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moDBUS communication protocol and programming.

2014-12-17 16:54    By:fch4058701@163.com      View:510      Download:0

moDBUS communication protocol and programming to explain good moDBUS communication protocol and programming information. moDBUS communication protocol and programming to explain good moDBUS communication protocol and programming information. moDBUS communication protocol and programming to explai...


cadlib demo

2014-12-15 17:05    By:沙罗曼蛇      View:113      Download:0

NET applications with CadLib 4. CadLib makes it very easy to use C#,VB. NET or any other. NET language of DWG and DXF files. This is done By providing you with a complete type safety, integrated file and sample solution. CadLib renders is high quality and easy to integrate in your applications. Disp...

cadlib demo C#

moDBUS communication C source code

2014-12-17 22:24    By:spwongks      View:228      Download:1

This is the C source code of moDBUS communication. ...

modbus C

Cmos Full Adders Using Adiabatic Logic

2014-11-23 02:43    By:ramani      View:31      Download:0

Adiabatic circuits are low power circuits which use "reversible logic" to conserve energy. Unlike traditional CmoS circuits, which dissipate energy during switching, adiabatic circuits attempt to conserve charge By following two key rules: Never turn on a&nbs...

vhdl VHDL

Massive MImo in the UL/DL of Cellular Networks: How Many Antennas Do We Need?

2014-12-15 08:54    By:Lajnef-hanen      View:867      Download:2

We consider the uplink (UL) and downlink (DL)of non-cooperative multi-cellular time-division duplexing (TDD)systems, assuming that the number N of antennas per basestation (BS) and the number K of user terminals (UTs) per cellare large. Our system model accounts for channel estimation,pilot contamin...

Matlab Matlab

PArticle Filter Toolbox PArticle Tool box

2014-12-13 09:13    By:oceanpearl      View:78      Download:0

The object of this toolbox is to provide a MATLAB framework for nonlinear filteringin general, and pArticle filtering in particular. This is done By using the objectorientedprogramming paradigm, resulting in truly expandable code. Three typesof discrete and nonlinear state-space models are supported...

Matlab Matlab

moDBUS communication written in VB source code

2014-12-15 13:09    By:cqfeiyu      View:103      Download:1

moDBUS communication written in VB source code, Features: Public Sub tran_modbus_order(ByVal Byt_slv_id As Byte, ByVal Byt_func As Byte, ByVal addr As Long, Byt_data() As Byte) Function CRC16(data() As Byte) As String Public Function readcoils(ByVal slv_id As Byte...

Windows VB

Muduo c++ network libraries, By Chen Shuo

2014-11-20 04:35    By:luyuan_cpp@163.com      View:25      Download:0

Muduo - A C++ non-blocking multi-threaded network library for Linux Source code repository: https://github.com/chenshuo/muduo Introduction slides: http://www.slideshare.net/chenshuo/muduo-network-library Goals...

it C++


2014-12-17 15:06    By:patriot.prakash      View:88      Download:1

Multiple input, multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MImo-OFDM) is the dominant air interface for 4G and 5G broadband wireless communications. It combines multiple input, multiple output (MImo) technology, which multiplies capacity By transmitting different signals over multip...

Matlab Matlab

modbus TCP Clien

2014-12-17 10:34    By:qq95788      View:61      Download:0

======================================================================== MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : modbusClient ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this modbusClient application for you. This application not only demons...

Communication C++

MImo OFDM signal to noise ratio

2014-12-17 11:53    By:啊让      View:50      Download:1

It combines a multiple-input, multiple-output ( MImo ), By multiplying the antenna signal capacity, and Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), in a radio channel is divided into a large number of closely spaced channels to provide more reliable communications, at high speeds. 1990 mid-te...

Matlab Matlab

ABySS Web Server

2014-11-23 02:31    By:qussa      View:27      Download:0

AByss used to have a socket concept modelled after POSIX sockets, in which a single class (TSocket) contained two very different kinds of objects:  some analogous to a TChanSwitch and analogout to a TChannel. Now that we have TChanSwitch and TChannel, users should use those,&nb...

Socket C++

mozilla Shumway project (virtual machine for swf)

2014-11-28 04:36    By:Lin      View:19      Download:0

Shumway Overview Shumway is an HTML5 technology experiment that explores building a faithful and efficient renderer for the SWF file format without native code assistance. Shumway is community-driven and supported By mozilla. Our goal is to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform f...

Browser JavaScript

MImo OFDM BOOK source code

2014-12-17 12:04    By:dianzikeji      View:145      Download:2

MImo and OFDM technology is B3G (LTE, and LTE-, 4G) the key physical layer technology, the book introduces the concepts and theories in the field, and simulation and verification through the MATLAB program. The book total points 13 chapter, respectively for: wireless channel: spread and declined, SI...

Matlab Matlab

Multi User MImo System Analysis and implementation

2014-12-17 23:00    By:Emrankhan      View:177      Download:1

A relatively recent idea of extending the benefits of MImo systems to multiuser scenarios seems promising in the context ofachieving high data rates envisioned for future cellular standards after 3G (3rd Generation). Although substantial research hasbeen done on the theoretical front, recent focus i...

Matlab Matlab

Books written in c # to send SMS through a GSM moden

2014-12-17 14:58    By:vegahermosilla      View:93      Download:0

Books written in c # to send SMS through a GSM moden, allows connection of a GSM modem to your PC and interacts with this AT command through. Provides a complete package of classes that enables sending and receiving SMS messages....

Communication C#
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