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loading bar flash codes

2015-05-26 06:55    By:ziweijinxing      View:34      Download:0

four pretty loading bar(fla format)...

flash ActionScript

Flash checkers

2015-11-05 05:41    By:jiao0818      View:74      Download:1

Flash developed stand-alone Checkers game, realize eat chess moves, the computer automatically moves to eat move function. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support....

Flash ActionScript

3D Carousel Flash Source codes

2015-09-08 06:27    By:ziweijinxing      View:69      Download:1

3D Carousel with external xml and dynamic loaded images...

flash ActionScript

Flash3d examples

2015-03-02 13:05    By:deep      View:40      Download:0

A by ActionScript3.0 flash3D effect, you can implement any drag the rotation of the shaft, you can use mouse wheel to zoom in and out....

Other ActionScript php

2015-11-01 17:13    By:pornomoroz      View:93      Download:4

full-played poker-room source code official web-page - need to translations...

Server Tech ActionScript

STM32 use SPI communications write FLASH,

2015-11-12 23:55    By:zhao20zhou      View:119      Download:1

If the LDE1 and LDE3 on the SPIflash write normal If you are connected to the serial line, available through serial debugging assistant check  read/write information...

Embeded C

C8051F381 on-chip Flash action code

2015-11-09 03:43    By:0lgs0      View:68      Download:0

C8051F381 on-chip Flash action code is written in a KEIL3 environment, through the on-chip Flash-related addresses read/write operations can be stored in chips Important parameters (non- Nonvolatile data storage)....

Driver Development C

Flash controller verilog code

2015-11-18 01:18    By:courageheart      View:439      Download:10

This is the verilog code of Samsung K9 series Flash controller, it is complied and verified on FPGA development board, the verification environment is quartusii and modelsim combined platform. You can find the datasheet of K9 flash on the internet. The size of the flash is 1024*32....

verilog Verilog

Mc9s12xs128 Flash action code

2015-09-29 23:10    By:keepseekin      View:45      Download:1

This code applies to 16-bit Freescale Microcontroller MC9S12XS128. Of D-Flash whose role is to carry out basic operations. Contains two DFlash_Write,DFlash_Init,DFlash_Erase,DFlash_read four functions, respectively, write Flash, is the role of initialization, erasing district and Flash....

Embeded C

Flappy Bird c language version

2015-05-19 05:18    By:lee      View:15      Download:0

Swept ios, Android world Flappy Bird C language version, with exe files.This is a very fun game very interesting, but very difficult.I modified depending on the version on the Internet, in addition to some text interface, so that the whole is more concise.If there are beginners who want to learn to...

Algorithm C


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