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Another implementation way of Android actionbar

2015-01-27 15:06    By:liuqingbo_1      View:49      Download:0

Android side effects in achieving, without relying on the v7 framework conditions, achieved a similar NET client side effects, mainly implementation of code is menudrawer....

Android Java

ActionScript 3 0

2015-01-28 21:19    By:MNMN      View:29      Download:0

O'Reilly - ActionScript 3 0 Cookbook...

document ActionScript

Guestbook code

2015-02-02 21:44    By:superrabbit      View:206706      Download:0

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Java Development Java

Source-Action part of the station

2014-11-29 23:22    By:maodaye      View:16      Download:0

"Letters" is intended for the convenience of Member business correspondence service, similar to the mailbox, mainly from the Inbox, Outbox, drafts, and trash consists of four parts, but this feature is only open to registered members of the site. "Faith" is different from e-mail, e-mail sent t...

Web Framework Java

ActionScript development video player

2015-01-09 23:17    By:guoshunchao1324      View:18      Download:0

Video player can play multiple video files simultaneously, according to jump the cue point information, supports fast forward...

video ActionScript

open-source library FLEX Advanced components - flexlib

2015-02-27 21:58    By:mmx2003      View:89      Download:1

This is a set of open-source library that contains many FLEX Advanced components. If you think that comes with the component FLEX FLEX enough or feel that comes with the component functionality too, you can download FlexLib extensions. Developing members FlexLib of: darron.schall, Doug McCune, Ted P...

GUI ActionScript


2015-03-03 00:21    By:MOHAN      View:17      Download:1

text extraction from images .......

Image Editing PDF

Advanced encryption techinques

2014-12-20 01:23    By:thiru      View:32      Download:0

Advanced encryption techniques is used  for security purpose in which the data is encrypted and then transmitted while decryted the data is we should decode the aes algorthm ...

Matlab Matlab

Advanced Sliding Mode Control for Mechanical Systems

2015-02-25 22:30    By:mamine      View:49      Download:2

Advanced Sliding Mode Control for Mechanical Systems: Design, Analysis and MATLAB Simulation" takes readers through the basic concepts, covering the most recent research in sliding mode control. The book is written from the perspective of practical engineering and examines numerous classical sl...

book Matlab

Real Time Implementation of Fractional Order Controller

2015-02-19 11:43    By:mirvan      View:17      Download:0

A fractional order Proportional-Integral controller ( PIλ ) for Air Flow Temperature System (AFTS) is designed and implemented in real time . Controller parameters KP & KI are derived from the Fractional Order Characteristic Polynomial (FOCP) in terms of frequency ω and fractional order λ...

Matlab Matlab

Trends in Fractional Order Controllers

2013-10-30 23:55    By:mirvan      View:5      Download:0

Fractional order integral and derivative operators have found several applications in large areas of research during the last decade. Application of fractional order calculus to conventional controller design extends the opportunity of improved performance. Outline of the paper is as follows. S...

Matlab Matlab

Multi-band Spectral Subtraction 1.0 Description

2015-01-14 07:44    By:lcdcf      View:20      Download:0

Multiband_Kamath.m Description: Multiband spectral subtraction as proposed by Kamath 2002. Uses adjusts the subtraction coefficient with the frequency as well as the SNR. note that the first 0.25sec of your signal is used to model the noise. License: Shareware Related: se...

Algorithm Matlab

computerization of transaction and shopping processes by supermarket retailers

2015-02-01 10:32    By:Raspberry      View:36      Download:0

The rapid proliferation in the use of technology through computerization of transaction and shopping processes by supermarket retailers has resulted in delivering value to consumers. This research work assesses how POS data is utilized by supermarkets and also the implementation of the concept under...


Human identification based on background subtraction

2015-02-04 12:10    By:htzhang      View:25      Download:0

Background subtraction method is also called a background subtraction, background subtraction method is the difference to get moving with the background image of the current frame target range, the method can more frame difference method better identification and extraction of moving targets, is cur...

Matlab Matlab

2D Action Game using Action Script

2014-12-12 14:10    By:nikhilkarmude      View:10      Download:0

Action Game created using action script 3.0 where a player has the ability to punch the enemies while in his path to reach the goal stage....

Game ActionScript

Matlab function that converts a positive decimal fraction to a binary fraction and vice versa

2015-01-15 00:26    By:ramz      View:112      Download:0

This functions Fr_dec2bin.m and Fr_bin2dec.m will convert a positive Decimal system Fraction (dec) to Binary system Fraction (Fr_bin). Matlab itself has bin2dec.m and dec2bin.m, but there seems to be no standard Matlab function when fractions are involved. This function...

Matlab Matlab

Web project for facial imge extraction

2015-01-25 17:07    By:hem      View:11      Download:0

This is a desktop application. Many algorithms and architectures have been proposed over the years in an effort to identify an effective packet classification solution. Use of a high bandwidth and a small on-chip memory while the rule database for packet classification resides in...

Java Development Java
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