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ActionScript 3 0

O'Reilly - ActionScript 3 0 Cookbook...

Source-Action part of the station

"Letters" is intended for the convenience of Member business correspondence service, similar to the mailbox, mainly from the Inbox, Outbox, drafts, and trash consists of four parts, but this feature is only open to registered members of the site. "Faith" is different from e-mail, e-mail sent t...

Guestbook code

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

ActionScript development video player

Video player can play multiple video files simultaneously, according to jump the cue point information, supports fast forward...

Another implementation way of Android actionbar

Android side effects in achieving, without relying on the v7 framework conditions, achieved a similar NET client side effects, mainly implementation of code is menudrawer....

Advanced encryption techinques

Advanced encryption techniques is used  for security purpose in which the data is encrypted and then transmitted while decryted the data is we should decode the aes algorthm ...

Fractional Fourier, for example, notes

Fractional Fourier transform MATLAB program, example programs, easy to learn. If you want a new signal processing, signal to change to a new signal in our example it will immediately start. This is the fractional Fourier transform is very good program information, don't miss it!...

Advanced Sliding Mode Control for Mechanical Systems

Advanced Sliding Mode Control for Mechanical Systems: Design, Analysis and MATLAB Simulation" takes readers through the basic concepts, covering the most recent research in sliding mode control. The book is written from the perspective of practical engineering and examines numerous classical sl...

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