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RekuRSif List

2014-12-03 04:59    By:maulobau      View:14      Download:0

RekuRSif List#include "boolean.h"#include "listrekuRSif.h"#include #include /* Manajemen Memori */address Alokasi (infotype X) {    address P; /* Algoritma */ P = (address)malloc(sizeof(ElmtList)); if (P != Nil) {/* alokasi berhasil */ Info(P) = X; Next(P) = Nil; } else...

Windows C

Easy language to use JS to do RSA authentication

2015-11-11 22:13    By:loking      View:61      Download:1

Easy language routines source QQ register RSA algorithms, create ScriptControl object implements QQ register in the RSA algorithm. Easy language routines source code belonging to Advanced easy language tutorial....

Algorithm JavaScript

RSA cipher

2015-11-15 20:33    By:trongphubt      View:90      Download:1

RSA cipher, I write in C# language. Software for Vietnamese people.  With this software, you can encryption and decryption a text with p, q auto or you can option p, q random....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C#

PolaRSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication

2015-11-14 22:57    By:ramsetii      View:50      Download:1

PolaRSSL makes it trivially easy for developeRS to include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in their (embedded) products, facilitating this functionality with a minimal coding footprint....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

Android video communications, RS232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving.

2015-10-17 01:21    By:阿狸小宝      View:1372      Download:3

A system only for large ships in regional wateRS, including, Android video communications, RS232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving. Friends need these questions can contact me, welcome to Exchange 852979886. like the letter l....

Android Java

RSA key generation tool

2015-10-28 03:11    By:fa2422257754      View:72      Download:0

RSA secret key generation of open source tools, research and RSA encryption is useful. This tool allows you to easily deal with encryption, decryption, and message authentication. You no longer need to write complex code, simply provide the processorID or Mac address...

Algorithm C

MATLAB training program (steerable filteRS)

2015-11-20 14:31    By:njwhat      View:80      Download:0

MATLAB training program (steerable filteRS) in good old technology, 91, but I found the introduction of no more. Steerable filteRS steerable filteRS in different directions on the template, and then use templates for deconvolution on an image in different directions, will be able to get the edges of...

Matlab Matlab


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