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Cloud computing infrastructure platforms, opennebula, you can create a virtual cluster, virtual networks, virtual machine, and a variety of resources to conduct a reasonable cluster scheduling....

Cloud Search Engine

•Cloud Computing has become as one of the popular words in today's world. •This Project mainly focuses on designing a Search Engine for Cloud Computing Users and Providers. • We are going to use Cloud Ontologies which contains a set of Cloud concepts, individuals o...

Secure and scalable PHR using attribute based encryption in cloud computing

In this paper we are managing about Personal health record (PHR) is an emerging patient-centric model of health information exchange, which is often outsourced to be stored at a third party, such as cloud providers. We are saving dates in the form of encrypted data’s. Here we propose a nov...

Cloud computing, email

Cloud computing is receiving a great deal of attention, both in publications and among users, from individuals at home to the U.S. government. Yet it is not always clearly defined.1 Cloud computing is a subscription-based service where you can obtain networked storage space and computer resources. O...

Clouds: Concept to Optimize the Quality of Service (QOS) for Clusters

Strongly promoted by the leading industrialcompanies, cloud computing becomes increasingly popular inrecent years. Cloud Computing allows us to abstractdistributed elastic IT resources behind an interface thatpromotes scalability and dynamic resource allocation. Theterminology applied to this kind o...

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