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DotRas VPN Example Code

2015-11-05 17:31    By:jkimg      View:147      Download:2

DotRas VPN software development kit sample code 1. how DotRas Development Kit to create a VPN dial-up connections 2. how DotRas development kit used to create a VPN connection to dial the VPN to connect to the specified server...

CSharp C#

PCSC Delphi sample code

2015-11-25 06:32    By:yangtzuyi      View:114      Download:2

PCSC Delphi sample code source code, helping you connect to smart card, and the information you need Code streamlining to understand, used for entry of Also hopes to talk with a lot of source code...

GUI Delphi

stm32f10x example code

2015-11-26 08:55    By:cvcvcv      View:55      Download:1

C wrote asynchronous RS232 serial communication module, 16550 UART chip, Transceivers interruption data, 115,200 bps maximum baud rate, since the definition of sending and receiving data buffer size, support hardware and software flow control....

Embeded C

VC completion routine model of Web programming model samples (CompletionRoutine)

2015-05-05 08:21    By:Rain      View:29      Download:0

VC network programming model example of the completion routine model (CompletionRoutine)MFC code, with a very, very detailed notes, features simply show what each character sent by the client, as a teaching code, in order to make clear code structure simplifies a lot of places, for product developme...

Socket C++

TCP Server example code

2015-01-07 21:50    By:mail2abd      View:35      Download:0

Simple TCP Server code (C source coder) to test the TCP server with error handling....

Socket C

QR QRCode generated examples source code

2015-11-26 21:51    By:jacklu      View:157      Download:1

This simple example is libqrencode library how to use the library by FUKUCHI Kentaro, text for the QRCode generated BMP file. Online information about the library, but there is no simple examples to show you how to use it. In this project, shows the problems that occur when using the library solutio...

VC++ C++

Stamps Act spice netlist conversion as MNA equation

2015-09-03 00:13    By:sunnybaby      View:66      Download:0

Matlab code, spice netlist into MNA equation Can handle one level of child circuit...

spice Matlab

C # network programming of advanced web game-assisted programming examples + code

2015-11-28 08:25    By:jcomet      View:199      Download:1

1th multithreaded programming techniques 1 1.1 the concept of process and thread 1 1.2 management of processes and threads in c # 6 1.2.1 the management processes of the process class 6 1.2.2 a multithreaded c # 8 1.2.3 thread pool 12 1.3 c # delegate mechanism 19 1.3.1 delegate definitions 1...

Socket C#

Converting an NFA to a DFA with Sample C# Code

2015-11-25 05:50    By:lxonex      View:61      Download:0

Introduction For some time I've been working with the tiny, but hard-to-break, problem of converting an NFA to a DFA. I guess I should introduce the terms I use for those not accustomed to them: DFA: Deterministic Finite Automaton NFA: Non-deterministic Finite Automa...

CSharp C#

Qt how to call DirectX sample code

2015-10-06 08:22    By:minking      View:32      Download:0

Qt how to call DirectX sample code Running test compiles under Qt 4.7.4, familiar with Qt for beginners called DirectX can be a great help!...

Windows C++


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