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			function svrplot(X,Y,ker,beta,bias,e,mag,xaxis,yaxis,input)
%SVRPLOT Support Vector Regression Plotting routine for 1D function
%  Usage: svrplot(X,Y,ker,alpha,bias,e,mag,xaxis,yaxis,input)
%  Parameters: X      - Training inputs
%              Y      - Training targets
%              ker    - kernel function
%              beta   - Difference of Lagrange Multipliers
%              bias   - Bias term 
%              e      - e insensitive value
%              mag    - display magnification 
%              xaxis  - xaxis input (default: 1) 
%              input  - vector of input values (default: zeros(no_of_inputs))
%  Author: Steve Gunn (

  if (nargin < 5 | nargin > 8) % check correct number of arguments
    help svrplot

    epsilon = 1e-4;  
    if (nargin < 9) input = zeros(1,size(X,2));, end
    if (nargin < 8) xaxis = 1;, end
    if (nargin < 7) mag = 0;, end
    if (nargin < 6) e = 0;, end
    xmin = min(X(:,xaxis));, xmax = max(X(:,xaxis)); 
    xa = (xmax - xmin);, xmin = xmin - mag*xa;, xmax = xmax + mag*xa;

    % Plot function value

    n = size(X,1);
    x = [xmin:(xmax-xmin)/300:xmax]; 
    z = bias*ones(size(x));
    for x1 = 1 : length(x)
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svc.m2.58 kB16-09-00|20:26
getkernel.m1.61 kB16-09-00|20:26
compact.m2.04 kB16-09-00|20:26
getbias.m1.59 kB16-09-00|20:26
.xialpha.m.swp12.00 kB16-09-00|20:29
strip.m2.00 kB16-09-00|20:26
getw.m1.55 kB16-09-00|20:26
getsv.m1.58 kB16-09-00|20:26
fixduplicates.m2.19 kB16-09-00|20:26
getnsv.m1.60 kB16-09-00|20:26
train.m1.71 kB16-09-00|20:26
xialpha.m2.87 kB16-09-00|20:26
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InfCache.cpp2.34 kB16-09-00|20:26
smosvctutor.m2.06 kB16-09-00|20:26
Cache.h2.14 kB16-09-00|20:26
InfCache.h2.22 kB16-09-00|20:26
LrrCache.cpp4.28 kB17-11-00|13:34
compilemex.m1.76 kB31-01-03|09:19
SmoTutor.h2.75 kB16-09-00|20:26
smosvctrain.mexglx17.00 kB11-03-03|16:49
train.m3.02 kB16-09-00|20:26
SmoTutor.cpp10.02 kB17-11-00|13:33
LrrCache.h2.41 kB17-11-00|13:30
smosvctrain.cpp4.10 kB16-09-00|20:26
utils.hh1.45 kB16-09-00|20:26
@smosvctutor0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
r.m1.59 kB16-09-00|20:26
display.m1.56 kB16-09-00|20:26
rbf.m2.33 kB16-09-00|20:26
evaluate.c2.71 kB16-09-00|20:26
evaluate.m2.09 kB16-09-00|20:26
compilemex.m1.57 kB31-01-03|09:15
char.m1.67 kB16-09-00|20:26
evaluate.mexglx62.54 kB11-03-03|16:49
@rbf0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
svm_v0.55beta0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
binomial.m371.00 B19-09-97|08:35
centrefig.m144.00 B01-05-98|11:47
cmap.mat1.69 kB13-08-97|15:33
Contents.m1.08 kB07-08-98|16:24
newsvm.zip74.74 kB26-10-01|14:23
nobias.m457.00 B06-08-98|16:39
qp.dll48.00 kB26-10-01|14:21
README2.58 kB12-10-01|15:27
softmargin.m312.00 B21-04-98|21:25
svc.m2.62 kB21-08-98|12:03
svcerror.m837.00 B21-08-98|11:04
svcinfo.m1.20 kB10-03-98|16:14
svcoutput.m973.00 B21-04-98|21:24
svcplot.m3.04 kB12-10-01|01:50
svdatanorm.m1.27 kB23-06-98|11:09
svkernel.m2.55 kB11-10-01|15:44
svr.m3.89 kB21-08-98|15:36
svrerror.m1.17 kB21-08-98|10:33
svroutput.m711.00 B15-04-98|23:05
svrplot.m1.78 kB13-02-98|10:31
svtol.m401.00 B21-08-98|14:57
uiclass.m5.26 kB18-11-97|17:15
uiclass.mat12.30 kB18-11-97|17:15
uiregress.m5.50 kB27-09-97|22:42
uiregress.mat11.37 kB12-10-98|13:24
Makefile27.00 B11-10-01|15:14
pr_loqo.c16.34 kB11-10-01|15:14
pr_loqo.h2.33 kB11-10-01|15:14
qp.c7.08 kB11-10-01|15:14
qp.dll48.00 kB26-10-01|14:21
Optimiser0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
example.mat744.00 B07-11-97|15:15
sinc.mat1.03 kB20-08-97|15:01
titanium.mat1.07 kB27-09-97|23:30
Regression0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
iris1v23.mat2.63 kB28-09-97|16:24
iris2v13.mat2.63 kB28-09-97|16:25
iris3v12.mat2.63 kB28-09-97|16:25
linsep.mat672.00 B06-11-97|15:46
nlinsep.mat712.00 B06-11-97|15:49
Classification0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
Examples0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
svm(推荐)0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
SVM工具箱0.00 B22-04-06|08:46
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