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			object = Client.o TcpClient.o Common.o Sem.o ShareMemory.o ShmIPS.o \
		 Connector.o SocketStream.o Logger.o SocketOps.o Socket.o \
		 Transform.o Functions.o Thread.o

control_object = Mutex.o Lock.o Video.o capture.o ShareBuff.o\
				 capture_init.o capture_uinit.o \
                                 capvideo_init.o capvideo.o capvideo_uinit.o \

arm_object = arm_Client.o arm_TcpClient.o arm_Common.o arm_Sem.o \
			 arm_ShareMemory.o arm_ShmIPS.o arm_Connector.o \
			 arm_SocketStream.o arm_Logger.o arm_SocketOps.o \
			 arm_Socket.o arm_Transform.o arm_Functions.o arm_Thread.o

arm_control_object = arm_Mutex.o arm_Lock.o  arm_Video.o \
					 arm_capture.o arm_capture_init.o arm_capture_uinit.o \
					 arm_capvideo.o arm_capvideo_init.o \
					 arm_capvideo_uinit.o arm_ShareBuff.o\

all:Father ClientPort control arm_Father arm_ClientPort arm_control 


ClientPort:main.cpp $(object)
	g++ main.cpp $(object) -lrt -o ClientPort

control:Control.cpp $(object) $(control_object)
	g++ Control.cpp $(object) $(control_object) -ljpeg -lrt -o control

#---------- arm  version------

	arm-linux-g++ Father.cpp -o arm_Father

arm_ClientPort:main.cpp $(arm_object)
	arm-linux-g++ main.cpp $(arm_object) -lrt -o arm_ClientPort

arm_Client.o:Client.hpp Client.cpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Client.cpp -o arm_Client.o 

arm_TcpClient.o:TcpClient.hpp TcpClient.cpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c TcpClient.cpp -o arm_TcpClient.o

arm_Common.o:Common.hpp Common.cpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Common.cpp -o arm_Common.o

arm_Sem.o:Sem.hpp Sem.cpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Sem.cpp -o arm_Sem.o

arm_ShareMemory.o:ShareMemory.cpp ShareMemory.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c ShareMemory.cpp -o arm_ShareMemory.o

arm_ShmIPS.o:ShmIPS.cpp ShmIPS.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c ShmIPS.cpp -o arm_ShmIPS.o

arm_Connector.o:Connector.cpp Connector.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Connector.cpp -o arm_Connector.o

arm_SocketStream.o:SocketStream.cpp SocketStream.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c SocketStream.cpp -o arm_SocketStream.o

arm_Logger.o:Logger.cpp Logger.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Logger.cpp -o arm_Logger.o

arm_SocketOps.o:SocketOps.cpp SocketOps.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c SocketOps.cpp -o arm_SocketOps.o

arm_Socket.o:Socket.cpp Socket.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Socket.cpp -o arm_Socket.o

arm_Transform.o:Transform.cpp Transform.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Transform.cpp -o arm_Transform.o

arm_Functions.o:Functions.cpp Functions.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Functions.cpp -o arm_Functions.o

arm_Thread.o:Thread.cpp Thread.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Thread.cpp -o arm_Thread.o

arm_control:Control.cpp $(arm_object) $(arm_control_object)
	arm-linux-g++ Control.cpp $(arm_object) $(arm_control_object) \
		-lrt -ljpeg -o arm_control 

arm_capture.o:capture.cpp capture.h
	arm-linux-g++ -c capture.cpp -o arm_capture.o

arm_Mutex.o:Mutex.cpp Mutex.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Mutex.cpp -o arm_Mutex.o

arm_Lock.o:Lock.cpp Lock.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Lock.cpp -o arm_Lock.o

arm_Video.o:Video.cpp Video.hpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c Video.cpp -o arm_Video.o

	arm-linux-g++ -c capture_init.cpp -o arm_capture_init.o

	arm-linux-g++ -c capture_uinit.cpp -o arm_capture_uinit.o

	arm-linux-g++ -c capvideo_init.cpp -o arm_capvideo_init.o

	arm-linux-g++ -c capvideo.cpp -o arm_capvideo.o

	arm-linux-g++ -c capvideo_uinit.cpp -o arm_capvideo_uinit.o

arm_SsbSipH264Encode.o:SsbSipH264Encode.c SsbSipH264Encode.h
	arm-linux-g++ -c SsbSipH264Encode.c -o arm_SsbSipH264Encode.o

#LogMsg.o:LogMsg.c LogMsg.h
#	arm-linux-g++ -c LogMsg.c -o LogMsg.o

H264Frames.o:H264Frames.c H264Frames.h
	arm-linux-g++ -c H264Frames.c -o H264Frames.o

arm_ShareBuff.o:ShareBuff.hpp ShareBuff.cpp
	arm-linux-g++ -c ShareBuff.cpp -o arm_ShareBuff.o

	-rm -f *.o
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Name Size Date
arm_capture.o7.44 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_capture_init.o6.25 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_capture_uinit.o2.11 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_capvideo.o18.83 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_capvideo_init.o6.44 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_capvideo_uinit.o2.16 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Client.o102.76 kB03-11-14 23:23
arm_ClientPort99.95 kB03-11-14 23:23
arm_Common.o2.89 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Connector.o37.29 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_control146.15 kB04-11-14 12:37
arm_Father9.37 kB23-09-14 08:26
arm_Functions.o2.02 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Lock.o1.60 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Logger.o7.59 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Mutex.o6.47 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Sem.o4.98 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_ShareBuff.o21.13 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_ShareMemory.o7.59 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_ShmIPS.o12.88 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Socket.o1.16 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_SocketOps.o5.43 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_SocketStream.o6.77 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_SsbSipH264Encode.o4.00 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_TcpClient.o50.54 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Thread.o5.96 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Transform.o11.05 kB23-09-14 11:04
arm_Video.o22.58 kB23-09-14 11:04
capture.cpp4.76 kB12-12-13 15:12
capture.cpp~4.76 kB23-11-13 09:17
capture.h1,009.00 B23-11-13 09:17
capture.o5.05 kB23-09-14 11:03
capture_init.cpp9.78 kB12-12-13 14:49
capture_init.cpp~9.78 kB12-12-13 14:49
capture_init.o6.09 kB23-09-14 11:03
capture_uinit.cpp1.32 kB23-11-13 09:17
capture_uinit.o1.78 kB23-09-14 11:03
capvideo.cpp8.17 kB07-01-14 19:34
capvideo.cpp~8.15 kB23-11-13 09:17
capvideo.h527.00 B23-11-13 09:17
capvideo.o12.45 kB23-09-14 11:03
capvideo_init.cpp8.04 kB23-11-13 09:17
capvideo_init.o6.01 kB23-09-14 11:03
capvideo_uinit.cpp1.69 kB23-11-13 09:17
capvideo_uinit.o1.82 kB23-09-14 11:03
Client.cpp6.93 kB03-11-14 23:19
Client.cpp~6.91 kB30-03-14 18:48
Client.hpp1.03 kB23-11-13 09:17
Client.o66.13 kB03-11-14 23:23
Client11_19.pro1.27 kB23-11-13 09:17
ClientPort87.28 kB03-11-14 23:23
Common.cpp358.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Common.hpp308.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Common.o2.57 kB23-09-14 11:03
Connector.cpp2.37 kB23-09-14 10:28
Connector.cpp~2.37 kB16-03-14 20:18
Connector.hpp715.00 B16-03-14 21:59
Connector.hpp~715.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Connector.o24.09 kB23-09-14 11:03
control128.54 kB04-11-14 12:37
Control.cpp11.11 kB04-11-14 12:29
Control.cpp~10.58 kB07-04-14 21:25
<DeviceControl.cpp>0.00 B23-09-14 11:09
DeviceControl.hpp171.00 B23-09-14 11:09
Father12.37 kB23-09-14 08:25
Father.cpp1.89 kB21-02-14 15:48
Father.cpp~1.89 kB23-11-13 09:17
Functions.cpp852.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Functions.hpp317.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Functions.o1.48 kB23-09-14 11:03
IIPS.hpp328.00 B23-11-13 09:17
IMutex.hpp194.00 B23-11-13 09:17
IPC.hpp824.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Lock.cpp168.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Lock.hpp453.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Lock.o1.21 kB23-09-14 11:03
Logger.cpp1.95 kB23-11-13 09:17
Logger.hpp1.40 kB23-11-13 09:17
Logger.o6.40 kB23-09-14 11:03
LogMsg.c1.22 kB23-11-13 09:17
LogMsg.h370.00 B23-11-13 09:17
main.cpp1.24 kB23-11-13 09:17
makefile4.00 kB09-04-14 22:33
makefile~4.00 kB23-11-13 09:17
MfcDriver.h1.71 kB23-11-13 09:17
MfcDrvParams.h4.41 kB23-11-13 09:17
Mutex.cpp543.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Mutex.hpp284.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Mutex.o5.23 kB23-09-14 11:03
Sem.cpp1.01 kB23-11-13 09:17
Sem.hpp504.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Sem.o4.15 kB23-09-14 11:03
ShareBuff.cpp621.00 B23-11-13 09:17
ShareBuff.hpp301.00 B23-11-13 09:17
ShareBuff.o12.41 kB23-09-14 11:03
ShareMemory.cpp1.31 kB23-11-13 09:17
ShareMemory.hpp706.00 B28-03-14 21:41
ShareMemory.hpp~705.00 B28-03-14 21:25
ShareMemory.o6.66 kB23-09-14 11:03
ShmIPS.cpp797.00 B23-11-13 09:17
ShmIPS.hpp771.00 B23-11-13 09:17
ShmIPS.o9.46 kB23-09-14 11:03
Socket.cpp252.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Socket.hpp304.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Socket.o1.02 kB23-09-14 11:03
SocketOps.cpp2.25 kB23-11-13 09:17
SocketOps.hpp566.00 B23-11-13 09:17
SocketOps.o4.96 kB23-09-14 11:03
SocketStream.cpp2.03 kB23-11-13 09:17
SocketStream.hpp685.00 B23-11-13 09:17
SocketStream.o5.71 kB23-09-14 11:03
SsbSipH264Encode.c9.73 kB23-11-13 09:17
SsbSipH264Encode.h1.85 kB23-11-13 09:17
SsbSipH264Encode.o2.63 kB23-09-14 11:03
struct.hpp1.44 kB23-09-14 10:46
TcpClient.cpp1.22 kB23-11-13 09:17
TcpClient.hpp588.00 B23-11-13 09:17
TcpClient.o31.48 kB23-09-14 11:03
Thread.cpp1.56 kB23-11-13 09:17
Thread.hpp1.07 kB23-11-13 09:17
Thread.o5.08 kB23-09-14 11:03
ThreadAttr.cpp1.71 kB23-11-13 09:17
ThreadAttr.hpp651.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Transform.cpp1.26 kB23-11-13 09:17
Transform.hpp547.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Transform.o7.17 kB23-09-14 11:03
Uncopyable.hpp238.00 B28-03-14 21:30
Uncopyable.hpp~239.00 B28-03-14 21:30
Video.cpp1.05 kB23-11-13 09:17
Video.hpp536.00 B23-11-13 09:17
Video.o13.39 kB23-09-14 11:03
<Client2013-12-15>0.00 B04-11-14 22:07
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