fixes
mcdemo1: added new functionality of mcplottimeseries
mcdemo3: code adaption due to new functionality of mcplottimeseries
mcdemo5/9/10: improved explanations and wording
mcdemo11: code adaption due to new functionality of mcplottimeseries
mcdemodata: marker names: spelling and quotation marks fixed
mcmerge: color, number, traces, and connection arrays filled up and merged correctly
mcperiod: bug fixed related to finding the local maxima
mcplotframe: color strings internally replaced by RGB triples. User can either specify colors as strings or as RGB triples. Filling up of color, number, traces, and connection arrays (for mcmerge). Warning if frame number exceeds number of frames in data
mcplottimeseries: parameter call changed, extension for plotting marker names and labels, using marker/segment names instead of numbers, combined plot option also for segm data
mcread: check if input file exists. Support of .mat files (from QTM)
mcsetmarker: marker numbers in replacing data set must equal the amount of markers in the vector containing the marker numbers to the replaced. Fix regarding marker names
mctimeder: bug fixed on gap filling for differentiation 
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mcanimate.m1.33 kB2011-10-18 09:04
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mcbandpass.m3.49 kB2011-10-18 09:01
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mcboundrect.m1.74 kB2011-10-19 08:03
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mcc3d2tsv.m2.70 kB2012-04-16 05:29
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mccumdist.m1.17 kB2011-10-19 08:54
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mccut.m698.00 B2011-10-18 08:26
._mccut.m82.00 B2011-10-18 08:26
mcdecompose.m1.58 kB2011-10-18 08:20
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mcdemo.m1.82 kB2011-10-14 09:29
._mcdemo.m82.00 B2011-10-14 09:29
mcdemo1.m4.13 kB2012-04-12 05:37
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mcdemo10.m2.27 kB2013-01-29 07:56
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mcdemo11.m1.87 kB2012-04-12 08:04
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mcdemo2.m2.27 kB2008-05-21 00:26
._mcdemo2.m193.00 B2008-05-21 00:26
mcdemo3.m3.46 kB2013-02-11 13:20
._mcdemo3.m82.00 B2013-02-11 13:20
mcdemo4.m3.09 kB2008-05-27 15:53
._mcdemo4.m193.00 B2008-05-27 15:53
mcdemo5.m4.13 kB2013-01-29 07:45
._mcdemo5.m82.00 B2013-01-29 07:45
mcdemo6.m1.28 kB2008-05-21 00:20
._mcdemo6.m82.00 B2008-05-21 00:20
mcdemo7.m1.38 kB2008-05-21 00:20
._mcdemo7.m82.00 B2008-05-21 00:20
mcdemo8.m2.17 kB2010-05-21 10:42
._mcdemo8.m82.00 B2010-05-21 10:42
mcdemo9.m2.86 kB2013-01-29 07:56
._mcdemo9.m82.00 B2013-01-29 07:56
mcdemodata.mat1.27 MB2012-04-16 04:59
._mcdemodata.mat82.00 B2012-04-16 04:59
mceigenmovement.m1.66 kB2011-10-18 08:18
._mceigenmovement.m82.00 B2011-10-18 08:18
mcfillgaps.m5.57 kB2011-10-18 08:15
._mcfillgaps.m167.00 B2011-10-18 08:15
mcfilteremg.m1.32 kB2011-10-18 09:43
._mcfilteremg.m82.00 B2011-10-18 09:43
mcgetmarker.m1.29 kB2013-02-11 04:25
._mcgetmarker.m82.00 B2013-02-11 04:25
mcgetmarkername.m582.00 B2011-10-17 11:43
._mcgetmarkername.m82.00 B2011-10-17 11:43
mcgetsegmpar.m2.73 kB2011-10-18 08:00
._mcgetsegmpar.m82.00 B2011-10-18 08:00
mchilbert.m1.01 kB2011-10-17 11:48
._mchilbert.m82.00 B2011-10-17 11:48
mchilberthuang.m1.43 kB2011-10-18 07:57
._mchilberthuang.m82.00 B2011-10-18 07:57
mcicaproj.m1.59 kB2011-10-18 07:54
._mcicaproj.m82.00 B2011-10-18 07:54
mcinitanimpar.m2.73 kB2011-11-01 11:54
._mcinitanimpar.m266.00 B2011-11-01 11:54
mcinitj2spar.m675.00 B2011-10-17 10:24
._mcinitj2spar.m82.00 B2011-10-17 10:24
mcinitm2jpar.m643.00 B2011-10-17 10:24
._mcinitm2jpar.m82.00 B2011-10-17 10:24
mcinitstruct.m3.75 kB2011-10-18 09:28
._mcinitstruct.m82.00 B2011-10-18 09:28
mcj2s.m2.20 kB2011-10-17 12:28
._mcj2s.m82.00 B2011-10-17 12:28
mckinenergy.m2.08 kB2011-12-12 04:04
._mckinenergy.m82.00 B2011-12-12 04:04
mckurtosis.m791.00 B2011-10-17 12:24
._mckurtosis.m82.00 B2011-10-17 12:24
mcm2j.m1.08 kB2011-10-17 12:28
._mcm2j.m82.00 B2011-10-17 12:28
mcmakedemoparams.m2.39 kB2008-05-13 14:29
._mcmakedemoparams.m82.00 B2008-05-13 14:29
mcmarkerdist.m763.00 B2011-10-17 12:29
._mcmarkerdist.m82.00 B2011-10-17 12:29
mcmean.m623.00 B2011-10-19 08:52
._mcmean.m82.00 B2011-10-19 08:52
mcmerge.m14.48 kB2013-02-12 02:57
._mcmerge.m82.00 B2013-02-12 02:57
mcmissing.m936.00 B2011-10-18 07:41
._mcmissing.m82.00 B2011-10-18 07:41
mcmocapgram.m1.89 kB2013-02-01 16:12
._mcmocapgram.m338.00 B2013-02-01 16:12
mcnorm.m830.00 B2011-10-18 07:41
._mcnorm.m82.00 B2011-10-18 07:41
mcpcaproj.m2.76 kB2013-02-12 03:16
._mcpcaproj.m82.00 B2013-02-12 03:16
mcperiod.m3.21 kB2013-02-12 03:16
._mcperiod.m82.00 B2013-02-12 03:16
mcplotframe.m13.90 kB2013-02-10 11:58
._mcplotframe.m82.00 B2013-02-10 11:58
mcplotphaseplane.m3.38 kB2011-10-18 07:26
._mcplotphaseplane.m82.00 B2011-10-18 07:26
mcplottimeseries.m17.26 kB2013-01-29 08:36
._mcplottimeseries.m82.00 B2013-01-29 08:36
mcplottimeseries_dep.m6.72 kB2013-01-29 08:35
._mcplottimeseries_dep.m82.00 B2013-01-29 08:35
mcpotenergy.m1.69 kB2011-10-18 03:23
._mcpotenergy.m82.00 B2011-10-18 03:23
mcread.m2.44 kB2012-04-13 10:31
._mcread.m312.00 B2012-04-13 10:31
mcreademg.m1.71 kB2011-10-18 03:17
._mcreademg.m331.00 B2011-10-18 03:17
mcreorderdims.m678.00 B2011-10-18 03:04
._mcreorderdims.m82.00 B2011-10-18 03:04
mcresample.m951.00 B2011-10-17 13:01
._mcresample.m82.00 B2011-10-17 13:01
mcrotate.m2.50 kB2011-10-18 03:36
._mcrotate.m330.00 B2011-10-18 03:36
mcs2j.m1.41 kB2011-10-17 13:08
._mcs2j.m82.00 B2011-10-17 13:08
mcs2posture.m541.00 B2011-10-17 13:08
._mcs2posture.m82.00 B2011-10-17 13:08
mcsegmangle.m725.00 B2011-10-17 13:08
._mcsegmangle.m82.00 B2011-10-17 13:08
mcsethares.m3.93 kB2011-10-18 02:59
._mcsethares.m82.00 B2011-10-18 02:59
mcsetmarker.m3.03 kB2013-02-10 11:58
._mcsetmarker.m82.00 B2013-02-10 11:58
mcsimmat.m952.00 B2011-10-18 03:35
._mcsimmat.m82.00 B2011-10-18 03:35
mcskewness.m728.00 B2011-10-19 08:55
._mcskewness.m82.00 B2011-10-19 08:55
mcsmoothen.m3.43 kB2011-10-17 13:17
._mcsmoothen.m82.00 B2011-10-17 13:17
mcspectrum.m1.83 kB2011-10-18 02:53
._mcspectrum.m266.00 B2011-10-18 02:53
mcstatmoments.m707.00 B2011-10-19 08:56
._mcstatmoments.m82.00 B2011-10-19 08:56
mcstd.m649.00 B2011-10-19 08:55
._mcstd.m82.00 B2011-10-19 08:55
mctimeder.m6.67 kB2012-04-12 08:39
._mctimeder.m82.00 B2012-04-12 08:39
mctimeintegr.m1.59 kB2011-10-18 03:37
._mctimeintegr.m82.00 B2011-10-18 03:37
mctranslate.m761.00 B2011-10-17 13:24
._mctranslate.m82.00 B2011-10-17 13:24
mctrim.m2.00 kB2011-10-19 04:44
._mctrim.m82.00 B2011-10-19 04:44
mcvar.m629.00 B2011-10-19 08:56
._mcvar.m82.00 B2011-10-19 08:56
mcvect2grid.m1.38 kB2011-10-19 08:09
._mcvect2grid.m82.00 B2011-10-19 08:09
mcwindow.m3.32 kB2011-10-18 03:37
._mcwindow.m82.00 B2011-10-18 03:37
mcwritetsv.m2.27 kB2012-04-16 05:29
._mcwritetsv.m376.00 B2012-04-16 05:29
01.97 kB
.DS_Store6.00 kB2012-04-12 09:26
01.97 kB
._.DS_Store193.00 B2012-04-12 09:26
dir2quat.m568.00 B2008-01-17 18:16
._dir2quat.m193.00 B2008-01-17 18:16
initemptymc.mat127.62 kB2009-11-29 17:45
makecolumn.m257.00 B2007-09-11 13:58
mcica.m1.04 kB2010-05-07 03:59
._mcica.m193.00 B2010-05-07 03:59
mcpca.m829.00 B2008-12-10 13:09
._mcpca.m82.00 B2008-12-10 13:09
mcreadc3d.m1.21 kB2011-09-07 06:28
._mcreadc3d.m82.00 B2011-09-07 06:28
mcreadmat.m2.00 kB2011-09-07 06:26
._mcreadmat.m312.00 B2011-09-07 06:26
mcreadtsv.m3.50 kB2012-04-13 05:38
._mcreadtsv.m82.00 B2012-04-13 05:38
mcreadwii.m1.02 kB2011-09-07 06:26
._mcreadwii.m171.00 B2011-09-07 06:26
mypca.m507.00 B2008-10-21 15:46
._mypca.m82.00 B2008-10-21 15:46
qinv.m106.00 B2008-01-17 18:02
._qinv.m193.00 B2008-01-17 18:02
quatrot.m618.00 B2008-04-18 18:29
._quatrot.m193.00 B2008-04-18 18:29
readc3d.m12.15 kB2013-01-29 15:11
._readc3d.m341.00 B2013-01-29 15:11
readC3dIDL.m14.27 kB2009-11-30 03:02
smoothderiv.m390.00 B2006-05-21 13:26
._smoothderiv.m82.00 B2006-05-21 13:26
validfield.m464.00 B2007-04-30 11:04
._private193.00 B2013-01-31 03:26
._mocaptoolbox193.00 B2013-02-12 03:16
releasenotes_v1.4.txt5.74 kB2013-02-12 03:10
._releasenotes_v1.4.txt171.00 B2013-02-12 03:10
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