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Galloping horse animations in c # ThreadAnimator

2015-02-16 07:22    By:joker11111      View:51      Download:0

The use of threads to display animation, can not assume that seven picture is seven thread because thread start (), the first to enter the queue, and then perform the operation DoWorkIf set seven threads, the order will be chaotic picture shows; on the need to set priorities in order to achieve the...

Mutithread C#

Realization of hitS

2015-03-18 09:03    By:317411971      View:647      Download:1

A MATLAB program to compute the hitS authority and hub vectors of the above web graph. Print out a copy of program and use the diary feature of MATLAB to record the work for submission....

Matlab Matlab

RTOS Threadx 3.0f source

2015-03-19 03:32    By:hlp      View:80      Download:0

ThreadX threads, semaphores, mutexes, such as message queues, timers, interrupt operations. txe_ba.ctxe_bpc.ctxe_bpd.ctxe_br.ctxe_byta.ctxe_bytc.ctxe_bytd.ctxe_bytr.ctxe_efc.ctxe_efd.ctxe_efg.ctxe_efs.ctxe_qc.ctxe_qd.ctxe_qf.ctxe_qr.ctxe_qs.ctxe_sc.ctxe_sd.ctxe_sg.ctxe_sp.ctxe_taa.ctxe_tc.ctxe_tda.c...

OS Develop C


2015-01-08 01:13    By:lakeside      View:47      Download:0

Tt is a simple thread pool based on POSIX thread API. It is written in C and licensed under the LGPL-2.1 (see COPYING)....

Linux programming C

os banker, creat pthread, semaphore

2014-12-20 02:32    By:tieututhanhnam      View:43      Download:1

banker with pthread, os banker, creat pthread, semaphore,os banker, creat pthread, semaphore...

Algorithm C

imagethresholding for image processing

2015-03-25 01:53    By:Nashe      View:92      Download:2

this,is,a,code,that,helps,in,thresholding,your,image.Images at this point have improved contrast but there is too much irrelevantbackground information and clutter that needs to be removed. We can identify most ofthis background information by pixel values different from those of the nodules.Image t...

Imaging Matlab


2014-11-18 15:14    By:saeed      View:13      Download:0

this program make the tree threaded and calculation  the inorder  Traverse writing by c plus plus...

Algorithm C++

OPAL Architecture

2015-01-06 07:19    By:amine33      View:459      Download:0

c'est un fichier qui décrit les détails du projet opal qui décrit le fonctionnement du driver de la societe ST avec le hard ainsi que le Middle Ware de SagemCom Opal...

book PDF

hitwh-compiler principle experiment procedures and reporting

2015-03-12 23:53    By:980279590      View:427      Download:2

This is my college compiler principle experiment course of compiler principle experiment on code and reports, original, code can run, for reference only. This is my college compiler principle experiment course of compiler principle experiment on code and reports, original, code can run, for referenc...

实验代码和报告 C++

MultiThread Client/Server

2015-03-01 00:27    By:hcc      View:61      Download:0

Client/Server 執 mind marvelously more workers within a program, fully furnished accommodation brief description easy to order and implement file 傳 document, and MultiThread Client/Server Sample code, implement simple command parse and file transfer...


three dimensional reconstruction

2015-03-28 17:26    By:Jackielee      View:51      Download:0

Three-dimensional reconstruction of medical image using MATLAB, choose the isosurface in the MATLAB function, ISO-surface reconstruction of volume data, according to demand, entering different data values ISO-surface reconstruction of different input images to a DICOM data format. Modify the way you...

Matlab Matlab

Multi-threaded ClientServer Socket Class

2015-03-15 22:31    By:shengfang666      View:90      Download:0

A SOCKET class function is perfect, you can use network programming with the WINDOWS platform, provides many important API interface that encapsulates most of the frequently used functions for network programming. Which mainly consists of two classes, address classes as well as Sockets class....

Socket C++

Implementation of thread pool

2015-01-20 20:42    By:han.he.song@163.com      View:10      Download:0

Thread pools are a form of multithreading, the process in which tasks are added to a queue, and then automatically starts after the thread is created with these tasks. Thread pool threads are background threads. Each thread uses the default stack size, runs at the default priority, and in the multit...

Mutithread C++

Thread programming using Python

2014-12-10 03:35    By:herdboy      View:166      Download:0

Add another instance of the queue, the queue is then passed to the first thread pool class ThreadURL. Then, for another thread pool class DatamineThread, copied almost exactly the same structure. In the run method in this class, get Web pages from each thread in the queue, blocks of text, then uses...

Mutithread Python

How to use Threads in Java

2014-10-11 22:01    By:analu      View:4      Download:0

"Threads" in Java are basically a way to run multiple processes simultaneously in our Java programs. Usually we have to use them to create classes that extend the Thread class, and rewrite the main method "run ()", which is to be run primarily to start a thread, thread or new java process....

Mutithread Java

Simple thread pool usage

2015-01-25 05:24    By:11_22_33      View:20      Download:0

Sometimes we need a lot of threads to handle the task, in order to reduce the frequent application brought  by a thread overhead, we can use pre-created thread pool threads provided we use, here is a simple thread  pool implementation is quite good for beginners guide....

Mutithread C

Multithreaded GUI interface control output

2014-11-25 11:28    By:Y暖W暖Y      View:126      Download:0

Python threads complaint as we all know, that there was no real sense of the multiple programs concurrently. However multithreaded GUI procedure had to be, because some operations are always very time consuming and without threads, then the GUI will be in a State of suspended animation, the user exp...

Mutithread Python
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