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  • By OrangeCHHC 2014-06-10
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			#include "AirFountain.h"
#include "stdlib.h"
#include <math.h>

#define RandomFactor 2.0

GLfloat GetRandomFloat(GLfloat range)

	return (GLfloat)rand() / (GLfloat)RAND_MAX * range * RandomFactor;


void CDrop::SetConstantSpeed(SF3dVector NewSpeed)

	ConstantSpeed = NewSpeed;


void CDrop::SetAccFactor (GLfloat NewAccFactor)

	AccFactor = NewAccFactor;


void CDrop::SetTime(GLfloat NewTime)

	time = NewTime;


void CDrop::GetNewPosition(SF3dVector * PositionVertex, float dtime, CPool * pPool, CAirFountain * pAirFountain)

	SF3dVector Position;
	time += dtime*20.0f;

	if (time > 0.0f)

		Position.x = ConstantSpeed.x * time;
		Position.y = ConstantSpeed.y * time - AccFactor * time * time;
		Position.z = ConstantSpeed.z * time;
		PositionVertex->x = Position.x;
		PositionVertex->y = Position.y;
		PositionVertex->z = Position.z;
		if (Position.y < 0.0) 

			/*the drop has fallen into the water. The problem is now, that we cannot
			set time to 0.0, because if there are more "DropsPerRay" than "TimeNeeded" (See InitFountain())
			several drops would be seen as one. Check it out.
			time = time - int(time);
			if (time > 0.0) time -= 1.0;

			//The drop creates a little wave in the pool:
			int OscillatorX = (int)((Position.x+pAirFountain->Position.x)/pPool->GetOscillatorDistance());
			int OscillatorZ = (int)((Position.z+pAirFountain->Position.z)/pPool->GetOscillatorDistance());
									-0.1);  //change this to make the waves stronger/weaker


		PositionVertex->x = 0.0;
		PositionVertex->y = 0.0;
		PositionVertex->z = 0.0;



void CAirFountain::Initialize(GLint Steps, GLint RaysPerStep, GLint DropsPerRay, 
					GLfloat AngleOfDeepestStep, 
					GLfloat AngleOfHighestStep,
					GLfloat RandomAngleAddition,
					GLfloat AccFactor)

	//This function needn't be and isn't speed optimized

	m_NumDropsComplete = Steps*RaysPerStep*DropsPerRay;

	FountainDrops = new CDrop [ m_NumDropsComplete ];
	FountainVertices = new SF3dVector [ m_NumDropsComplete ];
	SF3dVector NewSpeed;
	GLfloat DropAccFactor; //different from AccFactor because of the random change
	GLfloat TimeNeeded;
	GLfloat StepAngle; //Angle, which the ray gets out of the fountain with
	GLfloat RayAngle;	//Angle you see when you look down on the fountain
	GLint i,j,k;
	for (k = 0; k <Steps; k++)

		for (j = 0; j < RaysPerStep; j++)

			for (i = 0; i < DropsPerRay; i++)

				DropAccFactor = AccFactor + GetRandomFloat(0.005);
				if (Steps > 1) 
					StepAngle = AngleOfDeepestStep + (AngleOfHighestStep-AngleOfDeepestStep) 
							* GLfloat(k) / (Steps-1) + GetRandomFloat(RandomAngleAddition);
					StepAngle = AngleOfDeepestStep + GetRandomFloat(RandomAngleAddition);
				//This is the speed caused by the step:
				NewSpeed.x = cos ( StepAngle * PI / 180.0) * (0.2+0.04*k);
				NewSpeed.y = sin ( StepAngle * PI / 180.0) * (0.2+0.04*k);
				//This is the speed caused by the ray:
				RayAngle = (GLfloat)j / (GL
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main.obj40.61 kB10-06-14|01:00
main.sbr0.00 B10-06-14|01:01
pool.obj32.55 kB09-06-14|20:46
pool.sbr0.00 B09-06-14|20:46
textures.obj13.02 kB18-11-13|21:50
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vc60.idb321.00 kB10-06-14|12:25
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vectors.obj8.91 kB18-11-13|21:50
vectors.sbr0.00 B18-11-13|21:50
Desktop_.ini8.00 B06-02-07|09:21
FountainWater.dsp4.67 kB04-06-09|08:44
FountainWater.dsw549.00 B07-05-03|00:28
FountainWater.exe84.00 kB08-05-03|10:57
FountainWater.htm2.63 kB06-02-07|12:24
FountainWater.ncb177.00 kB10-06-14|12:26
FountainWater.opt151.50 kB10-06-14|12:26
FountainWater.plg1.54 kB10-06-14|01:01
GLglut.h20.39 kB11-11-13|09:22
glut.dll166.00 kB18-08-98|16:25
glut.h20.94 kB18-08-98|16:24
glut.lib77.79 kB18-08-98|16:25
glut32.dll166.00 kB18-08-98|16:25
glut32.lib78.03 kB18-08-98|16:25
ground.bmp192.05 kB07-05-03|10:59
main.cpp17.44 kB10-06-14|01:00
pool.cpp7.82 kB09-06-14|20:46
pool.h855.00 B09-06-14|19:54
rock.bmp192.05 kB08-05-03|11:00
sky.bmp468.80 kB28-06-13|22:51
textures.cpp921.00 B07-05-03|10:55
textures.h257.00 B16-06-00|16:31
vectors.cpp1.61 kB23-02-03|14:06
Vectors.h904.00 B09-06-14|19:54
water.bmp192.05 kB07-05-03|10:49
Debug0.00 B10-06-14|01:00
OpenGL喷泉0.00 B10-06-14|12:26
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