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HDRExPorter C# v1.0

HDRExPorter C# v1.0 ExPort .hdr extension files , working Knight OnLine 19XX Version Uif Decompress and see all files . Thanks KingOfKnight.Net :))))))...

PoS printers

PoSDLL.dll shared libraries and common PoS printer serial Port, parallel Port, Ethernet Port control. In windowXP using VC6 development, testing procedures. And the PoSDLL.dll dynamic library functions provided....

openPoWERLINK Stack

OpenPoWERLINK stack features:  Ethernet PoWERLINK 2.0 DS 1.0.0 communication files Control and data link layer mapping node and NMT machine By UDP and PoWERLINK ASnd frames of SDO Dynamic PDO mapping User-configurable object dictionary Async-only multiplexed CN and CN's supPort Cycle cha...

EPoll complete examples

EPoll is multiplexed IO interface under Linux select/Poll Pro version, it can significantly improve the process in the case of a large number of concurrent connections, only a small number of active systems CPU Utilization, as it will reuse The file descriptor Set to deliver results without forcing...

TComPort comPonente para delphi

ComPonente para comunicacao serial assincrono para delphi 7 - xe utilizando winapi, com thread, pego da pagina, e colocado aqui para obter Pontos.... php

full-played Poker-room source code official web-page - need to translations...

MetroPolis-Hastings algorithm MetroPolis-Hastings algorithm is a Markov chain Monte Carlo method for obtaining a sequence of random samples from a probability distribution for which direct sampling is difficult. The sequence can be used to approximate the d...

PolarSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication

PolarSSL makes it trivially easy for developers to include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in their (embedded) products, facilitating this functionality with a minimal coding footprint....

SdPo SerialPort for Connection Weighing Machine

SdPo units are licensed under a modified LGPL license. SdPo SerialPort use to connection SerialPort Device that convert to USB connector. With Lazarus IDE, i modified source serialPort example with my algorithm....

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