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  • By 毛宁 2014-10-28
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			function v =findbucket(type,x,I)
% Find, for each point(column) in X, its hash bucket based on i
% The bucket numbers are returned in *rows* of B, represented as
% character array. The underlying assumption that makes this possible:
% the value of each component is an integer between -128 and 127.
% (C) Greg Shakhnarovich, TTI-Chicago  (2008)

switch type,
 case 'lsh',
  v = x(I.d,:)' <= repma
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findbucket.m653.00 B2008-11-10|12:45
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lshfunc.m2.94 kB2008-11-10|12:45
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lshins.m3.21 kB2008-11-10|12:45
lshlookup.m3.07 kB2009-06-26|21:35
lshprep.m1.56 kB2008-11-10|12:45
lshstats.m2.36 kB2009-06-26|21:36
processRange.m1.01 kB2008-11-10|12:45
README10.58 kB2009-06-26|22:00
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