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Qt based multimedia player

Collection of pictures, audio and video player in one of the media players, fully functional strength.                                  &nbs...

Tổng quan về Thủy vân số và các chuẩn nén Multimedia

Trong  quá  trình  thực  hiện  Luận  văn,  do  thời  gian cũng như trình  độ của tác giả còn có những hạn chế  nhất định  nên  không  thể  tránh  khỏi  những  sai...

Mplayer-based media player

QT media player based on Mplayer, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......

Multimedia tuner (DH) typical of a simple c++ application

Typical of a simple Visual c++ application, which gives the actual code and a specific application of the serial  communication Engineering program has a lot of references to actual value which CComm for communication  classes...

multimedia Telecommunications

For each of the following images: einstein.jpg, mandrill.tif, Flowers.003.tif1. Convert the images to grayscale and save them;2. Perform the Discrete Wavelet transform with the parameters listed in the Table:Number of levels J=4Filters haar, biorthogonal 2.2, biorthogonal 2.4, Daubechies' 4 (db4)3....

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