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Registers definition for Dallas Semiconductors DS89C420/430/440/450

Copyright (c) 2004 Keil Elektronik GmbH and Keil Software, Inc.
All rights reserved.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#ifndef _ds89c4xx_h_
#define _ds89c4xx_h_

/* Byte Addresses */
sfr   P0   	   = 0x80;
sfr   SP   	   = 0x81;
sfr   DPL   	 = 0x82;
sfr   DPH   	 = 0x83;
sfr   DPL1   	 = 0x84;
sfr   DPH1   	 = 0x85;
sfr   DPS   	 = 0x86;
sfr   PCON   	 = 0x87;
sfr   TCON   	 = 0x88;
sfr   TMOD   	 = 0x89;
sfr   TL0   	 = 0x8A;
sfr   TL1   	 = 0x8B;
sfr   TH0   	 = 0x8C;
sfr   TH1   	 = 0x8D;
sfr   CKCON    = 0x8E;
sfr   P1   	   = 0x90;
sfr   EXIF   	 = 0x91;
sfr   CKMOD    = 0x96;
sfr   SCON0    = 0x98;
sfr   SBUF0    = 0x99;
sfr   ACON   	 = 0x9D;
sfr   P2   	   = 0xA0;
sfr   IE   	   = 0xA8;
sfr   SADDR0   = 0xA9;
sfr   SADDR1   = 0xAA;
sfr   P3   	   = 0xB0;
sfr   IP1   	 = 0xB1;
sfr   IP0   	 = 0xB8;
sfr   SADEN0   = 0xB9;
sfr   SADEN1   = 0xBA;
sfr   SCON1    = 0xC0;
sfr   SBUF1    = 0xC1;
sfr   ROMSIZE  = 0xC2;
sfr   PMR   	 = 0xC4;
sfr   STATUS   = 0xC5;
sfr   TA   	   = 0xC7;
sfr   T2CON    = 0xC8;
sfr   T2MOD    = 0xC9;
sfr   RCAP2L   = 0xCA;
sfr   RCAP2H   = 0xCB;
sfr   TL2   	 = 0xCC;
sfr   TH2   	 = 0xCD;
sfr   PSW   	 = 0xD0;
sfr   FCNTL    = 0xD5;
sfr   FDATA    = 0xD6;
sfr   WDCON    = 0xD8;
sfr   ACC   	 = 0xE0;
sfr   EIE   	 = 0xE8;
sfr   B   	   = 0xF0;
sfr   EIP1   	 = 0xF1;
sfr   EIP0   	 = 0xF8;

/* Bit Addresses */

/* TCON */
sbit   IT0   	 = TCON^0;
sbit   IE0   	 = TCON^1;
sbit   IT1   	 = TCON^2;
sbit   IE1   	 = TCON^3;
sbit   TR0   	 = TCON^4;
sbit   TF0   	 = TCON^5;
sbit   TR1   	 = TCON^6;
sbit   TF1   	 = TCON^7;

/* SCON0 */
sbit   RI_0   	 = SCON0^0;
sbit   TI_0   	 = SCON0^1;
sbit   RB8_0   	 = SCON0^2;
sbit   TB8_0   	 = SCON0^3;
sbit   REN_0   	 = SCON0^4;
sbit   SM2_0   	 = SCON0^5;
sbit   SM1_0   	 = SCON0^6;
sbit   FE_0   	 = SCON0^7;

/* IE */
sbit   EX0   	 = IE^0;
sbit   ET0   	 = IE^1;
sbit   EX1   	 = IE^2;
sbit   ET1   	 = IE^3;
sbit   ES0   	 = IE^4;
sbit   ET2   	 = IE^5;
sbit   ES1   	 = IE^6;
sbit   EA   	 = IE^7;

/* IP0 */
sbit   PX0   	 = IP0^0;
sbit   PT0   	 = IP0^1;
sbit   PX1   	 = IP0^2;
sbit   PT1   	 = IP0^3;
sbit   PS   	 = IP0^4;

/* SCON1 */
sbit   RI_1   	 = SCON1^0;
sbit   TI_1   	 = SCON1^1;
sbit   RB8_1   	 = SCON1^2;
sbit   TB8_1   	 = SCON1^3;
sbit   REN_1   	 = SCON1^4;
sbit   SM2_1   	 = SCON1^5;
sbit   SM1_1   	 = SCON1^6;
sbit   FE_1   	 = SCON1^7;

/* T2CON */
sbit   CP   	 = T2CON^0;
sbit   C   	   = T2CON^1;
sbit   TR2   	 = T2CON^2;
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Chapter9.OBJ44.18 kB24-03-08|11:06
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D12CI.h7.27 kB20-01-08|21:42
D12CI.LST22.08 kB24-03-08|11:06
D12CI.OBJ19.20 kB24-03-08|11:06
D12HAL.c1,003.00 B24-03-08|10:51
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D12HAL.OBJ4.66 kB24-03-08|11:06
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Descriptor.h9.71 kB24-03-08|10:47
Descriptor.LST10.38 kB24-03-08|11:06
Descriptor.OBJ15.04 kB24-03-08|11:06
DS89C4xx.h4.07 kB18-01-08|20:25
HID99.50 kB24-03-08|11:06
HID.hex14.29 kB24-03-08|11:06
HID.lnp161.00 B24-03-08|11:06
HID.M5167.12 kB24-03-08|11:06
HID.Opt1.92 kB24-03-08|11:12
HID.plg13.77 kB24-03-08|11:06
HID.Uv22.24 kB24-03-08|11:12
hiduse.c1.16 kB24-03-08|10:50
hiduse.h141.00 B24-03-08|10:50
hiduse.LST2.43 kB24-03-08|11:06
hiduse.OBJ469.00 B24-03-08|11:06
HID_Uv2.Bak0.00 B24-03-08|10:56
key.c988.00 B22-01-08|21:50
key.h443.00 B12-01-08|09:00
key.LST2.97 kB24-03-08|11:06
key.OBJ5.02 kB24-03-08|11:06
led.h729.00 B12-01-08|09:11
main.c4.33 kB24-03-08|11:01
main.LST11.46 kB24-03-08|11:06
main.OBJ15.98 kB24-03-08|11:06
mytype.h462.00 B24-03-08|11:02
STARTUP.A515.00 kB16-04-02|14:32
STARTUP.LST11.39 kB24-03-08|11:06
STARTUP.OBJ749.00 B24-03-08|11:06
uart0.c2.27 kB21-01-08|18:45
uart0.h543.00 B20-01-08|19:17
uart0.LST5.34 kB24-03-08|11:06
uart0.OBJ6.41 kB24-03-08|11:06
readme.txt1.13 kB24-03-08|11:20
StdAfx.obj104.23 kB24-03-08|10:16
StdAfx.sbr1.32 MB24-03-08|10:16
usbhidioc.exe124.06 kB24-03-08|11:05
usbhidioc.ilk323.13 kB24-03-08|11:05
usbhidioc.obj19.23 kB24-03-08|10:16
usbhidioc.pch6.80 MB24-03-08|10:16
usbhidioc.pdb425.00 kB24-03-08|11:05
usbhidioc.res3.77 kB18-07-05|22:40
usbhidioc.sbr73.62 kB24-03-08|10:16
usbhidiocDlg.obj101.74 kB24-03-08|11:05
usbhidiocDlg.sbr88.83 kB24-03-08|11:05
vc60.idb345.00 kB24-03-08|11:06
vc60.pdb364.00 kB24-03-08|11:05
hid.h5.04 kB17-08-01|12:54
hid.lib12.09 kB17-08-01|12:39
hidpi.h78.66 kB17-08-01|14:12
hidsdi.h14.21 kB17-08-01|14:12
hidusage.h10.77 kB17-08-01|14:12
readme.htm3.07 kB19-07-05|11:54
README.TXT3.55 kB09-03-00|10:38
StdAfx.obj768.00 B19-07-05|10:41
usbhidioc.exe36.00 kB19-07-05|10:41
usbhidioc.obj11.78 kB19-07-05|10:41
usbhidioc.res3.77 kB19-07-05|10:41
usbhidiocDlg.obj66.68 kB19-07-05|10:41
vc60.idb89.00 kB19-07-05|11:32
usbhidioc.ico1.05 kB09-03-00|10:38
usbhidioc.rc2401.00 B09-03-00|10:38
resource.h1.66 kB18-07-05|22:40
STDAFX.CPP211.00 B09-03-00|10:38
Stdafx.h1.05 kB24-03-08|10:16
usbhidioc.aps22.55 kB24-03-08|10:12
usbhidioc.clw3.55 kB24-03-08|11:12
usbhidioc.cpp2.25 kB14-12-00|11:42
usbhidioc.dsp4.54 kB20-12-00|13:57
usbhidioc.dsw541.00 B09-03-00|10:38
usbhidioc.h1.33 kB09-03-00|10:38
usbhidioc.ncb49.00 kB24-03-08|11:12
usbhidioc.opt52.50 kB24-03-08|11:12
usbhidioc.plg1.06 kB24-03-08|11:05
usbhidioc.rc7.24 kB18-07-05|22:40
usbhidiocDlg.cpp43.08 kB24-03-08|11:05
usbhidiocDlg.h2.97 kB18-07-05|22:30
Debug0.00 B24-03-08|11:05
Release0.00 B19-07-05|11:36
Res0.00 B19-07-05|11:34
HidDevice0.00 B24-03-08|11:12
usbhidio_vc60.00 B24-03-08|11:12
USB0.00 B0%|24-03-08
hid0.00 B02-07-08|14:25
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