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 * spi.c --- STM32F4 SPI driver.
 * Copyright (C) 2012, Galois, Inc.
 * All Rights Reserved.
 * This software is released under the "BSD3" license.  Read the file
 * "LICENSE" for more information.

#include <stdint.h>

#include <stm32f4xx.h>

#include <FreeRTOS.h>
#include <queue.h>
#include <task.h>
#include <semphr.h>

#include "hwf4/interrupt.h"
#include "hwf4/rcc.h"
#include "hwf4/gpio.h"
#include "hwf4/spi.h"

 * Utility macros to make busy waits obvious.  These could be moved to
 * a general utility header.

/** Busy wait until a condition is true. */
#define BUSY_UNTIL(cond)                        \
  do {
    while (!(cond)) {

}                          \
} while (0)

/** Busy wait until a condition is false. */
#define BUSY_WHILE(cond) BUSY_UNTIL(!(cond))

/** Busy wait until a bit in a register is set. */
#define BUSY_UNTIL_SET(reg, bit) BUSY_UNTIL((reg) & (bit))

/** Busy wait until a bit in a register is clear. */
#define BUSY_UNTIL_CLEAR(reg, bit) BUSY_WHILE((reg) & (bit))

/** Debug LED for testing the SPI IRQ. */
// #define DEBUG_LED (pin_d15)

/** Error LED for testing. */
#define ERROR_LED (pin_d14)

/** SPI error bits in the status register. */
                        SPI_SR_CRCERR | SPI_SR_UDR)

 * Information about the current transfer in progress.
 * The "spi_transfer" function fills in these fields, and they are
 * updated by the SPI ISR as characters are transmitted and received.
struct spi_transfer {

  volatile const uint8_t *tx_buf; /* transmit buffer */
  volatile uint8_t *rx_buf;       /* receive buffer */
  volatile size_t tx_len;         /* tx length */
  volatile size_t rx_len;         /* rx length */


struct spi_bus {

  // Peripheral configuration.
  SPI_TypeDef *dev;             /* peripheral registers */
  enum RCCDevice rcc_dev;       /* RCC clock */
  enum IRQn irq;                /* IRQ number */

  // GPIO pin configuration.
  enum pin_af af;               /* GPIO alternate function */
  struct pin *mosi_pin;         /* MOSI GPIO pin */
  struct pin *miso_pin;         /* MISO GPIO pin */
  struct pin *sck_pin;          /* SCK GPIO pin */

  // Current transfer in progress.
  struct spi_transfer transfer;

  // Synchronization.
  xSemaphoreHandle lock;        /* bus mutex */
  xSemaphoreHandle complete;    /* completion signal from ISR */


/** Clear some bits in the SPI CR1 register. */
static inline void spi_cr1_clear(struct spi_bus *bus, uint32_t val)

  bus->dev->CR1 &= ~val;


/** Set some bits in the SPI CR1 register. */
static inline void spi_cr1_set(struct spi_bus *bus, uint32_t val)

  bus->dev->CR1 |= val;


/** Clear some bits in the SPI CR2 register. */
static inline void spi_cr2_clear(struct spi_bus *bus, uint32_t val)

  bus->dev->CR2 &= ~val;


/** Set some bits in the SPI CR2 register. */
static inline void spi_cr2_set(struct spi_bus *bus, uint32_t val)

  bus->dev->CR2 |= val;


/** Configure the baud rate setting for a SPI bus. */
static inline void spi_set_baud(struct spi_bus *bus, enum spi_baud baud)

  spi_cr1_clear(bus, SPI_CR1_BR);
  spi_cr1_set(bus, (uint32_t)baud << 3);


/** Configure the clock polarity for a SPI bus. */
static inline void spi_set_clock_polarity(struct spi_bus *bus,
                                          enum spi_clock_polarity cpol)

  spi_cr1_clear(bus, SPI_CR1_CPOL);
  spi_cr1_set(bus, (uint32_t)cpol << 1);


/** Configure the clock phase for a SPI bus. */
static inline void spi_set_clock_phase(struct spi_bus *bus,
                                       enum spi_clock_phase cpha)

  spi_cr1_clear(bus, SPI_CR1_CPHA);
  spi_cr1_set(bus, (uint32_t)cpha);


/** Configure the bit order for a SPI bus. */
static inline void spi_set_bit_order(struct spi_bus *bus,
                                     enum spi_bit_order val)

  spi_cr1_clear(bus, SPI_CR1_LSBFIRST);
  spi_cr1_set(bus, (uint32_t)val << 7);


 * Enable and configure a SPI bus for a device.
static void spi_enable(struct spi_bus *bus, struct spi_device *dev)

  /* Ensure the peripheral is disabled, then configure it. */
  spi_cr1_clear(bus, SPI_CR1_SPE);

  bus->dev->CR1 = 0;
  bus->dev->CR2 = 0;

  /* The SSM and SSI bits are necessary to prevent the SPI peripheral
   * from disabling SPI if the NSS pin is not high.  Since we are
   * assuming all devices use GPIOs for slave selection, this should
   * be the right thing.  If that changes, we will need to make this
   * configurable. */
  spi_cr1_set(bus, SPI_CR1_MSTR | SPI_CR1_SSM | SPI_CR1_SSI);
  spi_set_baud(bus, dev->baud);
  spi_set_clock_polarity(bus, dev->clock_polarity);
  spi_set_clock_phase(bus, dev->clock_phase);
  spi_set_bit_order(bus, dev->bit_order);
  spi_cr1_set(bus, SPI_CR1_SPE);


 * Disable the SPI peripheral for the given bus.
static void spi_disable(struct spi_bus *bus)

  spi_cr1_clear(bus, SPI_CR1_SPE);


/** Select a device, asserting its chip select pin. */
static inline void spi_device_select(struct spi_device *dev)

  if (dev->chip_select_active)


/** Deselect a device, de-asserting its chip select pin. */
static inline void spi_device_deselect(struct spi_device *dev)

  if (dev->chip_select_active)


 * Handle an IRQ for the given SPI bus.
 * This is actually quite tricky---be very careful making changes to
 * this ISR.
 * It's important to note here that both RXNE and TXE can be set in
 * the status register in the same interrupt.  This can happen when
 * another task disables interrupts during a transfer.
 * To make sure that we never drop any received bytes, we always
 * alternate between TXing and RXing by toggling the TX/RX interrupts
 * as they occur.
 * This makes us slightly less than optimal, as we could load the
 * second byte into the TX register before we've RX'ed the first byte,
 * but the additional complexity doesn't warrant complicating this ISR
 * any further until we need the extra performance.
static void spi_irq(struct spi_bus *bus)

  portBASE_TYPE should_yield = pdFALSE;
  uint32_t sr = bus->dev->SR;

#ifdef DEBUG_LED

  if (sr & SPI_SR_RXNE) {

    *bus->transfer.rx_buf = bus->dev->DR;

    if (bus->transfer.rx_len == 0) {

      spi_cr2_clear(bus, SPI_CR2_RXNEIE);
      xSemaphoreGiveFromISR(bus->complete, &should_yield);
} else {

      spi_cr2_set(bus, SPI_CR2_TXEIE);
} else if (sr & SPI_SR_TXE) {

    spi_cr2_clear(bus, SPI_CR2_TXEIE);

    if (bus->transfer.tx_len != 0) {

      spi_cr2_set(bus, SPI_CR2_RXNEIE);
      bus->dev->DR = *bus->transfer.tx_buf;


  if (sr & SPI_ERROR_BITS) {

#ifdef ERROR_LED

#ifdef DEBUG_LED

  if (should_yield == pdTRUE)


 * Public Interface

bool spi_init(struct spi_bus *bus)

#ifdef DEBUG_LED
  /* Grab a debug LED for testing. */
  pin_set_mode(DEBUG_LED, PIN_MODE_OUTPUT);
  pin_set_otype(DEBUG_LED, PIN_TYPE_PUSHPULL);
  pin_set_ospeed(DEBUG_LED, PIN_SPEED_2MHZ);

#ifdef ERROR_LED
  pin_set_mode(ERROR_LED, PIN_MODE_OUTPUT);
  pin_set_otype(ERROR_LED, PIN_TYPE_PUSHPULL);
  pin_set_ospeed(ERROR_LED, PIN_SPEED_2MHZ);


  /* Configure GPIO pins for SPI operation. */
  pin_set_af(bus->miso_pin, bus->af);
  pin_set_mode(bus->miso_pin, PIN_MODE_AF);
  pin_set_pupd(bus->miso_pin, PIN_PUPD_NONE);

  pin_set_af(bus->mosi_pin, bus->af);
  pin_set_mode(bus->mosi_pin, PIN_MODE_AF);
  pin_set_otype(bus->mosi_pin, PIN_TYPE_PUSHPULL);

  pin_set_af(bus->sck_pin, bus->af);
  pin_set_mode(bus->sck_pin, PIN_MODE_AF);
  pin_set_otype(bus->sck_pin, PIN_TYPE_PUSHPULL);

  bus->lock = xSemaphoreCreateMutex();
  if (bus->lock == NULL)
    goto fail;

  if (bus->complete == NULL)
    goto fail;

  /* Take the semaphore initially so we will block next time. */
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