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Simple FTP client

A Visual C++ to write the FTP port, full management capabilities. You can add, delete, and modify the connection. Supports resuming. Code integrity....

Your FTP client written in standard C++

Program written in C++ standard agreements, according to the standard FTP protocol, using socket programming, the FTP client, that runs under Linux with the Windows down....

IPv6 TCP multi-threaded test procedure

IPv6 TCP multi-threaded test procedure, applicable to the Linux environment, using the GCC compiler, including TCP and TCP client server-side testing procedures test procedures. is a script is compiled, and modify them as necessary. Screenshot fedora12 environment of test results. Welcomes the...

Point to point latency measurement procedures

C language to write of point-to-point time delay measurement procedures. Delay measurement accuracy: subtle. A server, a client, using a connection-oriented protocol. Measuring principle: client sent a message to the server to record at this point of time, information and return a message received b...

Libevent Server VS program

Code contains libevent library, dynamic library and a server program, a client a short program, complete a multithreaded asynchronous socket communication...

Simple implementation of dual channel anonymous cmdshell

This is my learning process after repeated examples rewritten completely absorbed finished products.Web-based communications, monitoring specific port. But do not change the port reusable code, only here temporarily. Wait for the follow-up perfect complement....


Under Windows platform libghttpLibghttp HTTP library is a very good, the library is easy to use, it can easily implement synchronous and asynchronous Http requestsLibghttp Linux ported to Win32 platform, HTTP protocol client code...

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