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  * @file    stm32f4xx.h
  * @author  MCD Application Team
  * @version V1.0.2
  * @date    05-March-2012
  * @brief   CMSIS Cortex-M4 Device Peripheral Access Layer Header File. 
  *          This file contains all the peripheral register's definitions, bits 
  *          definitions and memory mapping for STM32F4xx devices.
  *          The file is the unique include file that the application programmer
  *          is using in the C source code, usually in main.c. This file contains:
  *           - Configuration section that allows to select:
  *              - The device used in the target application
  *              - To use or not the peripherals drivers in application code(i.e. 
  *                code will be based on direct access to peripherals registers 
  *                rather than drivers API), this option is controlled by 
  *                "#define USE_STDPERIPH_DRIVER"
  *              - To change few application-specific parameters such as the HSE 
  *                crystal frequency
  *           - Data structures and the address mapping for all peripherals
  *           - Peripheral's registers declarations and bits definition
  *           - Macros to access peripherals registers hardware
  * @attention

© COPYRIGHT 2012 STMicroelectronics

* * Licensed under MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2, (the "License"); * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. * You may obtain a copy of the License at: * * * * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and * limitations under the License. * ****************************************************************************** */ /** @addtogroup CMSIS * @{ */ /** @addtogroup stm32f4xx * @{ */ #ifndef __STM32F4xx_H #define __STM32F4xx_H #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* __cplusplus */ /** @addtogroup Library_configuration_section * @{ */ /* Uncomment the line below according to the target STM32 device used in your application */ #if !defined (STM32F4XX) #define STM32F4XX #endif /* Tip: To avoid modifying this file each time you need to switch between these devices, you can define the device in your toolchain compiler preprocessor. */ #if !defined (STM32F4XX) #error "Please select first the target STM32F4XX device used in your application (in stm32f4xx.h file)" #endif #if !defined (USE_STDPERIPH_DRIVER) /** * @brief Comment the line below if you will not use the peripherals drivers. In this case, these drivers will not be included and the application code will be based on direct access to peripherals registers */ /*#define USE_STDPERIPH_DRIVER*/ #endif /* USE_STDPERIPH_DRIVER */ /** * @brief In the following line adjust the value of External High Speed oscillator (HSE) used in your application Tip: To avoid modifying this file each time you need to use different HSE, you can define the HSE value in your toolchain compiler preprocessor. */ #if !defined (HSE_VALUE) #define HSE_VALUE ((uint32_t)25000000) /*!< Value of the External oscillator in Hz */ #endif /* HSE_VALUE */ /** * @brief In the following line adjust the External High Speed oscillator (HSE) Startup Timeout value */ #if !defined (HSE_STARTUP_TIMEOUT) #define HSE_STARTUP_TIMEOUT ((uint16_t)0x0500) /*!< Time out for HSE start up */ #endif /* HSE_STARTUP_TIMEOUT */ #if !defined (HSI_VALUE) #define HSI_VALUE ((uint32_t)16000000) /*!< Value of the Internal oscillator in Hz*/ #endif /* HSI_VALUE */ /** * @brief STM32F4XX Standard Peripherals Library version number V1.0.2 */ #define __STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_MAIN (0x01) /*!< [31:24] main version */ #define __STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_SUB1 (0x00) /*!< [23:16] sub1 version */ #define __STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_SUB2 (0x02) /*!< [15:8] sub2 version */ #define __STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_RC (0x00) /*!< [7:0] release candidate */ #define __STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION ((__STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_MAIN << 24)\ |(__STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_SUB1 << 16)\ |(__STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_SUB2 << 8)\ |(__STM32F4XX_STDPERIPH_VERSION_RC)) /** * @ } */ /** @addtogroup Configuration_section_for_CMSIS * @{ */ /** * @brief Configuration of the Cortex-M4 Processor and Core Peripherals */ #define __CM4_REV 0x0001 /*!< Core revision r0p1 */ #define __MPU_PRESENT 1 /*!< STM32F4XX provides an MPU */ #define __NVIC_PRIO_BITS 4 /*!< STM32F4XX uses 4 Bits for the Priority Levels */ #define __Vendor_SysTickConfig 0 /*!< Set to 1 if different SysTick Config is used */ #define __FPU_PRESENT 1 /*!< FPU present */ #include "hwf4/sys/irq.h" typedef enum IRQn IRQn_Type; /** * @ } */ #include "core_cm4.h" /* Cortex-M4 processor and core peripherals */ #include "system_stm32f4xx.h" #include /** @addtogroup Exported_types * @{ */ /*!< STM32F10x Standard Peripheral Library old types (maintained for legacy purpose) */ typedef int32_t s32; typedef int16_t s16; typedef int8_t s8; typedef const int32_t sc32; /*!< Read Only */ typedef const int16_t sc16; /*!< Read Only */ typedef const int8_t sc8; /*!< Read Only */ typedef __IO int32_t vs32; typedef __IO int16_t vs16; typedef __IO int8_t vs8; typedef __I int32_t vsc32; /*!< Read Only */ typedef __I int16_t vsc16; /*!< Read Only */ typedef __I int8_t vsc8; /*!< Read Only */ typedef uint32_t u32; typedef uint16_t u16; typedef uint8_t u8; typedef const uint32_t uc32; /*!< Read Only */ typedef const uint16_t uc16; /*!< Read Only */ typedef const uint8_t uc8; /*!< Read Only */ typedef __IO uint32_t vu32; typedef __IO uint16_t vu16; typedef __IO uint8_t vu8; typedef __I uint32_t vuc32; /*!< Read Only */ typedef __I uint16_t vuc16; /*!< Read Only */ typedef __I uint8_t vuc8; /*!< Read Only */ typedef enum { RESET = 0, SET = !RESET } FlagStatus, ITStatus; typedef enum { DISABLE = 0, ENABLE = !DISABLE } FunctionalState; #define IS_FUNCTIONAL_STATE(STATE) (((STATE) == DISABLE) || ((STATE) == ENABLE)) typedef enum { ERROR = 0, SUCCESS = !ERROR } ErrorStatus; /** * @ } */ /** @addtogroup Peripheral_registers_structures * @{ */ /** * @brief Analog to Digital Converter */ typedef struct { __IO uint32_t SR; /*!< ADC status register, Address offset: 0x00 */ __IO uint32_t CR1; /*!< ADC control register 1, Address offset: 0x04 */ __IO uint32_t CR2; /*!< ADC control register 2, Address offset: 0x08 */ __IO uint32_t SMPR1; /*!< ADC sample time register 1, Address offset: 0x0C */ __IO uint32_t SMPR2; /*!< ADC sample time register 2, Address offset: 0x10 */ __IO uint32_t JOFR1; /*!< ADC injected channel data offset register 1, Address offset: 0x14 */ __IO uint32_t JOFR2; /*!< ADC injected channel data offset register 2, Address offset: 0x18 */ __IO uint32_t JOFR3; /*!< ADC injected channel data offset register 3, Address offset: 0x1C */ __IO uint32_t JOFR4; /*!< ADC injected channel data offset register 4, Address offset: 0x20 */ __IO uint32_t HTR; /*!< ADC watchdog higher threshold register, Address offset: 0x24 */ __IO uint32_t LTR; /*!< ADC watchdog lower threshold register, Address offset: 0x28 */ __IO uint32_t SQR1; /*!< ADC regular sequence register 1, Address offset: 0x2C */ __IO uint32_t SQR2; /*!< ADC regular sequence register 2, Address offset: 0x30 */ __IO uint32_t SQR3; /*!< ADC regular sequence register 3, Address offset: 0x34 */ __IO uint32_t JSQR; /*!< ADC injected sequence register, Address offset: 0x38*/ __IO uint32_t JDR1; /*!< ADC injected data register 1, Address offset: 0x3C */ __IO uint32_t JDR2; /*!< ADC injected data register 2, Address offset: 0x40 */ __IO uint32_t JDR3; /*!< ADC injected data register 3, Address offset: 0x44 */ __IO uint32_t JDR4; /*!< ADC injected data register 4, Address offset: 0x48 */ __IO uint32_t DR; /*!< ADC regular data register, Address offset: 0x4C */ } ADC_TypeDef; typedef struct { __IO uint32_t CSR; /*!< ADC Common status register, Address offset: ADC1 base address + 0x300 */ __IO uint32_t CCR; /*!< ADC common control register, Address offset: ADC1 base address + 0x304 */ __IO uint32_t CDR; /*!< ADC common regular data register for dual AND triple modes, Address offset: ADC1 base address + 0x308 */ } ADC_Common_TypeDef; /** * @brief Controller Area Network TxMailBox */ typedef struct { __IO uint32_t TIR; /*!< CAN TX mailbox identifier register */ __IO uint32_t TDTR; /*!< CAN mailbox data length control and time stamp register */ __IO uint32_t TDLR; /*!< CAN mailbox data low register */ __IO uint32_t TDHR; /*!< CAN mailbox data high ... ... 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led.c2.11 kB2013-04-23|01:09
rcc.c11.74 kB2013-04-23|01:09
spi.c12.33 kB2013-04-23|01:09
timer.c10.08 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usart.c10.83 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_cdc.c1.21 kB2013-04-23|01:09
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gdb-init61.00 B2013-04-23|01:09
gdb-tdesc-cortexm-fpa.xml5.74 kB2013-04-23|01:09
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stm32_flash.ld5.33 kB2013-04-23|01:09
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main.c1.90 kB2013-04-23|01:09
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.gitignore8.00 B2013-04-23|01:09
build.mk1.17 kB2013-04-23|01:09
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
usb_bsp.h2.29 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_conf.h10.48 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_core.h12.29 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_dcd.h4.48 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_dcd_int.h3.03 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_defines.h6.52 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_hcd.h2.76 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_hcd_int.h3.65 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_otg.h1.97 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_regs.h21.22 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_cdc_core.h3.87 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_cdc_if_template.h1.85 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_cdc_vcp.h2.89 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_conf.h3.29 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_core.h2.50 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_def.h4.82 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_desc.h3.35 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_ioreq.h2.89 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_req.h2.50 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_usr.h3.00 kB2013-04-23|01:09
01.97 kB
usb_bsp.c3.27 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_core.c55.46 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_dcd.c9.21 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_dcd_int.c21.32 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_hcd.c5.62 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_hcd_int.c21.58 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usb_otg.c9.48 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_cdc_core.c24.57 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_cdc_if_template.c6.07 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_cdc_vcp.c6.71 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_core.c11.39 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_desc.c8.23 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_ioreq.c5.38 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_req.c19.55 kB2013-04-23|01:09
usbd_usr.c3.48 kB2013-04-23|01:09
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