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Car Hire Them Lor=red>wordpress

2015-03-12 05:48    By:akharraz      View:28      Download:3

A car rentaL theme that Lets customeLor=red>RS reserve caLor=red>RS directLy through your website. It features a custom post type for vehicLes and pricing. PayPaL and credit card payments can be accepted using the theme....

Web Framework PHP

Lor=red>wordPress responsive APP tempLate v4.3

2014-11-29 00:58    By:mpxq22      View:26      Download:0

Theme based on Bootstrap deveLopment, Adaptive PC and the mobiLe phone side dispLay, you can set the APP downLoad Link as weLL as a variety of parameteLor=red>RS. 1, the Home of the Large image is done in the background-appearance-theme settings. 2, each APP reLease, is in the articLe, can cus...

Web Framework PHP


2015-02-14 04:34    By:Sandy      View:66      Download:0



Lor=red>wordpress subscribe

2014-11-23 12:04    By:ahmad.hammad      View:537      Download:0

Short code for pages and posts Use the Lor=red>beLow short code to add EmaiL Subscription Lor=red>box in the posts and pages. Short Code: [emaiL-newsLetter-pLugin] PHP code Use the Lor=red>beLow PHP code to EmaiL Subscription Lor=red>box in your tempLate fiLe. ≪?php eemaiL_show(); ?> JS CODE :subscrip...

Web Framework PHP

Lor=red>word controLs

2014-12-22 22:03    By:longshentaizi      View:50      Download:0

OCX controLs that impLement onLine Lor=red>word to edit and save, and exampLe source code! Lor=red>word onLine DSOFramerLor=red>word onLine DSOFramerLor=red>word onLine editing an edit controL controLs the edit controL DSOFramer...

Web Framework C++

NetwoLor=red>RKs questions

2015-01-22 18:33    By:Dennis      View:69      Download:0

Computer NetwoLor=red>RK HW , who can heLp me to finish? pLease contact my QQ number 9Lor=red>07553Lor=red>033 thanks...

Network questions C

BusyLor=red>box combines tiny veLor=red>RSions of many common UNIX utiLities

2014-12-06 02:17    By:bmpobmpo      View:4324      Download:0

PLease see the LICENSE fiLe for detaiLs on copying and usage. PLease refer to the INSTALL fiLe for instructions on how to buiLd. What is busyLor=red>box: BusyLor=red>box combines tiny veLor=red>RSions of many common UNIX utiLities into a singLe smaLL executabLe. It provides minimaList repLacements for most of...

Web Framework C++


2014-12-18 07:26    By:kiran      View:21      Download:0

This appLication describes onLine shoping, products contained in this are exampLe for demo purpose onLy, you can add products after admin Login and make necessary  settings in the database....

Web Framework C#

ASP Access checkLor=red>box vaLue

2014-11-20 14:41    By:grass99      View:18      Download:0

string str_save_cbLjL = ""; foreach (Listitem Li in cbLjL.items) { if (Li.seLected == true) { str_save_cbLjL += Li.vaLue + ","; } } response.write(str_save_cbLjL);...

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

BackgroundWoLor=red>RKer CLass SampLe for BeginneLor=red>RS

2015-02-16 09:16    By:mhasansharifi      View:60      Download:0

Introduction This articLe presents a novice .NET deveLoper to deveLop a muLtithreading appLication without being burdened by the compLexity that comes with threading. Background A basic Windows appLication runs on a singLe thread usuaLLy referred to as UI thread. This UI thread is...

Windows C#


2015-03-04 21:15    By:kaztorka      View:85      Download:0

weLcomewitpassLor=red>word.htmL Fish SimuLation with Methods Prerequisites, GoaLs, and Outcomes Prerequisites: Before you begin this exercise, you need mastery of the foLLowing: CLass Design: KnowLedge of attributes and behavioLor=red>RS of an object CLass Design:...

Java Development Java

ExampLe of a Lor=red>box based on QT

2015-03-19 02:40    By:djm      View:40      Download:0

A study on the Qt exampLes, incLuding Qt generaL deveLopment processes Qt Creator is a cross-pLatform Qt IDE,Qt after the Creator was bought by Nokia Qt Launched a new Lightweight The integrated deveLopment environment (IDE)。 This IDE can run cross-pLatform and support systems incLuding...

Embeded C++

Lor=red>wordpress for Android

2015-03-16 05:18    By:freeworm      View:266      Download:1

Lor=red>wordPress for Android is an Open Source project, which means anyone can pLay a part in its deveLopment. Lor=red>wordPress for Android is reLeased under the GNU GeneraL PubLic License. Both our app and our source code are free to downLoad and use however you’d Like. In return, if you are abLe, we...

Android Java

Lor=red>RSA crypt Library Lor=red>RSA encryption and decryption Library

2015-03-21 11:17    By:ccavniu      View:161      Download:1

Lor=red>RSA encryption Library, reLevant exampLes. Des,AES,Lor=red>RSA commonLy used encryption aLgorithm...

Algorithm C

JdonframewoLor=red>RK case

2015-03-22 08:18    By:liu_2009lx      View:19      Download:0

System anaLysis and system design are separate in the past, as our country "systems anaLyst"         and "systems designer"     two titLe examination, so fragmented as a resuLt, demand anaLysis of design resuLts cannot be directLy...

Java Development Java
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