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Hilbert-Huang transform algorithm

Developed a set of remote monitoring system of heart sound signal, can be used for heart condition at home self test. Homemade heart sound collector, sick or elderly people in the home of heart-monitoring by means of Visual C++6.0 development platform enables heart sound signal gathering and also...

Hill sort method to sort the one-dimensional array

Hill sort (Shell Sort) is a kind of insertion sort. Is straight insertion sort algorithm improvements. This method is also known as diminishing increment sort, for DL. Shell in 1959, and named. Hill, this example demonstrates how to use the sort method sorts the one-dimensional array...

Hilbert-Huang transform tool box source code

998, United States scientist Huang presents a new method for nonlinear and non-stationary signals processing: Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT). HHT method from signal itself features starting, with experience die State decomposition (EMD) method put signal decomposition into series of this levy die Sta...

Hill sort algorithm c implementation

Input original data, select the incremental sequence, by Hill sorting algorithm, get the new data in ascending order, the algorithm logic and meticulous, simple to implement, can effectively solve the problem of data sor...

Seagate HDD repair tools STComTools

Read and write software has already been able to SA, and sends data to the hard drive Central, together with instructions using your hard disk can be To the. For example: 9, 10 f-guide in addition to using the "f-Guide" button, can do 1, class f 2, enter the D60,2 command line carriage retur...

"Hilbert - Huang" transformation kit

This package is compiled by the Taiwan Central University, Research Center data provided by the Central  University in Taiwan, mainly for signal separation process. By signals EMD (empirical mode decomposition)  signal into a plurality of IMF (intrinsic mode functions), then th...

Generate a Hilbert curve

MATLAB training program (generate a Hilbert curve) can use such a line traversing all of the pixels in the image, but this is not done, but merely generates such a curve. H,w is the ultimate height and width of the image in the program, and n is the Hilbert curves of order. If n is equal to Log2 (h)...

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