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PHP admin template

2015-11-21 13:40    By:lxj8749      View:476      Download:8

PHP admin template, use ThinkPHP development, very easy to use...

php PHP

Ticket Reservation - PHP Project

2015-11-23 05:11    By:vimal      View:217      Download:1

Hi, this project is basically to help you book bus tickets online. It conatins javascript and PHP/mysql functions. Beware, this will prove useful to basically anybody. Have fun and enjoy! Cheers. ......

SQL Server PHP

Password Generator in PHP

2015-11-09 01:05    By:mikroegy      View:21      Download:0

This is a simple project on how to create a password generator in PHP. By clicking the "Generate Password" button, it will automatically give you an alphanumeric password combination. This example is typically used when creating a registration form.Hope you learn from this....

SQL Server PHP

pSQL - One file MySQL Database Management

2014-12-27 01:58    By:noober      View:52      Download:2

pSQL is a utility for managing your MySQL databases. It contains only one file, making it very easy to installIt is still in development and you can currently:Create databaseView database tablesView table structureView table dataCreate new table (with visual editor)Insert data (Requires you to use q...

SQL Server PHP

The HTML DOM parsing PHP class

2015-08-19 02:32    By:tushouhao      View:2387      Download:0

PHP parse HTML DOM function more powerful classes, which provide a more comprehensive approach, the class name "simple_html_dom_node" provides a dump, andchildren, andmore powerful methods such as XmlText, more suitable for HTML analysis, scenario such as Web page content to crawl and parse DOM fast...

php开发 PHP

PHP build broken line graph

2015-10-06 18:24    By:hbhorse      View:160      Download:1

This is used Broken line graph PHP generated source code. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...


WinCE embedded applications SQLite database

2015-05-26 00:58    By:zg4669      View:70      Download:0

When using WinCE do embedded development, using the best tool for SQLite database to store a database for storing data. However, different SQLite databases in different environments Link library. The contents of the given Link library generated source code can generate different application environm...

Sqlite C

Qt read and write

2015-10-22 20:12    By:bomiaoaide      View:99      Download:2

Qt database Link and operate like reading and writing for sqlite database...

Qt C++

Qt GUI for all kinds of dialog show

2015-10-13 07:15    By:bomiaoaide      View:159      Download:2

Qt GUI for all kinds of dialog show。 Part 1 : Basic example of a dialog box...

Qt C++

Yellow pages in PHP

2015-10-13 23:34    By:hmdadou      View:62      Download:1

Yellow Pages PHP Script is one the best business Directory or Yellow Pages portal script written in PHP.  Yellow Pages PHP Script provides an easy way to publish a comprehensive online business Directory without technical knowledge for site administrator....

directory PHP


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