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DotRas VPN Example Code

2015-11-05 17:31    By:jkimg      View:147      Download:2

DotRas VPN software development kit sample code 1. how DotRas Development Kit to create a VPN dial-up connections 2. how DotRas development kit used to create a VPN connection to dial the VPN to connect to the specified server...

CSharp C#

PCSC Delphi sample code

2015-11-25 06:32    By:yangtzuyi      View:114      Download:2

PCSC Delphi sample code source code, helping you connect to smart card, and the information you need Code streamlining to understand, used for entry of Also hopes to talk with a lot of source code...

GUI Delphi

Paper< Heterogeneous cellular netwoRKs with flexible cell of Association:a comprehensive downLink sinr analysis> Figure 4 simulation, you can run

2015-11-23 10:54    By:dongfangqu      View:12379      Download:4

Paper< heterogeneous cellular netwoRKs with flexible cell of Association:a comprehensive downLink sinr analysis> Figure 4 simulation, you can run it, program is described in a heterogeneous cellular netwoRK, the netwoRK layer, low power base stations density and power bias on the netwoRK effec...

Matlab Matlab

C++ netwoRKadapter

2015-01-12 02:30    By:caojiji      View:20      Download:0

Good IP Mac information VC++ program VC++ using NetAPI access the LAN physical MAC address. Add library netapi32.lib connection VC++ using NetAPI access the LAN physical MAC address. join Netapi32.lib connection library...

Embeded C++

stm32f10x example code

2015-11-26 08:55    By:cvcvcv      View:55      Download:1

C wrote asynchronous RS232 serial communication module, 16550 UART chip, Transceivers interruption data, 115,200 bps maximum baud rate, since the definition of sending and receiving data buffer size, support hardware and software flow control....

Embeded C

The CAN netwoRK and IP netwoRK communication

2015-11-23 07:25    By:潇潇凤仔      View:34      Download:0

void Task_Server (void * pdata){    SOCKET * s;  int ei; // variable to store the return value  int RecvCnt = 0; // number of the received data  uint8 RecvBuff [200]; // receive buffer  uint8 RecvBuffP = 0;  uint8 CanSUCCESS = 0;  struct sockaddr serverad...

Sniffer Package capture C

C netwoRK programming example (minissh, Webget, NFC, NetLink, net-FIFO)

2015-09-22 02:54      View:143      Download:0

Some netwoRK programming examples: minissh, webget, nfc, netLink, etc......


Enhanced OLSR for defense against DOS attact in AdHOC netwoRKs.

2015-11-09 19:58    By:PVINODCHOWDARY       View:83      Download:3

A mobile ad hoc netwoRKs (MANET) is a collection of mobile devices, which are connected by wireless Links without the use of any fixed infrastructures or centralized access points. In MANET, each node acts not only as a host but also as a router to forward messages for other nodes that are not wi...

Wireless communication Tcl/Tk

VC completion routine model of Web programming model samples (CompletionRoutine)

2015-05-05 08:21    By:Rain      View:29      Download:0

VC netwoRK programming model example of the completion routine model (CompletionRoutine)MFC code, with a very, very detailed notes, features simply show what each character sent by the client, as a teaching code, in order to make clear code structure simplifies a lot of places, for product developme...

Socket C++

C # asynchronous netwoRK communication TCP UDP code

2015-09-10 23:04    By:dhxkd      View:53      Download:0

Asynchronous netwoRK communication to achieve c # TCP UDP broadcast traffic can use interfaces programmers use directly from your code....

CSharp C#


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