RekuRSif List

2014-12-03 04:59    By:maulobau      View:14      Download:0

RekuRSif List#include "boolean.h"#include "listrekuRSif.h"#include #include /* Manajemen Memori */address Alokasi (infotype X) {    address P; /* Algoritma */ P = (address)malloc(sizeof(ElmtList)); if (P != Nil) {/* alokasi berhasil */ Info(P) = X; Next(P) = Nil; } else...

Windows C

Easy language to use JS to do RSA authentication

2015-03-21 09:51    By:loking      View:49      Download:0

Easy language routines source QQ register RSA algorithms, create ScriptControl object implements QQ register in the RSA algorithm. Easy language routines source code belonging to Advanced easy language tutorial....

Algorithm JavaScript

RSA cipher

2015-04-16 07:27    By:trongphubt      View:73      Download:1

RSA cipher, I write in C# language. Software for Vietnamese people.  With this software, you can encryption and decryption a text with p, q auto or you can option p, q random....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C#

PolaRSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication

2015-04-11 02:28    By:ramsetii      View:47      Download:0

PolaRSSL makes it trivially easy for developeRS to include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in their (embedded) products, facilitating this functionality with a minimal coding footprint....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

Android video communications, RS232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving.

2015-03-17 07:33    By:阿狸小宝      View:1359      Download:2

A system only for large ships in regional wateRS, including, Android video communications, RS232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving. Friends need these questions can contact me, welcome to Exchange 852979886. like the letter l....

Android Java

RSA key generation tool

2015-04-07 10:02    By:fa2422257754      View:57      Download:0

RSA secret key generation of open source tools, research and RSA encryption is useful. This tool allows you to easily deal with encryption, decryption, and message authentication. You no longer need to write complex code, simply provide the processorID or Mac address...

Algorithm C

MATLAB training program (steerable filteRS)

2015-04-05 07:59    By:njwhat      View:71      Download:0

MATLAB training program (steerable filteRS) in good old technology, 91, but I found the introduction of no more. Steerable filteRS steerable filteRS in different directions on the template, and then use templates for deconvolution on an image in different directions, will be able to get the edges of...

Matlab Matlab

Compiler principles, please FIRST set; written in C++, and uses a two-dimensional array.

2015-02-28 01:45    By:andyzhangyao      View:10734      Download:0

Seeking FIRST set; written in VS2010; using a two-dimensional array. Input format is: S->AB|sd A->bc B->a|* C->a D->a...

编译原理 C++

GPRS SMS receiving and dispatching source code

2015-04-08 00:16    By:cafq      View:145      Download:2

GPRS SMS receiving and dispatching source, verify that you can use...

communication C

RSA crypt library RSA encryption and decryption library

2015-04-12 21:57    By:ccavniu      View:163      Download:1

RSA encryption library, relevant examples. Des,AES,RSA commonly used encryption algorithm...

Algorithm C

RSA implement vhdl

2015-04-15 12:24    By:sattydas      View:35      Download:2

Here, we present the fiRSt available open-source 512 bit RSA core. This is an earlyprototype veRSion of a full FIPS Certified 512-4096 capable RSA Crypto-core which will be on salesoon. The veRSion provided, has not the same performance than the final product since it was aproof of concept that we d...

Embeded VHDL

RSA encryption and decryption

2015-04-16 07:27    By:loveisgl      View:127      Download:2

RSA encryption and decryption...

Algorithm C++

Area connection GPRS

2015-04-11 07:30    By:bradley      View:57      Download:1

SIM300 GPRS capabilities, data sent from the SIM300 is sent to any place where you can connect to the network. Not only English, but also to support Chinese. If SIM300 insert phone card calls, traffic, most important calling card mobile Unicom cards, Telecom cards are not supported....


RS232 using vhdl

2015-04-14 00:35    By:lizhi0007      View:209      Download:2

Disign RS232 controller using vhdl on Altera DE2. This is a serial module which is useful for embed systems....

vhdl VHDL

RSA crypto

2015-03-12 05:38    By:davens      View:36      Download:0

This source code is used to test the RSA encryption and decryption operation, results were verified then measured, ' you can use this product in PSE-FIFA Gong Yao Yao/private encryption and decryption of your files....

android Java

BendeRS decomposition for solving mixed-integer programming algorithm MATLAB program

2015-04-11 12:42    By:666weidu      View:581      Download:2

Solving mixed integer programming is a classic problem, an algorithm for BendeRS decomposition which is more effective, the source code for BendeRS Decomposition algorithm MATLAB program, is a very good study materials...

Matlab Matlab

OpenLRS 433 remote control wireless transmission

2015-02-12 09:20    By:Feng_David      View:35      Download:0

OpenLRS for Open Long Range System, as the name suggests, for long distance communication systems for RC remote control and wireless data transmission, wireless bi-directional communications....

开源项目 C

Link a Tcp Socket with an RS232 port in server/ client mode

2015-01-09 22:48    By:aballiva      View:864      Download:1

With this code you can link any tcp stream to any RS232 port and reveRSe ( client / srv mode ). This code will be adapted to use any tcp and Com port generic component. The application wait for an Tcp connection or Run to make a conection to complete the link . ( Srv mode selector )....

WinSock Delphi

RSA algorithm C language

2015-04-07 10:02    By:iSeven      View:130      Download:3

This is the RSA algorithm in C language, tested and workable, welcome to download and try....

Windows Kernel C


2015-03-18 03:26    By:yassinenaija      View:42      Download:0

This document describes the UniveRSal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) VHDLcomponent which can be used either with the PmodRS232 or with an on-board RS232 port. A UARTcomponent is used to convert serial data to parallel data, and parallel data to serial data. The serialdata transferred into...

vhdl VHDL

muti playeRS distribution programming

2015-04-16 08:27    By:zzhan08      View:97      Download:0

muti playeRS distribution programming...

c++distribution programming C++

SupeRSocket communications

2015-04-01 13:44    By:leichentao0905      View:35      Download:0

UNIX System I/O Set of commands from Maltics And command evolved out of the earlier systems, the pattern for the opening of a Read / Write a closing ( open-write-read-close ) 。 In a user process I/O When you do so, it...


RS232 network sample code

2015-04-03 22:58    By:abiter75      View:42      Download:1

========================================================================        MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : RS232 ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this RS232 application for you.  This applicat...


Z-STACK GPRS gateway

2015-04-13 09:00    By:eric      View:81      Download:5

I wrote last year, a small project. CC2530+SIM900a achieve the GPRS gateway. To send and receive GPRS data, send and receive text messages. Performance, through GPRS to connect to the server every 30 seconds to send, receiving a 100-byte packets, running day and night there should be no problem....

Communication C

GPRS communication source

2015-03-26 23:26    By:cafq      View:73      Download:0

GPRS source 2008-07-14 Xin Wang welding of hardware at fiRSt came back after missing a few capacitoRS and one of 100k resistance, main is the power supply capacitor energy storage function, Sim300 100k resistance between simpress VEXT and PIN on the SIM card, no welding is when you can find...

communication C

RSE – encryption and decryption algorithm instances can be run directly

2014-11-20 08:15    By:fengiqyuhou      View:65      Download:0

Following is an important function: void menu (){printf("ntt");Printf ("-------menu NTT");Printf ("R--------keys for NTT");Printf ("S--------to hold the key for NTT");Printf ("L--------to load keys on NTT");Printf ("E--------file was encrypted b...

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C++

PeRSpective (the PeRSpective Transformation)

2015-03-16 08:54    By:njwhat      View:60      Download:0

PeRSpective transform (PeRSpectiveTransformation) refeRS to the use of peRSpective Center, like the point, destination point three points collinear condition, according to the laws of peRSpective rotation makes shadow side (pivot side) around the tracks (pivot axis) rotation at an angle, projection...

Matlab Matlab


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