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SIFT algorithm

Scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT or Scale-invariant feature transform) is a computer vision algorithms to detect and describe local features in images, it find extremum points in the scale, and extract its location, scale and rotation invariant, this algorithm is published by  ...

It is written is almost shaping Tetris (C,win32)

This is the first program the first time I use Win32 to writeI have written a Tetris game as a warm-up exerciseThere is no write T turn, L turn, I turn so complex functionsBecause I can't write... Hope to have expert advice&n...

Xe5 disguised achieve gif animation. rar

Delphi xe5 disguised achieve gif animation Description: 2 controls TImage, TBitmapListAnimationGIF GIF Tools, out of each photo, assume that photo n, with beautiful pics all pictures into one piece again.Then put the bitmap property to TBitmapListAnimation your synthetic pictures....

License plate recognition source code (FW)

1. Open a picture first and then follow the order of graying, binarization, gray stretch, license plate location, binarization, skew correction, character segmentation, training the neural network to identify characters.In the current directory img 2. test image storage.3. The test set, the training...

Sorted maps details

About the content of some sort map windows, the problem will not be covered for textures simply encodedSome of the more basic things...

Bayesian classifier

This code is a Bayesian classifier, including those based on Bayesian classification of errors prior and prior for Bayesian classifier based on risk, test data matrix set for themselves....



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