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openPoWERLINK Stack

2015-05-07 22:58    By:92soft      View:40      Download:0

OpenPoWERLINK stack features:  Ethernet PoWERLINK 2.0 DS 1.0.0 communication files Control and data link layer mapping node and NMT machine By UDP and PoWERLINK ASnd frames of SDO Dynamic PDO mapping User-configurable object dictionary Async-only multiplexed CN and CN's supPort Cycle cha...

Embeded C

TComPort comPonente para delphi

2015-08-27 22:25    By:SANDRO      View:496      Download:0

ComPonente para comunicacao serial assincrono para delphi 7 - xe utilizando winapi, com thread, pego da pagina, e colocado aqui para obter Pontos....

Delphi Development Delphi

Free PoP email receiving and sending system

2015-03-09 16:21    By:w5873433      View:20      Download:0

Free PoP email sending and receiving system...

WinSock C#

PolarSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication

2015-04-19 22:39    By:ramsetii      View:48      Download:0

PolarSSL makes it trivially easy for developers to include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in their (embedded) products, facilitating this functionality with a minimal coding footprint....

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

VC achieved printer PoS sample application source code

2015-09-03 23:20    By:rockyli      View:126      Download:3

VC implement of PoS printers example program source code, please try, if you have any questions or feedback please. Thank you......


MFC,Point cloud ,PCL

2015-08-31 19:03    By:lwngreat      View:218      Download:11

MFC, Point cloud, PCL, use PCL Point cloud make surface, use C++ to change surface, can usePCL function conveniently. ...


PoS printers

2015-07-20 11:58    By:HAOSUAI      View:61      Download:1

PoSDLL.dll shared libraries and common PoS printer serial Port, parallel Port, Ethernet Port control. In windowXP using VC6 development, testing procedures. And the PoSDLL.dll dynamic library functions provided....

print Visual C++

PoS system of Feida Commercial and Trading Company

2015-08-03 07:01    By:lth009      View:42      Download:0

Very classic PoS system and easy to use, strong applicability, and Portability are particularly good...

GUI Delphi

EPoll complete examples

2015-09-02 04:01    By:tmacai      View:25      Download:1

EPoll is multiplexed IO interface under Linux select/Poll Pro version, it can significantly improve the process in the case of a large number of concurrent connections, only a small number of active systems CPU Utilization, as it will reuse The file descriptor Set to deliver results without forcing...

Linux programming C++ php

2015-07-12 21:55    By:pornomoroz      View:88      Download:4

full-played Poker-room source code official web-page - need to translations...

Server Tech ActionScript


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