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  • By lzwandnju 2017-02-09
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//  LLLockViewController.h
//  LockSample
//  Created by Lugede on 14/11/11.
//  Copyright (c) 2014年 lugede.cn. All rights reserved.
//  解锁控件头文件,使用时包含它即可

#define LLLockRetryTimes 5 // 最多重试几次
#define LLLockAnimationOn  // 开启窗口动画,注释此行即可关闭

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "LLLockView.h"
#import "LLLockPassword.h"
#import "LLLockConfig.h"

// 进入此界面时的不同目的
typedef enum {

    LLLockViewTypeCheck,  // 检查手势密码
    LLLockViewTypeCreate, // 创建手势密码
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LaunchScreen.xib3.65 kB2015-08-21|08:09
Main.storyboard10.38 kB2015-08-21|08:09
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Info.plist1.39 kB2015-08-21|08:09
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LLLockConfig.h297.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockIndicator.h301.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockIndicator.m2.54 kB2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockPassword.h433.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockPassword.m1.27 kB2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockView.h530.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockView.m8.56 kB2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockViewController.h884.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockViewController.m13.94 kB2015-08-21|08:09
LLLockViewController.xib7.58 kB2015-08-21|08:09
SecondViewController.h300.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
SecondViewController.m2.25 kB2015-08-21|08:09
main.m335.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
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Info.plist748.00 B2015-08-21|08:09
LockSampleTests.m869.00 B2015-08-21|08:09

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