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			unit fPrincipal;


  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
  Dialogs, Menus, StdCtrls, ComCtrls, ToolWin, Jpeg, ImgList, ExtCtrls,
  CameraForm, SettingsForm, EnrollmentForm, NCore, NUtils,
  NLicensing, NMatchers,
  NExtractors, NImages, NTemplates, NDeviceManager, Database, Math;


  TJob = (jEnrolling = 0, jEnrollingWithGeneralization = 1, jMatching = 2,
    jWorking = 3, jEmpty);

  TfrmPrincipal = class(TForm)
    tbLog: TRichEdit;
    MainMenu: TMainMenu;
    menuItemTools: TMenuItem;
    menuItemClearLog: TMenuItem;
    menuItemSource: TMenuItem;
    menuItemExit: TMenuItem;
    CameraTimer: TTimer;
    pnlCenter: TPanel;
    SplitterBottom: TSplitter;
    menuItemFaceDetection: TMenuItem;
    menuItemClearDatabase: TMenuItem;
    menuItemFile: TMenuItem;
    menuItemDevice: TMenuItem;
    menuItemSettings: TMenuItem;
    OpenDialog: TOpenDialog;
    menuItemJobs: TMenuItem;
    menuItemEnroll: TMenuItem;
    menuItemEnrollWithGeneralization: TMenuItem;
    menuItemMatch: TMenuItem;
    ToolBar: TToolBar;
    btnEnroll: TToolButton;
    btnMatch: TToolButton;
    pnlBottom: TPanel;
    lvMatchResults: TListView;
    SplitterBottomPanel: TSplitter;
    ImageList: TImageList;
    pnlLog: TPanel;
    lblLog: TLabel;
    pnlMatchResults: TPanel;
    lblMatchResults: TLabel;
    imgLeft: TImage;

    procedure menuItemClearLogClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
    procedure FormDestroy(Sender: TObject);
    procedure CameraTimerTimer(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemFaceDetectionClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure FormShow(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemClearDatabaseClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemDeviceClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemExitClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemSettingsClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btnEnrollmentClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemFileClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemAboutClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btnMatchingClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure menuItemEnrollWithGeneralizationClick(Sender: TObject);

    FActiveDeviceIndex: Integer;

    FJob: TJob; // Enrolling/Matching/None
    FApplicationExit: Boolean;
    // For camera
    // Extracting
    FEnrollStreamIndex: Integer;
    FEnrollTemplateSize: TNleTemplateSize;
    FCurrentMatchingAttempt: Integer;

    // Generalizing
    FGeneralizationTemplateCount: Integer;
    FGeneralizationTemplates: TArrayOfTNLTemplate;

    // Shared
    FImageToSaveWhileEnroll: TNImage;

    // Settings
    FFileNameAsID: Boolean;
    FFlipImageHorizontally: Boolean;
    FFlipImageVertically: Boolean;
    FTemplateCountForGeneralization: Integer;
    FSaveImages: Boolean;
    FMatchingAttempts: Integer;
    FIdentifyTemplateSize: TNleTemplateSize;
    FMatchingStreamLength: Integer;
    FEnrollStreamLength: Integer;
    FBackUppedMaxRecords: Integer;

    Licenses: TArrayOfStrings;
    LicensesBss: TArrayOfStrings;

    // Functions
    // Settings initialization
    procedure InitSettings();
    function GetThumbnail(image: TNImage; face: TNleFace): TNImage;
    // Misc functions
    // Prints message if generalization was failed
    procedure GeneralizationFailedMessage;
    // Gets selected image format from open dialog
    function GetImageFormatFromOpenDialog: TNImageFormat;
    procedure AssignFilterToOpenDialog;
    // Extracts file name from the given path (without extension)
    function ExtrFileName(src: String): String;
    // Shows form asking for EnrollmentID
    procedure AskForEnrollmentID(var enrollmentID: String);
    // Extracts template while enrolling image from camera
    function ExtractFaceFeatures(grayImage: TNImage; rgbImage: TNImage;
      var template: TNLTemplate; EnrollStream: Integer;
      detectionDetails: TNleDetectionDetails): Boolean;
    // Enrolls image to DB and saves it to hard disk if 'Save images' option is checked
    function EnrollImage(template: TNLTemplate; face: TNleFace): Boolean;
    procedure SaveToDB(imageID: string; var features: TNLTemplate;
      image: TNImage; face: TNleFace);
    // Recieves MatchingResult array and prints it to output control
    procedure OnMatchingResultMessage(var Msg: TMessage);
      message WM_PRINT_MESSAGE;

    // GUI paint events
    procedure WMEraseBkgnd(var message: TWMEraseBkgnd); message WM_ERASEBKGND;
    procedure DrawEyes(var pic: TBitmap; var Eyes: TNleEyes;
      imageFromCamera: Boolean = false);
    procedure DrawMultiFaces(var pic: TBitmap; var faces: TArrayOfTNleFace;
      facesCount: Integer; imageFromCamera: Boolean = false);

    // Assigns image to TBitmap
    procedure PaintImageToTBitmap(image: TNImage; destination: TBitmap);
    // Draws TBitmap on TImage
    procedure PaintBitmapToTImage(image: TNImage; src: TBitmap;
      destination: TImage);
    // Functions verifies image and paints it (checks whether there are faces on image)
    function VerifyAndPaintImage(image: TNImage; rgbImage: TNImage): Boolean;
    // Used to paint image recieved from camera
    procedure PaintCameraImage(image: TNImage; rgbImage: TNImage);

    // Timer calls this function:
    procedure CapturedImage(var grayImage: TNImage; var rgbImage: TNImage);

    // Enrollment and matching
    // 1. Enroll from file
    procedure EnrollFromFile;
    // 2. Match from file
    procedure MatchFromFile;
    // 3. Eroll with generalization from file
    procedure GeneralizeFromFile;

    // 1. Enroll from camera
    procedure EnrollFromCamera(grayImage: TNImage; rgbImage: TNImage);
    // 2. Match from camera
    procedure MatchFromCamera(grayImage: TNImage; rgbImage: TNImage);
    // 3. Enroll with generalization from camera
    procedure EnrollWithGeneralizationFromCamera(grayImage: TNImage;
      rgbImage: TNImage);

    procedure AddToLog(str: String; addnewline: Boolean = true);

  TMatchingThread = class(TThread)
    FTemplate: TArrayOfByte;
    procedure MatchToDB(features: TArrayOfByte);
    property FeaturesToMatch: TArrayOfByte write FTemplate;
    procedure Execute; override;

  Form: TfrmPrincipal;
  gCameraMan: TCameraMan;
  gExtractor: TNLExtractor;
  gMatcher: TNMatcher;
  gDataBase: TDatabase;
  Counter: Integer;


$R *.dfm
// -----------------------------------------------------
// Misc methods
// -----------------------------------------------------

function BitmapResize(Bitmap: TBitmap; NewHeight: Integer;
  NewWidth: Integer): Boolean;
  function BitmapResizeInternal(BitmapSource: TBitmap; BitmapOut: TBitmap;
    NewHeight: Integer; NewWidth: Integer): Boolean;
    inWidthOld: Integer;
    inHeightOld: Integer;
    Bitmap: TBitmap;
    Bitmap := TBitmap.Create;
        inWidthOld := BitmapSource.Width;
        inHeightOld := BitmapSource.Height;
        Bitmap.Width := NewWidth;
        Bitmap.Height := NewHeight;
        Bitmap.Palette := BitmapSource.Palette;
        SetStretchBltMode(Bitmap.Canvas.Handle, STRETCH_DELETESCANS);
        Bitmap.Canvas.Copyrect(Rect(0, 0, NewWidth, NewHeight),
          BitmapSource.Canvas, Rect(0, 0, inWidthOld, inHeightOld));
        Bitmap.Palette := BitmapSource.Palette;
        Result := true;
        Result := false;
        Raise ;

  BitmapOut: TBitmap;
  BitmapOut := TBitmap.Create;
    Result := BitmapResizeInternal(Bitmap, // BitmapSource : TBitmap;
      BitmapOut, // BitmapOut    : TBitmap;
      NewHeight, // NewHeight    : Integer;
      NewWidth); // NewWidth     : Integer): Boolean;
    if Result Then

// -----------------------------------------------------
// TMatchingThread methods
// -----------------------------------------------------

procedure TMatchingThread.Execute;
  if (Length(FTemplate) <> 0) then

procedure TMatchingThread.MatchToDB(features: TArrayOfByte);
  i: Integer;
  tmpMatchResult: TMatchResult;
  tmpArray: TArrayOfMatchResult;
  tmpInt: Integer;
  details: TNMMatchDetails;
  // Start identification
  for i := 0 to gDataBase.GetCount - 1 do
    // Move to next template for identification
    tmpMatchResult.FSimilarity := gMatcher.IdentifyNext
      (gDataBase.GetTemplate(i).FTemplate, details);
    if (tmpMatchResult.FSimilarity > 0) then
      tmpInt := Length(tmpArray);
      SetLength(tmpArray, tmpInt + 1);
      tmpMatchResult.FID := gDataBase.GetTemplate(i).FID;
      tmpMatchResult.FFaceID := gDataBase.GetTemplate(i).FTemplateId;
      tmpArray[tmpInt] := tmpMatchResult;
  // End the identification
  // Sort array of MatchResult
  QuickSort(tmpArray, 0, Length(tmpArray) - 1,
    tmpArray[Trunc(Length(tmpArray) / 2)]);
  SendMessage(Form.Handle, WM_PRINT_MESSAGE, Integer(tmpArray), 0);

// -----------------------------------------------------
// Misc functions
// -----------------------------------------------------
procedure TfrmPrincipal.InitSettings();
  FEnrollStreamLength := 10;
  FMatchingStreamLength := 3;
  FMatchingAttempts := 10;
  FTemplateCountForGeneralization := 3;
  FBackUppedMaxRecords := gExtractor.MaxRecordsInTemplate;
  FFileNameAsID := true;
  FFlipImageHorizontally := false;
  FFlipImageVertically := false;
  FSaveImages := true;
  FEnrollTemplateSize := nLetsLarge;
  FIdentifyTemplateSize := nLetsMedium;

procedure TfrmPrincipal.AddToLog(str: String; addnewline: Boolean = true);
  if (tbLog.Lines.Count > 100) then

  if (Length(tbLog.Text) > 0) and addnewline t
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