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QT reference documentation

There is a QT reference documentation detailing the QT classes that are defined, very clearly, is indispensable for researchers developed using QT as reference documentation, can find the definition of a class, you can also follow the function to find, it's very convenient, personal feeling than MSD...

CSR Heart rate source reference CSR1010

CSR CSR1010,CSR Heart rate Heart rate source reference source reference CSR1010...

Narendra Simulink simulation of model reference adaptive control system

In MATLAB, Simulink Narendra model reference adaptive system, depending on the specific parameters for the problem of adaptive control law, building shown in the simulation model provided to achieve good results....

No-reference Image Quality Assessment based on Spatial and Spectral Entropies

We develop an efficient general-purpose no-reference (NR) image quality assessment (IQA) model that utilizes local spatial and spectral entropy features on distorted images. Using a 2-stage framework of distortion classification followed by quality assessment, we utilize a support vector machine (SV...

Delphi ADO Programmer's reference

This is a Delphi developed by ADO help manual, which covers all the controls and their properties and methods, such as ADO, in great detail....

Biqi no-reference quality assessment method

BIQI (water chestnut) image quality evaluation algorithm doesn't require a standard of high quality images as a reference, return test between index values between 0 and 100...

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