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			// Deflater.cs
// Copyright (C) 2001 Mike Krueger
// Copyright (C) 2004 John Reilly
// This file was translated from java, it was part of the GNU Classpath
// Copyright (C) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
// Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
// Linking this library statically or dynamically with other modules is
// making a combined work based on this library.  Thus, the terms and
// conditions of the GNU General Public License cover the whole
// combination.
// As a special exception, the copyright holders of this library give you
// permission to link this library with independent modules to produce an
// executable, regardless of the license terms of these independent
// modules, and to copy and distribute the resulting executable under
// terms of your choice, provided that you also meet, for each linked
// independent module, the terms and conditions of the license of that
// module.  An independent module is a module which is not derived from
// or based on this library.  If you modify this library, you may extend
// this exception to your version of the library, but you are not
// obligated to do so.  If you do not wish to do so, delete this
// exception statement from your version.

using System;

namespace agsXMPP.IO.Compression

	/// <summary>
	/// This is the Deflater class.  The deflater class compresses input
	/// with the deflate algorithm described in RFC 1951.  It has several
	/// compression levels and three different strategies described below.
	/// This class is <i>not</i> thread safe.  This is inherent in the API, due
	/// to the split of deflate and setInput.
	/// author of the original java version : Jochen Hoenicke
	/// </summary>
	public class Deflater

		/// <summary>
		/// The best and slowest compression level.  This tries to find very
		/// long and distant string repetitions.
		/// </summary>
		public static  int BEST_COMPRESSION = 9;
		/// <summary>
		/// The worst but fastest compression level.
		/// </summary>
		public static  int BEST_SPEED = 1;
		/// <summary>
		/// The default compression level.
		/// </summary>
		public static  int DEFAULT_COMPRESSION = -1;
		/// <summary>
		/// This level won't compress at all but output uncompressed blocks.
		/// </summary>
		public static  int NO_COMPRESSION = 0;
		/// <summary>
		/// The compression method.  This is the only method supported so far.
		/// There is no need to use this constant at all.
		/// </summary>
		public static  int DEFLATED = 8;
		* The Deflater can do the following state transitions:
			* (1) -> INIT_STATE   ----> INIT_FINISHING_STATE ---.
			*        /  | (2)      (5)                         |
			*       /   v          (5)                         |
			*       \   | (3)                 |        ,-------'
			*        |  |                     | (3)   /
			*        v  v          (5)        v      v
			* (1) -> BUSY_STATE   ----> FINISHING_STATE
			*                                | (6)
			*                                v
			*                           FINISHED_STATE
			*    \_____________________________________/
			*          | (7)
			*          v
			*        CLOSED_STATE
			* (1) If we should produce a header we start in INIT_STATE, otherwise
			*     we start in BUSY_STATE.
			* (2) A dictionary may be set only when we are in INIT_STATE, then
			*     we change the state as indicated.
			* (3) Whether a dictionary is set or not, on the first call of deflate
			*     we change to BUSY_STATE.
			* (4) -- intentionally left blank -- :)
			* (5) FINISHING_STATE is entered, when flush() is called to indicate that
			*     there is no more INPUT.  There are also states indicating, that
			*     the header wasn't written yet.
			* (6) FINISHED_STATE is entered, when everything has been flushed to the
			*     internal pending output buffer.
			* (7) At any time (7)
		private static  int IS_SETDICT              = 0x01;
		private static  int IS_FLUSHING             = 0x04;
		private static  int IS_FINISHING            = 0x08;
		private static  int INIT_STATE              = 0x00;
		private static  int SETDICT_STATE           = 0x01;
		//		private static  int INIT_FINISHING_STATE    = 0x08;
		//		private static  int SETDICT_FINISHING_STATE = 0x09;
		private static  int BUSY_STATE              = 0x10;
		private static  int FLUSHING_STATE          = 0x14;
		private static  int FINISHING_STATE         = 0x1c;
		private static  int FINISHED_STATE          = 0x1e;
		private static  int CLOSED_STATE            = 0x7f;
		/// <summary>
		/// Compression level.
		/// </summary>
		private int level;
		/// <summary>
		/// If true no Zlib/RFC1950 headers or footers are generated
		/// </summary>
		private bool noZlibHeaderOrFooter;
		/// <summary>
		/// The current state.
		/// </summary>
		private int state;
		/// <summary>
		/// The total bytes of output written.
		/// </summary>
		private long totalOut;
		/// <summary>
		/// The pending output.
		/// </summary>
		private DeflaterPending pending;
		/// <summary>
		/// The deflater engine.
		/// </summary>
		private DeflaterEngine engine;
		/// <summary>
		/// Creates a new deflater with default compression level.
		/// </summary>
		public Deflater() : this(DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, false)

		/// <summary>
		/// Creates a new deflater with given compression level.
		/// </summary>
		/// <param name="lvl">
		/// the compression level, a value between NO_COMPRESSION
		/// </param>
		/// <exception cref="System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException">if lvl is out of range.</exception>
		public Deflater(int lvl) : this(lvl, false)

		/// <summary>
		/// Creates a new deflater with given compression level.
		/// </summary>
		/// <param name="level">
		/// the compression level, a value between NO_COMPRESSION
		/// </param>
		/// <param name="noZlibHeaderOrFooter">
		/// true, if we should suppress the Zlib/RFC1950 header at the
		/// beginning and the adler checksum at the end of the output.  This is
		/// useful for the GZIP/PKZIP formats.
		/// </param>
		/// <exception cref="System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException">if lvl is out of range.</exception>
		public Deflater(int level, bool noZlibHeaderOrFooter)

			if (level == DEFAULT_COMPRESSION) {

				level = 6;
} else if (level < NO_COMPRESSION || level > BEST_COMPRESSION) {

				throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("level");
			pending = new DeflaterPending();
			engine = new DeflaterEngine(pending);
			this.noZlibHeaderOrFooter = noZlibHeaderOrFooter;
		/// <summary>
		/// Resets the deflater.  The deflater acts afterwards as if it was
		/// just created with the same compression level and strategy as it
		/// had before.
		/// </summary>
		public void Reset()

			state = (noZlibHeaderOrFooter ? BUSY_STATE : INIT_STATE);
			totalOut = 0;
		/// <summary>
		/// Gets the current adler checksum of the data that was processed so far.
		/// </summary>
		public int Adler {

			get {

				return engine.Adler;
		/// <summary>
		/// Gets the number of input bytes processed so far.
		/// </summary>
		public int TotalIn {

			get {

				return engine.TotalIn;
		/// <summary>
		/// Gets the number of output bytes so far.
		/// </summary>
		public long TotalOut {

			get {

				return totalOut;
		/// <summary>
		/// Flushes the current input block.  Further calls to deflate() will
		/// produce enough output to inflate everything in the current input
		/// block.  This is not part of Sun's JDK so I have made it package
		/// private.  It is used by DeflaterOutputStream to implement
		/// flush().
		/// </summary>
		public void Flush() 

			state |= IS_FLUSHING;
		/// <summary>
		/// Finishes the deflater with the current input block.  It is an error
		/// to give more input after this method was called.  This method must
		/// be called to force all bytes to be flushed.
		/// </summary>
		public void Finish() 

		/// <summary>
		/// Returns true if the stream was finished and no more output bytes
		/// are available.
		/// </summary>
		public bool IsFinished {

			get {

				return state == FINISHED_STATE && pending.IsFlushed;
		/// <summary>
		/// Returns true, if the input buffer is empty.
		/// You should then call setInput(). 
		/// NOTE: This method can also return true when the stream
		/// was finished.
		/// </summary>
		public bool IsNeedingInput {

			get {

				return engine.NeedsInput();
		/// <summary>
		/// Sets the data which should be compressed next.  This should be only
		/// called when needsInput indicates that more input is needed.
		/// If you call setInput when needsInput() returns false, the
		/// previous input that is still pending will be thrown away.
		/// The given byte array should not be changed, before needsInput() returns
		/// true again.
		/// This call is equivalent to <code>setInput
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BrowseIq.cs1.73 kB07-01-08|03:43
BrowseItem.cs2.33 kB07-01-08|03:43
Service.cs4.82 kB07-01-08|03:43
DiscoFeature.cs2.67 kB29-04-08|06:30
DiscoIdentity.cs3.00 kB29-04-08|06:09
DiscoInfo.cs4.43 kB07-01-08|03:43
DiscoInfoIq.cs1.61 kB07-01-08|03:43
DiscoItem.cs2.02 kB07-01-08|03:43
DiscoItems.cs3.27 kB07-01-08|03:43
DiscoItemsIq.cs2.69 kB07-01-08|03:43
DiscoManager.cs7.75 kB03-03-08|04:14
Features.cs12.01 kB07-01-07|02:19
Last.cs1.85 kB07-01-08|03:43
LastIq.cs1.70 kB07-01-08|03:43
Oob.cs1.84 kB07-01-08|03:43
OobIq.cs1.69 kB07-01-08|03:43
Action.cs1.41 kB07-01-08|03:43
Active.cs1.43 kB07-01-08|03:43
Default.cs1.43 kB07-01-08|03:43
Item.cs7.03 kB07-01-08|03:43
List.cs2.63 kB07-01-08|03:43
Privacy.cs2.92 kB15-02-08|16:00
PrivacyIq.cs1.92 kB07-01-08|03:43
PrivacyManager.cs13.49 kB24-04-08|14:49
RuleManager.cs4.76 kB07-01-08|03:43
Stanza.cs2.36 kB07-01-08|03:43
Type.cs1.44 kB07-01-08|03:43
Private.cs2.87 kB07-01-08|03:43
PrivateIq.cs1.72 kB07-01-08|03:43
Register.cs3.70 kB26-10-08|00:38
RegisterEventArgs.cs2.04 kB25-03-08|04:17
RegisterIq.cs1.78 kB07-01-08|03:43
Delimiter.cs2.04 kB07-01-08|03:43
Roster.cs1.85 kB07-01-08|03:43
RosterIq.cs1.70 kB07-01-08|03:43
RosterItem.cs3.55 kB13-03-08|04:21
RosterManager.cs4.90 kB07-01-08|03:43
MethodCall.cs6.81 kB07-01-08|03:43
MethodResponse.cs7.68 kB07-01-08|03:43
Rpc.cs3.12 kB07-01-08|03:43
RpcIq.cs1.86 kB07-01-08|03:43
Search.cs3.89 kB07-01-08|03:43
SearchIq.cs1.95 kB07-01-08|03:43
SearchItem.cs3.02 kB07-01-08|03:43
Session.cs1.35 kB07-01-08|03:43
SessionIq.cs1.92 kB07-01-08|03:43
Time.cs2.34 kB07-01-08|03:43
TimeIq.cs1.70 kB07-01-08|03:43
Address.cs3.38 kB07-01-08|03:43
Email.cs2.65 kB07-01-08|03:43
Name.cs1.92 kB07-01-08|03:43
Organization.cs1.80 kB07-01-08|03:43
Photo.cs5.81 kB07-01-08|03:43
Telephone.cs2.49 kB07-01-08|03:43
Vcard.cs8.88 kB07-01-08|03:43
VcardIq.cs2.22 kB07-01-08|03:43
Version.cs2.08 kB07-01-08|03:43
VersionIq.cs1.73 kB07-01-08|03:43
Abort.cs1.34 kB07-01-08|03:43
Auth.cs1.81 kB07-01-08|03:43
Challenge.cs1.55 kB30-03-08|00:36
Failure.cs3.40 kB07-01-08|03:43
FailureCondition.cs2.35 kB26-10-07|05:26
Mechanism.cs7.94 kB07-01-08|03:43
Mechanisms.cs2.08 kB07-01-08|03:43
Response.cs1.76 kB26-03-08|01:33
Success.cs1.40 kB07-01-08|03:43
Presence.cs1.29 kB07-01-08|03:43
Avatar.cs1.53 kB07-01-08|03:43
AvatarIq.cs2.00 kB07-01-08|03:43
Compression.cs3.56 kB07-01-08|03:43
Method.cs2.47 kB07-01-08|03:43
Register.cs1.56 kB07-01-08|03:43
Features.cs5.40 kB07-01-08|03:43
Failure.cs1.54 kB07-01-08|03:43
Proceed.cs1.46 kB07-01-08|03:43
StartTls.cs1.75 kB07-01-08|03:43
Data.cs4.44 kB07-01-08|03:43
Field.cs7.58 kB07-01-08|03:43
FieldContainer.cs2.86 kB07-01-08|03:43
FieldTypes.cs3.19 kB07-01-08|03:43
Item.cs1.50 kB07-01-08|03:43
Option.cs2.53 kB25-03-08|05:31
Reported.cs1.56 kB07-01-08|03:43
Value.cs1.50 kB25-03-08|05:30
Admin.cs2.49 kB07-01-08|03:43
AdminIq.cs2.30 kB07-01-08|03:43
Item.cs3.45 kB07-01-08|03:43
Owner.cs1.61 kB07-01-08|03:43
OwnerIq.cs2.30 kB07-01-08|03:43
Actor.cs1.47 kB07-01-08|03:43
Affiliation.cs1.39 kB07-01-08|03:43
Decline.cs2.53 kB07-01-08|03:43
Destroy.cs3.03 kB07-01-08|03:43
History.cs4.39 kB14-01-08|21:22
Invitation.cs1.73 kB07-01-08|03:43
Invite.cs3.25 kB07-01-08|03:43
Item.cs4.40 kB07-01-08|03:43
Muc.cs2.17 kB14-01-08|17:49
MucManager.cs66.47 kB14-01-08|21:22
Role.cs1.35 kB07-01-08|03:43
Status.cs1.99 kB07-01-08|03:43
StatusCode.cs9.47 kB07-01-08|03:43
User.cs4.66 kB07-01-08|03:43
RosterItem.cs2.01 kB07-01-08|03:43
RosterX.cs2.50 kB07-01-08|03:43
VcardUpdate.cs2.66 kB07-01-08|03:43
Avatar.cs1.64 kB07-01-08|03:43
Conference.cs1.83 kB07-01-08|03:43
Delay.cs2.19 kB07-01-08|03:43
Event.cs4.50 kB07-01-08|03:43
Error.cs20.99 kB07-01-08|03:43
Stream.cs1.38 kB07-01-08|03:43
AnonymousMechanism.cs2.78 kB07-01-08|03:43
DigestMD5Mechanism.cs2.62 kB07-01-08|03:43
Step1.cs5.90 kB07-01-08|03:43
Step2.cs8.63 kB07-01-08|03:43
PlainMechanism.cs2.23 kB07-01-08|03:43
XGoogleTokenMechanism.cs6.45 kB30-03-08|17:02
Mechanism.cs2.65 kB07-01-08|03:43
SaslEventArgs.cs2.17 kB07-01-08|03:43
SaslHandler.cs10.39 kB07-01-08|03:43
Date.cs3.58 kB07-01-08|03:43
Enum.cs4.70 kB07-01-08|03:43
Exceptions.cs315.00 B19-09-05|07:52
Hash.cs4.79 kB07-01-08|03:43
RandomNumberGenerator.cs2.42 kB07-01-07|02:21
RNGCryptoServiceProvider.cs3.03 kB07-01-07|02:22
WinCeApi.cs1.57 kB03-10-06|20:10
Comment.cs1.37 kB07-01-08|03:43
Document.cs3.04 kB07-02-08|16:34
DomLoader.cs2.25 kB07-02-08|16:39
Element.cs32.71 kB03-03-08|01:35
ElementList.cs2.16 kB07-01-08|03:43
Node.cs6.28 kB07-01-08|03:43
NodeList.cs3.30 kB19-01-08|18:35
Text.cs1.32 kB07-01-08|03:43
BufferAggregate.cs4.84 kB07-01-08|03:43
ContentToken.cs5.93 kB07-01-08|03:43
Encoding.cs117.47 kB19-01-08|19:13
Exceptions.cs5.09 kB07-01-08|03:43
NS.cs4.29 kB07-01-08|03:43
Position.cs2.73 kB07-01-08|03:43
Token.cs2.99 kB07-01-08|03:43
UTF8Encoding.cs12.10 kB07-01-08|03:43
StreamParser.cs14.41 kB08-03-08|19:39
app.config120.00 B25-10-08|02:14
Id.cs3.12 kB07-01-08|03:43
Jid.cs15.54 kB31-03-08|02:25
MessageGrabber.cs3.84 kB24-04-08|14:59
PacketGrabber.cs2.02 kB24-04-08|14:52
PresenceGrabber.cs4.24 kB24-04-08|14:59
Uri.cs10.17 kB07-01-08|03:43
XmppClientConnection.cs49.31 kB07-11-08|04:50
XmppClientConnectionState.cs2.69 kB07-01-08|03:43
XmppComponentConnection.cs10.41 kB24-04-08|15:34
XmppConnection.cs12.98 kB12-03-08|04:51
agsXMPP2003.csproj66.84 kB25-10-08|04:19
agsXMPP2005.csproj29.44 kB25-10-08|05:05
agsXMPP2008.csproj29.66 kB25-10-08|02:36
agsXMPP2008_CF.csproj23.54 kB25-10-08|02:58
agsXMPP_PPC.csproj30.18 kB25-10-08|04:56
agsXMPP_PPC_20.csproj23.16 kB17-09-08|18:05
agsXMPP_SL.csproj28.52 kB08-01-08|00:15
agsXMPP2005.ncb7.82 MB25-10-08|05:12
agsXMPP2003.ndoc2.94 kB27-06-06|05:07
agsXMPP2003.sln3.46 kB26-10-08|00:02
agsXMPP2005.sln10.93 kB25-10-08|05:07
agsXMPP2008.sln6.41 kB25-10-08|02:55
agsXMPP2008_PPC.sln1.56 kB03-03-08|04:35
agsXMPP_PPC.sln905.00 B03-03-08|05:21
agsXMPP_PPC_20.sln1.56 kB17-09-08|17:59
agsXMPP_SL.sln909.00 B16-11-07|07:01
key.snk596.00 B19-09-05|07:52
agsXMPP2003.suo20.00 kB26-10-08|00:07
agsXMPP2005.suo552.00 kB25-10-08|05:12
agsXMPP2008.suo649.50 kB25-10-08|04:55
agsXMPP2008_PPC.suo115.00 kB15-10-08|00:31
agsXMPP_PPC.suo115.00 kB25-10-08|04:58
agsXMPP_PPC_20.suo125.50 kB18-09-08|03:54
agsXMPP_SL.suo67.50 kB16-11-07|07:01
changelog.txt6.95 kB25-10-08|02:08
agsXMPP2003.csproj.user2.37 kB26-10-08|00:07
agsXMPP2005.csproj.user465.00 B06-12-07|02:26
agsXMPP2008.csproj.user168.00 B23-01-08|05:24
agsXMPP2008_CF.csproj.user198.00 B30-12-07|04:15
agsXMPP_PPC.csdproj.user2.13 kB01-10-05|22:30
agsXMPP_PPC.csproj.user2.10 kB03-03-08|05:14
agsXMPP_PPC_20.csproj.user243.00 B08-08-06|05:11
agsXMPP_SL.csproj.user958.00 B08-01-08|00:15
crypto.xml858.33 kB15-10-08|00:29
crypto.dll1.13 MB15-10-08|00:29
Mono.Security.dll260.50 kB28-02-06|02:36
agsXMPP2008.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt404.00 B30-07-09|14:19
agsXMPP.pdb1.43 MB04-08-09|16:57
agsXMPP.dll524.00 kB04-08-09|16:57
agsXMPP2005.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt329.00 B04-08-09|16:57
IqGrabber.cs6.02 kB30-07-09|17:19
admin0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
owner0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
phone0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
event0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
owner0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
compression0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
iq0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
Debug0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Release0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Debug0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Release0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Debug0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Release0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Debug0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Release0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Checksums0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Streams0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
amp0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
bookmarks0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
bosh0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
bytestreams0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
caps0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
chatstates0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
commands0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
compression0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
featureneg0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
filetransfer0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
geoloc0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
html0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
ibb0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
jingle0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
jivesoftware0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
msgreceipts0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
nickname0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
ping0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
primary0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
pubsub0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
shim0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
si0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
agent0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
auth0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
avatar0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
bind0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
browse0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
disco0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
last0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
oob0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
privacy0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
private0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
register0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
roster0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
rpc0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
search0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
session0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
time0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
vcard0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
version0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
feature0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
data0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
muc0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
rosterx0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
vcard_update0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
TempPE0.00 B30-07-09|10:45
CF20.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Net110.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Net20.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Net350.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Compression0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
dns0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Base0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
client0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
component0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
extensions0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
iq0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
sasl0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
server0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
storage0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
stream0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
tls0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
x0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
Anonymous0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
DigestMD50.00 B30-07-09|10:36
Plain0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
XGoogleToken0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
Dom0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
xpnet0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
Debug0.00 B30-07-09|10:45
bin0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Collections0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
exceptions0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Factory0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Idn0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
IO0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
net0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
Properties0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
protocol0.00 B30-07-09|10:35
sasl0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
util0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
Xml0.00 B30-07-09|10:36
obj0.00 B30-07-09|10:45
agsxmpp0.00 B30-07-09|10:35

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