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ArM Development BoArd test program

Embedded Development BoArd test procedure, based 1, set the serial port tool 2, DNW setting method 3, procedural programming steps 4, ways to build your own bin files Factory demo 1, PWM buzzer 2, RTC real time clock 3, ADC testing 4, key features 5, touchscreen test Experiment 6, LCD dis...

SamkAr Retail Management System

SamkAr POS & Retail Management System is a database centered system which can be used for managing your SME. SamkAr RMS allows users to store almost all of their business' information electronically, including information on sales, employees, properties, customers, vendors and even allows for ex...

2013-09-29 10:55

ArM2410 test code

Brother gave the development boArd, stArt to leArn, first run on the LED, test code, header files online looking for transplantation, lest oneself write, naked run first, and then on Linux...

2013-10-06 10:17


The web application runs on the server , each server processas access the requested page and send only the HTML to the client . Each time you click on a button the page triggers an event that will be processed on the server then returns the entire page to the client . This process is called POST. Th...

2013-10-31 00:00

-ArM routine-bright LED lights

Light LED lights The whole Article is structured as follows: , Direct registers used clock management set out for analysis. Second, some principle of making an introduction. Third, behind the problem will appeAr when writing serial watch presentations. Four, LED cod...

2013-10-31 01:09

UArT Transmitter

Serial communication is a very useful feature in any project that you like to design. Serial means that you can send multiple bits of data over a SINGLE line. That's right! 1 line can send many bits. This reduces the complexity of a design and frees up pins that you might need for other things....

2013-11-24 02:41

SecondAry development of ArcGIS

With c # as the development platform based on ArCSDE framework for platform development programs, AE, functionality that you implement 1 And the file functions: open, save, save as, add a shape/raster file, and exit. 2 Basic tools: zoom in, zoom out, Pan, the whole figure. 3 ,...

2013-12-22 23:11

ArM embedded

STM32Arm slave HID the program, the host recognizes the device, slave control PC's mouse to control mouse movement....

mifAre mfrc531

The MIFArE Classic family is the pioneer and front runner in contactless smArt cArd ICs operating in the 13.56 MHZ frequency range with read/write capability and ISO 14443 compliance. SmArt cArds based on MIFArE Classic ICs Are widely used and a commonly known solution in vArious applications suc...

DalaunAry triangulAr meshes

Provider and source code from the uploaded file, you can open the solution to run, and browse the program, which also has form on how to run the program. If you have any questions you can look at the documentation provided, and hope you can gain something, thank you! If you need to dalaunAry of tria...

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